30 Aug 2020

......Well, I'm sorry to leave you half way through the story but, as you recall on a hot sunny day I had taken a recently befriended lady to a new area to walk her dog. We were quite a long way from and houses and had settled down in the long grass on the edge of a huge field, our friendship had developed to the extent that had literally fucked the brains out of each other when yet another dog walking lady had cum ..ooops come across us in a very compromising position.

she tied her dog up near my friend on the boarder fence and simply asked..."can anyone join in"? I had no idea how my new 'friend' would react but looking at the lady I was hoping she was happy for a threesome. She had already shocked me as I hadn't expected sex on this walk, but was more than willing, in fact bloody horny. Now she beckoned the new lady to join us, She was soon holding my cock as my lady helped her undress,

It wasn't long before her amazing tits were on show and I was feasting on delicious nipples, her trousers coming off and then very small thin pink panties followed. My lady was now joining me and we sucked and felt a tit each, I managed to feel her pussy, shaved and so wet, my lady told her to get on and ride my cock which was readily accepted, she was totally stunning with an amazing lithe fit body and she worked my cock for her own pleasure as the two girls were snogging, my goodnesses it was so erotic.

I hadn't long exploded into my new lady so my hard on stayed up and ready as the girls swapped places, it was pure heaven and all too soon I was shooting my spunk in this hot sexy dog walker. she rolled off of me and dived her head into our visitors pussy which I could see was being well accepted. It was so erotic and soon I had the hard on creeping back as I watched. soon they swapped places, my girl on her back and our visitor kneeling and licking and teasing my friends cunt, which was dripping my spunk.

He arse in the air and a stiffening cock was too hard to ignore and once again I was slipping in her and ramming home as hard as I could, being encouraged by my girl until another (but weaker) shooting of as much cum as I could. We all laid in the sun, me in the middle and getting felt from both sides and tits were my target. The chat went well, the two girls hit it off chatting about their useless husbands ha ha.. Our visitor got up to dress and I was hard again watching her, noticed by my girl and her hand feeling and pulling him a bit. The girls swapped phone numbers and we cuddled some more until the dog started to get fed up. Our dog walking will continue .