Written by beechbum36

24 Nov 2014

We arrived at our hotel excited as we had been looking forward to our tip to Amsterdam for ages we had been before but as now liberated swingers we were here to have a lot more fun than before. The clubs bars and cabins all held a new sense of fun for us and we intended to enjoy them all.

We quickly unpacked in the hotel it was early evening and the place was jumping as it always is on a Friday night, you eased in to a nice short skirt and a boob tube with nothing underneath just the way I liked you easily accessible. Your long coat hid all your sins except for the fuck me boots with the big heels you had bought especially for the trip.

I smiled and nodded in approval as you stood in front of me and I could see your nipples already hardening at the thought of all the fun we had planned for the evening. Drinks were the order of the day and we headed to the Banana bar for a few before it got too busy and we were ushered inside and once we had removed our coats the bouncer led us straight up to the upstairs bar.

We were the only people in there and we got a nice cold drink as we sat at the bar the lady’s who were naked and sat crossed legged paid us loads of attention as we were alone. I showed you the list of all the things you could do in here and we decided on a banana for you to start with.

You chose a large breasted oriental girl and she smiled as she led you to the end of the bar I knew what she would do having enjoyed one last time I was here but this was your first time and as she moved to the edge of the bar and spread her legs your eyes widened as she teased her pussy lips apart, you sat on the stool watching as she teased a banana at the entrance of her pussy before sliding it in deep. Once this was done she lay back and offered her pussy to you.

Your mouth shot to her open lips and started to suck and eat as she squeezed the banana out of her wet pussy and in to your mouth, it was a very sexy sight and you were obviously enjoying the banana as this went on for some time giving me a hard cock watching. She was enjoying it too as her hips were moving with your mouth and I thought you two were getting your money’s worth out of it.

You finally finished and wiping your lips gave her a peck on the cheek in thanks she blushed and smiled indicating that she had enjoyed it more then she probably was supposed to. What a nice start to the night and as I drank my beer you slid in next to me and whispered that you were sure you had made her cum in your mouth along with the banana and kissed me deeply as I turned to smile at you so I could enjoy the taste as you had.

It was starting to get busy here and as the girls were all busy we drank up and moved on to a few more bars each time as you removed your coat I saw the admiring looks you got as everyone saw your long boots touching your short skirt and your nipples bursting through the material of your tight top. I had been told that there was a cabin place that had glory holes in it and never having been to one thought we would go and check it out, so after a nice few drinks when we were a little pissed and very relaxed we moved on and found the place in question.

It looked like any other cabin /sex shop but as we went in the guy behind the counter smiled and asked if we needed change we got the money and removed our coats the guy behind the counter could not keep his eyes off of your cleavage, and I couldn’t blame him. We wondered in to the back of the shop and found the cabins you chose one and we went in it was the same as hundreds of others except that next to the chair on the left and right were large round port holes ( best way to describe them) that were closed.

I explained what they were and you smiled at me as you sat down and put money in to the machine a film came on and you flicked through till you found one you liked of a girl being used by three huge black men as she was tied and helpless, and as you watched I sat next to you and slid my hand up your skirt which didn’t take much as I could see your puffy pussy lips on show as you sat there which explained a lot about the service we got in the bars before we got here, to your already wet pussy and slid a couple of fingers in you quickly, with my other hand I pulled down your top exposing your breasts.

As the film progressed I whispered in your ear saying that this was going to happen to you and that the men would bind you helpless then fuck you everywhere your pussy was soaking by now at the thought of it and your hand had my cock in it now wanking me off as I toyed with your pussy and sucked on your hard nipples I was so horny right then I told you to stand up and removed your skirt I then told you to spread your legs and I pushed you face first against the wall.

As I did this I opened one of the holes and as I was rubbing your pussy from behind I could see movement from the other side, whoever it was looked in and saw a wet pussy pushed against the hole and their hand shot in and pushing my finger out of the way slid one then two deep in to you. You moaned as you realised it was someone else who had their fingers inside you as I rubbed my cock up against your ass the hand was going fast now and I could feel it thrusting in to you as I slid my cock to the entrance of your sexy ass you moved back slightly and I slid deep in to you as the stranger from behind the wall carried on fingering you.

The film was ignored now just the noise of a girl being fucked every way on the screen as I was thrusting in to you from behind and then you shuddered and the guys hand was given a wash as you came on it hard. I eased you away from the wall and bent you forward as I kept my hard cock buried deep in your ass and as you bent forward a huge black cock slid in to the hole in front of your mouth. I pumped hard in to you pushing your hungry open mouth on to the stranger’s huge black cock that had appeared through the hole. Your hand wrapped around it just making it look bigger as you struggled to fit it in to your mouth but the more I fucked you from behind the more you let slide in to your mouth until you were sucking and wanking him with vigour. It was a very sexy sight and I was enjoying it so much I had to control myself from cumming deep in you straight away.

Even so it was not long before I was shooting hot cum deep in to you as I watched you swallow his meat deep in to your throat, you felt me cum and clenched your ass to keep my cock deep in your ass as I came. As I eased my cock from you I pulled your hair up so your mouth slid off of the cock which was now soaking with juice from your mouth and his cock, we kissed long and hard as I moved you towards me and as I sat on the chair I guided your bottom around so it was in line with the hole.

I spread your sexy legs wide and with my other hand guided his cock towards your sexy pussy which was dripping in anticipation as you knew the size of the thing I was about to feed in to you, and as you squatted and eased back the thick head press against your swollen lips before sliding past and in to your hot pussy my hand moved from his shaft as it entered my help no longer needed and as I sat there I supported you and fondled your hard nipples as you began to ease back and forwards on to it.

He was moving in time with you and I could see his glistening cock as it slid in and out of your pussy stretching your lips wider then I had ever seen before your breath was short as he pumped his cock deep in to you and I was sure that he must be all the way in by now as you pushed back hard and gasped each time the sound of your soaking pussy slapping against his cock was loud and I was sure all the other cabins could hear but we didn’t care.

You especially as at that moment you cried out as your legs nearly gave way and you had a huge climax lying across my knees I kept you in position as he kept pounding you hard you were helpless impaled on his cock and being used right then you stiffened and I knew he was pumping his cum deep in to your pussy you looked up at me and we kissed long and hard as he finished pumping in to you. I watched as his still huge meat slid from you and a gush of cum leaked from your stretched pussy down your thighs.

Your hand went to it and rubbed it in to your skin before licking your fingers as I sat there watching, what a great way to start the weekend and it was only going to get better from here. I told you to leave the cum in you as I wanted you to feel it running down your thighs as we walked around the place and you smiled and agreed.

We dressed and left the cabin the man behind the counter smiled and said he hoped we would be back, I assured him we would and soon so tell your friends.