Written by jameski41

28 Dec 2013

I'm sure this will seem very tame to some of you but I wanted to share my first proper experience with another man. I was in my early 20's and having had some unsuccessful relationships with women I was unsure of my sexuality. Long story short having stumbled across the cottaging scene I found a telephone number of a man called Colin who wanted to meet other men. He asked on the phone what I was into, did I want to give or receive? I had no experience of either to opted to receive and he was fine with that and and arrange to visit him the next evening.

All that day I couldn't think about anything else and on many occasions considered backing out but the evening arrived and I found myself stood at his front door and about to ring the bell. Colin answered the door quickly and welcomed me in, he was maybe late 50's and a big man, I was very slim and he dwarfed me. He ushered me into his lounge and we talked, he offered me a drink but I declined as I was driving. Colin asked me if I would "dress" for him, I was not quite sure what he meant so he showed me to a bedroom where on the bed was lots of female underwear, a wig and some shoes. I was very nervous but already very hard! I agreed and Colin left me to change. After about 10 minutes I had picked my "outfit" and dressed, I stood for a few minutes admiring the view. Looking back I'm sure I probably liked a right sight but I thought I looked dropped dead sexy!

On the one hand I wanted to change back to my clothes and run but on the other I desperately wanted Colin to see me. I took a deep breath and walked back to the lounge where he was speaking to someone on the phone and drinking a glass of wine. He didn't cut the conversation but instead kept me waiting as I stood in the middle of the lounge. After what seemed like an age he ended the call and turned to look at me, he could see my excitement as my smallish cock was very hard and poking out of the skimpy knickers I was wearing. He asked me to turn round so he could have a good look, he had taken charge and I was not objecting.

He was happy with what he saw and beckoned me over to him, he got up from his chair and stood in front of me and then started to touch me, I froze with fear, I was enjoying his attention but couldn't accept that I might be gay or bi-sexual. He squatted down in front of me and lower the knickers to fully reveal my cock. He stroked it slowly drawing back the foreskin that always makes it look bigger, I could feel my heart beating ten to the dozen and he licked away a drop of precum that appeared. Again this seemed to last for a life time before he eventually lowered his mouth to start sucking my cock. My legs went weak, I couldn't believe I was doing this, it felt so good but so wrong! He continued to devour my small cock for a few minutes but pleasure had turned to fear and I think he could clearly see that in my eyes. He stopped and asked if I wanted to continue, looking back this was a big mistake as it gave me the chance to flee which I did. I returned to the bedroom alone and debated in my head for ages what to do and unfortunately I took the easy option, changed back to my own clothes and depart as quickly as possible.

I look back on this many years later with regret that I didn't take the opportunity I had and instead denied my feelings. I've come many years later to realise that I'm bi-sexual and now want to re-explore those feelings when the chances arise.

If you've got this far thanks for reading, not the most exciting story but for me an important one to share.