Written by Paladin

30 May 2020

Some time ago when serving in the Army my mate Tom and I had been posted into the same camp, We had first met the day we joined up and done our training together and had served along side one another or followed each other around different parts of the World, We had to drop some dry cleaning of so went to the nearest town this was on a Thursday evening. Blazing hot summers day, but by the time we had taken out stuff into the cleaners and came out it was pissing down, so we ran into a hotel next door and the Bar was open, It was then we met Sally and Mary, they had come in for the same reason, got chatting. We all had a few drinks and got on well, and asked if they would like to go for a meal the next evening, Agreed to meet up in this bar, we popped into a Italian restaurant and booked a table. We met up with them the next night and went for a very good meal and a few drinks, They invited us back to there place, It was a flat with a kitching/diner toilet bathroom and 1 bedroom with two beds inside, well Mary and i had been getting on so we started kissing, and wow did she kiss back, my hand went uder her blouse and found a Breast, and the nipple started to harden we lay on the bed and my hand went up her skirt and parting the panties slipped deep inside a very warm and wet pussy, she was undoing my belt and trousers and soon had my cock in her hand, moments later we had both undressed, and she was fit well rounded breasts and shaven area below, I glanced over at the other bed and Tom and Sally was in the same position, I could see her tits very jutting from her chest only inches away, Mary and I was doing a lot of kissing, licking & sucking she suddenly turned and I was presented with a fanny in my face, My tongue probed all round and hot juices trickled into my mouth, she was giving me a BJ. She turned and lowered herself down my shaft, and we began to fuck next to Tom and Sally, She is Not quite when she has a cock in here loud to say the least, Mary and I fucked until I could not hold back any longer and I filled Mary tube, my hot spunk jetting inside her. Sally was quite and looking up the pair of them where sat watching us two fuck. We all got our breaths back and all had a shower, as it was a very hot night. after a while Sally suddenly took hold o

f my cock and started to wank me and then lowered her head to suck me, She turned and again I was sucking minge, like Mary she ran hot and wet into my mouth, next thing I was fucking with here whilst Tom and Mary where doing the same next to us. I managed to fill her tube up wen I shot my load. We all rested up and after a shower, I slept with Mary and Tom with Sally, The next morning after a quick fuck, we all dressed and went down to a little cafe down the road, had breakfast and on the way back we had to but a couple of shavers and a toothbrush each,. back at the flat we opened the french windows with a Balcony outside so we lay there nude sunbathing, and we all managed to fuck a couple of more time, until we had to go back to camp, but promised we would be back the following week, Both of us surprised that the girls where so open about there nudity and did not mind being watched as they fucked.