16 Apr 2020

Taking my arm as we left the restaurant, he steered me towards the lifts, and without asking simply took me to my room, whose number he had obviously committed to memory. Then without speaking, he just looked into my eyes once again and I felt the command to open the door, which I did.

As soon as the door closed behind us he simply grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me deeply, pushing me back against the door as he did so. What a great kisser he was, first nibbling my lips, then pushing his tongue hungrily between my teeth, and as our tongues danced together, sucking mine into his mouth in turn and biting it gently. This was driving me insane and I hungrily kissed him back and moaned softly as I felt his hand opening my blouse and closing over my breast and pinching my aching nipple. Then he grasped both my wrists and lifting them over my head, bent his own head and took one of my nipples into his mouth. I swear, if he wasn’t holding me up, my legs would have given way as he licked, nibbled and occasionally nipped my nipples quite painfully with his teeth. I didn’t care though I just wanted more, particularly now that I could distinctly feel his hard cock against my leg as he moved from breast to breast. Letting go of my arms, he then unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the ground and then knelt down and started licking around the edges of my dripping wet thong. Then without saying a word he pulled it roughly down and I has left standing there feeling very aware of my wetness and panting heavily as waves of pure lust swept though my pussy. Pushing his face between my legs he then licked softly around my swollen labia, and then I gave a little scream as his tongue opened me and I felt him licking my juices. This continued for a little while as he nibbled my pussy lips, circled my clit with his tongue and occasionally pushed his tongue deeply into me. I was aware of moaning softly and fighting to breath as I felt something enormous growing inside myself. Then he opened me wide with his thumbs and pushed his tongue rapidly in and out of me before closing his lips around my clit and sucking. I screamed as my orgasm crashed over me and pushed his head into me as hard as I could with both hands as my legs shook and my pussy went into spasms trying unsuccessfully to trap his tongue. How long we stayed there, I don’t know but my orgasms were definitely getting stronger and stronger and I would not forget George’s tongue in a hurry.

Getting to his feet, George gave my nipples another sharp nip each and then kissed me again running his hands down and gripping my bum tightly, almost lifting me off my feet. Then taking my arm he pulled me roughly across the room to a low table and pushing me down over it told me to stay still and not move. Never thinking of disobeying, I listened as he unfastened his zip and I heard his trousers hit the floor and then the tearing of what I knew must be a condom. Then he was behind me and pushing my head down I felt his rock hard cock pushing at my entrance. Of course I was still dripping wet but his head still hurt a little as he stretched my entrance wide and he felt enormous. Stopping for a few seconds for me to get used to him he then let out a soft moan himself and started to slowly push into me. He certainly was enormous and his cock just seemed to keep coming and coming as I cried out with pain. Finally I felt him bump against my womb and he stopped again before pulling gently back. I had never imagined I could feel so filled and was quite scared he was going to pull my cunt out with his enormous cock. But then he was back in and then out again and it stopped hurting, instead it felt so good I wanted more and soon he was fucking me faster and faster as I whimpered with each thrust and tried to follow him each time he pulled out and met each thrust, with my own. I felt as if I was going to explode as my orgasm built and built and all I could think of was his cock fucking me faster and harder. Then he cried out and I felt his powerful jets, even through the condom and that did it for me, and I screamed loudly as I felt my pussy spasm around that wonderful cock trying to squeeze every last drop of sperm out of him. I collapsed forwards as I felt him drop on top of me and we both lay there shaking and panting for breath, for what seemed ages.