Written by unknown

31 Jan 2009

This happened to me a little while ago now and every time i think about it gets me really turned on, this is the most horny experience i have ever had!

It all started with me.. danny and my good friend billy, we was out on the town and going from club to club, drinking and chatting with whoever, as you do. later on we bumbed into billy's girlfriend georgina, she was very drunk and flirty, you could she wanted some fun that night. so after talking for about half an hour we decided to get a cab back to billy's, in the cab i could see georgina was in a horny mood, see was kissing and touching billy in areas that turned him on. finally we get back to billy's, we were in the living just talking and being funny having some more drinks, then georgina niped off to the toilet, billy then says to me that he is sure that she is in a horny mood, he suggests we should both fuck her, i was surprised, are you sure she will be up for that? he says they have talked about it before and plus she seems to like me, so of course i agreed. Georgina comes back in to the room, we were both eyeing her up and she could tell. georgina is a very sexy young women, she has short blonde hair lovely soft jiggly tits with a fleshy ass, she has a little extra padding but i prefer that anyway. so of course billy made the first move, he started kissing and caressing her, it was getting really hot now billy started to strip her and george was going for his cock, i was just sitting and watching at this point, i decided to whip out my cock and start wanking as they didn't seem to mind me watching.

Georgina noticed this and gave me a suggestive look to join in... so i did! We all stripped to the nude and me and billy went to work on george, she was loving it the slut! sucking and wanking both of us, i then licked her fresh willing pussy whilst billy shoved his cock in her mouth, she gagged a bit because billy has a big willy! she was making lots of moans and breathing heavy, she was turned on! billy was the first to fuck her then it was my turn, she made alot of noise! i fucked and he put his cock in her mouth. This sort of thing went on for a while, THEN when george was on her knees giving me a blowjob billy was crouched next to her touching her up, he was watching george sucking me off and he was getting very aroused, billy wanking his larger than average cock, i could see him checking out mine then looking up at me, i started to get an idea of what he was thinking. i had never had a bi experience before this, so i was a bit nervy, i had thought about it before! I was curious. So i moved my cock towards him suggestivly, he then grabbed it and started wanking me... HARD! it felt so good! georgina was surprised but she liked it, she was now watching playing with herself, billy then sucked on my hard smooth cock, i was moaning at this point, so was george, she was now playing with her big dildo. billy was sucking and wanking me fast, i was reaching my climax when billy put his cock in my face, i hesitated as i had never tasted cock, he thrusted it closer and i was now playing with it, it felt so nice in my hand, he then started talking dirty to me, which i really enjoyed, he then demanded me to suck him, his words were "suck me now you little bitch"! so i did! it tasted so good, i was getting right down, georgina was now helping me suck him, we both took turns, this went on for a while until we both came close to cumming, we started to get wanked off by georgina, we both stood over her as she wanked and sucked us, our cocks were rubbing together. me and billy both moaning now as well as george, we then shot two massive thick loads all over georgina, we cum all over her face and tits. she loved it! then she let us lick the cum off her soft loverly tits.

It was a night to remember, me billy and george are still mates and still play now and then. but this was the first and will always be the best.

hope you enjoyed.