Written by beechbum36

20 Nov 2014

We had been talking and camming each other and I knew you wanted to be dominated and used by me fully. And that was exactly what you were going to get at the club tonight. I gave you very specific instructions and even send a skimpy black dress for you to wear low cut at the front and down to your ass at the back.

The instruction was simple no underwear was needed only your dress and heels also you were not allowed to play with yourself all day so you were super horny by the time I came to pick you up. I arrived at 6pm and tooted the horn and out you came in just your dress and heels I could see that you had no underwear on and your sexy tits swayed as you walked to me.

As you slid in the car I smiled as I saw the top of your thigh and the dress rode up as you slid in to the seat, I didn’t say a word just leant over and kissed you deep on the mouth and as I did I slipped your firm tits out of the dress and put them on display for the drive to the club. I pulled open the glove box and pulled a vibratory out and told you to start using it and not to stop until we got to the club, with this you opened your legs like a good slut and lifted the hem up so your smooth pussy was on show.

You eased the vibe in to your already wet pussy as I moved off and began to ease it in and out of your wet cunt as I drove on in to the night. I could tell by your hard nipples that you wer getting very excited as we drove along and your head leaned back as you slammed it deeper and deeper in to your juicy pussy. I pulled up by some lights and as I stopped a car pulled up next to us.

The people in the car looked over and they could clearly see your tits hanging from your top the guy nearest to us leaned trying to see more, I smiled and pushed my button lowering your window so he could see more clearly and his face lit up as he saw what your hand was doing. Just as he was about to speak I pulled off leaving them both speechless and you even wetter than before at the thought of them seeing you playing with yourself.

You had come several times already by the time we reached the club and I took your vibe and let you suck it clean before putting it back in the glove box. I slid your tits back in your dress and we walked to the club your pussy still dripping as we went. Once in we moved to the dance floor and there were a few people already dancing and drinking dressed sexily as you were. We danced sexily my hands sliding all over your body caressing your breasts making your nipples stick out and sliding your dress hem up giving all there a glimpse of your wet pussy and sexy ass before letting it drop back down.

As I was facing you I waved a couple towards me and raised the back of your dress they smiled and came close Mary who was blonde and sexy came close and ran her hand over your sexy ass making your eyes widen at the new hand on your ass I reached down and pulled your cheeks apart so she could run her fingers down between them and feel how wet your pussy was.

I watched as she grabbed her partners crotch and pulled him close and as one hand rubbed and slid in and out of your sexy pussy from behind she unzipped her hubby Ron and released his cock which was nice and hard and of a good size. She guided him behind you and as he got close you could feel his cock against you I pulled your ass wider so Mary could guide his cock in to your wet and waiting pussy you grabbed my back and dug your nails in as he entered you this stranger who you had not even spoken to yet was fucking your wet cunt and you were loving it.

Mary slid her hand around you and grabbed a hand full of your tits freeing them so she could suck hard on your nipples and as she moved around in front of you she rubbed her ass on my hard cock as she lifted the back of her dress for me you watched this and with your right hand you slid a finger down to her cunt and forced it in then told me to fuck her as she was soaking wet just like you. I slid my cock in to her in one motion and went deep inside her wet pussy just like Ron was doing to you.

Mary was sucking on your tits and fingering you as her hubby fucked you from behind all the time on the dance floor people around us watching and smiling. You came on Ron’s cock at least once and I could hear him slapping his cock in and out of your wet pussy as I was doing the same to Mary who was trying to close her legs after her climax.

Ron leaned over and asked if he could cum in you and I said yes please do and with that he smiled and pushed hard once more deep inside you and he shot his cum deep in you. Your eyes widened as you felt it cum warm and deep in your pussy and climaxed once more before he slid from you. Ron asked if we wanted to go to the dungeon and I smiled and said I couldn’t wait and we all walked to the room cum dripping from your pussy down your thigh as we did.

Mary had her hand on your ass as we walked and I could see her cupping your pussy to catch any cum that came out which she licked up as we went. Once there Ron asked what we wanted and I said you were there to be used and abused so we were going to tie you to the rack spread eagle on your back so all can come in the room and touch finger and fuck you in all three holes. They both smiled and helped tie you down your legs were so wide that your pussy was wide open and cum was leaking from you.

I reached in my bag and pulled out a blind fold so all you would be able to do is feel but have no idea who and what was going to happen only I would. Once bound Mary dropped to her knees and began to suck at your wet pussy getting her hubbies cum out on her tongue once she had a mouth full she slid up your body and kissed you deep.

As she was kissing you Ron was grabbing your nipples hard like I told him too making you moan like the slut you are. As Mary was kissing you I waved two guys who were watching from the door in to help themselves to your body I told them that they had to play with you first and make you cum before they were allowed to fuck you and they both smiled and started to grope you and finger your holes as they worked around your body.

The two guys were getting nice and hard as they fingered you and then one of them moved up to you and Mary’s mouth and slid his cock in between your mouths. You both started to lick and suck him as he slid his cock in and out between your hot lips. Ron watched and then Mary slid his cock in to your mouth all the way and she pushed your head up ensuring it was all the way in your throat before you started to choke and then eased it back.

The other guy was hard as a rock now watching his friend fuck your mouth and I nodded to him as he moved to your pussy and slid his big cock in to you, you gasped as he slid in and the other guys cock went deeper in to your throat. I watched as hey fucked you from both ends and Ron stood there with Mary backing on to him as they watched too.

I slid my finger in to her hot ass as Mary slid up and down Ron’s cock and she was cuming in seconds. Mary slid off Ron’s cock and on her knees slid her hand under your ass as the stranger pumped in to your pussy, her hand cupped his balls as they slapped against your dripping pussy and her other hand slid a finger in to your hot ass. As your legs were so wide she had easy access to it and slid one then two fingers in deep making you moan out as the other guy fucked your throat.

I stood there watching my cock at attention as I watched them spit roast you and knew it would not be long before they were both firing hot cum in to your mouth and pussy, but just as I saw the guy in your throat look up at me and smile as if to say can I cum in her and I smiled back and nodded Mary took the other guys cock from your soaking pussy and fed it in to your tight ass allowing him to slide deep inside and before he could say a word I saw him tense and shoot his cum deep inside you.

As you felt him cum you climaxed again moaning as the other guy fired his hot cum deep in to your mouth making sure you swallowed it all like a good slut. Ron walked forward and stroking his cock he shot his cum all over your sexy tits for Mary to lick and suck from you, and I moved around to your freshly fucked ass and as the stranger pulled his cock out of your dripping hole I moved in and rammed my cock deep inside to carry on pumping in to you.

You moaned as you licked your lips and the guy who had just cum in your ass now moved to your mouth and grabbing your hair slid his cock in to your waiting mouth for you to suck clean as I pounded in to your tight ass. It didn’t take long for me to cum deep in you adding my cum to your already full ass and this sent you over the edge again along with Mary sucking cum from your tits and her fingers buried deep in your pussy too.

The two guys thanked me for the use of you and left as I pulled from your now dripping ass and moved to your mouth so that you could suck me clean like you had the others. I eased it in to your mouth and let your tongue wrap around it and your lips suck me in deep as Mary did the same to Ron. Once I was clean I moved the blindfold and saw the look of pleasure on your face and knew there was no need to ask if you had enjoyed it so I said it was time for the next experience.