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After breaking in my FWB

"More Fun"
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Well from my previous story I got a new 2nd FWB , Gary , which I broke in with Tom, since then we've met many times, sometimes as a 3sum , sometimes just one or the other. It's great having the attention of 2 really nice guys and they're happy sharing me, so here is a little story of a meeting with Gary. Gary rang me to see if i was free , which i was , so I arranged for him to come over in a few hrs, so I could take a shower and pick out a nice sexy outfit, the one I chose was very revealing, open crotch panties, stocking and suspenders and nothing else. Gary knocked on the door and i shouted for him to come in and he saw me sitting back on the settee with my legs spread open for him to see my nice trimmed wet pussy, he shut and locked the door , he started to undress, as soon as he got his trousers off , I crawled over and pulled down his briefs and out popped his 8" hard cock. I started to lick his cock, licking his shaft and balls, i then wrapped my lips round his cock and started to slowly suck, at this point he put his hand on my head and started to slowly fuck my mouth, after about a few minutes and could tell Gary was near to cumming, he then pulled his cock out my mouth and shoot a huge load in my face and mouth, i love a good facial, once he'd stopped I sucked him clean and swallowed what cum i had in my mouth. He told me to lie back on the settee and spread my legs, which I obliged of course and he started to lick my pussy and play with my tits, Gary has shown he's a great repeater and always cums a lot since I've known him. Whilst Gary's head is buried between my legs I used a finger to scoop up the cum from my face and put it in my mouth, I'm a good girl and always clean up. Gary now pushed my legs up , which gave him easy access to my ass, he started to lick my ass whilst pushing 2 fingers up my very wet pussy, after a few minutes he slid his stiff cock up my ass right to the balls and boy does that fill me up, he started to slowly fuck my ass and proceeded to suck on my tits, at this point I had a huge orgasm and tensed up and tightened my ass round Gary's cock and he moaned with pleasure as my ass was so tight round his cock. Gary then kissed me very passionately , my hand wandered down to his cock and started to play with his balls, which I know he likes, Gary started to moan and shot a huge load in my ass, after a minute he slowly pulled out his cock and his cum started to ooze out of my ass. We sat down and rested for a while , whilst touching each other and catching up with what's been going on etc as friends do, i got a couple of glasses of wine for us to drink and after short while, Gary was very hard again so i straddled his huge cock and fucked him extremely fast and hard, he was fingering my lubed ass and sucking on my tits and again I had a huge orgasm and Gary exploded in my pussy at the same time, once he stopped cumming I sat next to him and sucked him clean, getting my juices of his cock and the last drop of cum from his cock. We finished the drinks and chatted for a little longer and Gary said he had to go, so i leant over and kissed him and thanked him for a great evening, after he left I sat down on the settee and played with ass and pussy and licked the excess cum oozing out of both holes from my fingers, i was feeling satisfied at this point. The phone rang and it was Tom (my other FWB) and he asked if i was free tonight which i said Yes of course, so tom was coming over to fill my holes as well. But that is another story......

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