10 Feb 2018

Suzy opened her eyes and for a moment had no idea where she was. But then she realised that she was naked in bed with someone’s hand resting on her breast, and she felt the wetness of recent sex leaking from her pussy. Then it all came rushing back, the innocent drink with Mike, supposedly as old friends, the feel of his fingers pushing into her as they kissed in his car, and then the supposed final drink for 30 minutes in his room. For the last year, she had resisted his advances through Fab and insisted from the start that she didn’t meet married men, particularly older married men. However she had believed his reasons for playing alone, and whilst never actually meeting they had become friends and exchanged explicit sexual scenarios that had excited them both.

That had changed however last week when he said he was visiting Stoke on business and asked if she would meet him for a drink. She had resisted at first, but finally agreed, and he had picked her up and taken her to a bar where they had chatted surprisingly comfortably for some time, even exchanging intimate little secrets about the scenarios they had shared and their responses to them. He had been very interested in her ‘wee plays’ as she liked to call them and had complimented her on her hard nipples that he said he could see through her blouse. This had made her blush a little which he clearly enjoyed, and she had felt his eyes running over her body, whenever he thought she wasn’t watching. She had known that this was partially her fault as she had left her bra off and worn one of her shortest skirts, with black holdups and high heels, as she had wanted him to see that she was as sexy as he had described her in his writing and to see his reaction. However, she had not expected their chat to make her so excited and as they talked she could feel the dampness in her pants.

Then as he was taking her home, she had known she should say no, as soon as he pulled off the road into a quiet little layby, but had thought perhaps just a short kiss and cuddle. But then as they kissed more and more passionately, she had felt his fingers pushing her pants aside and sliding into her wet pussy and had opened her blouse for him to nibble her aching nipples. Then it had just become a turmoil of thoughts, guilt, wanting and conflict, between what she knew she should do and what she wanted to do. All the time his fingers played deeply with her G spot and then her clit, rubbing, teasing, exciting and his mouth on her nipples felt so good. When she came, on this hand, she had cried out and he had hugged her and kissed her even more deeply. Then he had suddenly stopped and without asking had said she should come back to his hotel for a last drink. Only for 30 minutes, but of course she had known what he meant and had just kept quiet, lust and wanting finally overcoming the last of her reservations.

In his room, they had both just ripped each others clothes off as quickly as possible and as soon as they were naked he had lifted her onto the bed and entered her deeply with a single thrust. She had cried out again but then wrapped her legs around his back and gripped his buttocks with her hands as she tried to pull him further into herself. He felt heavy on top of her but he felt so good as he seemed to fill and stretch her insides and her tongue was deep inside his mouth as they pulled and pushed in a wild passion that they had postponed for far too long. She couldn’t remember much else apart from the feeling of him deep inside of herself, seemingly getting bigger and bigger, and then the flood and his cry, seconds before she screamed and pulled him into herself again as hard as she could. How long that was ago, she had no idea, but again she could feel the guilt of breaking her own taboos but also the realisation that she was again excited and wanted more. Her pussy throbbed and started to leak again and her hard little nipples felt so sensitive she could have cried out when she felt herself stroking them. The guilt, slipped away as her desire grew and she reached down for Mikes cock and began slowly squeezing it in her hand. It grew rapidly and she knew he was now awake as his breathing quickened, but he didn’t say anything as she lifted the covers and took him in her mouth for the first time. He was, so hot and hard already and she tasted herself on him as she ran her tongue around the crown of his nice thick circumcised cock, paying particular attention to the sensitive part at the back. He was breathing much faster my now and groaned as she swallowed him as far as she could and slowly ran her mouth up and down his length whilst cupping his large balls in her hand. Now she could clearly taste his pre cum and much as she wanted to swallow everything he could give her, she needed to feel him deep inside her being once again.

So throwing back the covers completely she moved up over him and lowered herself slowly onto his hard cock tensing her muscles as much as she could to grip him as tightly as she could whilst he filled her passage again. Then he was fully in and she could feel his hairs on her shaved pussy as she squeezed again trying to milk his cock inside herself. Slowly up and down she rode, feeling his hands grasp and squeeze her breasts, and then pull her bum cheeks apart as he grasped them firmly. Then his finger was rubbing her clit and she knew she couldn’t stop so with another little scream she threw her head back, in the pose she knew he loved, and let herself cum. She buckled widely and would probably have fallen off him if he hadn’t held her tight, but then as her pussy spasmed around his hard cock he cried out and she felt him squirt into her. Pf course this sent her off again so it was some time before they both collapsed into each others arms. So much for taboo’s, like rules she thought, they are probably there to be broken.