Written by scott walter

20 Sep 2020

I am relating to the days before the internet. now, my pet hate was cheating partners, especially if I were the aliby, didn't like it one little bit. this happened when I placed an advert in a popular contact mag. my advert was in for a couple of years, hell its probably still there if the mag is still published. anyway I hadn't heard anything for a few months, out of the blue, I got a text from Kate. she told me right away she was married, but her hubby knew she was doing this, fair enough, I've heard this before, but i'll play along. so we are chatting away, texting etc, getting sexier as we go. one day its Tom the hubby, he says thanks, I've helped their sex life a good bit, he says after Kate texts me or talks to me, she is so horny. glad I've been able to help. he says they have a fantasy they would like to act out. cut short, she wants to be raped, but when she not expecting it. NOT interested, fuck that, suppose it goes belly up, not for me. then he text me a few days later, "would I like Kate to be my sex slave for the weekend, no limits etc" well, I never expected that, I'd never even thought about anything like that, anyway, I agree.no choice, have a hard-on thinking about the possibilities. even though I've not a clue where to start. anyway, this is Tuesday, I've got until Friday to do some "research" so I check out some blue movies and mags etc. well, Friday comes along, this is what i did. I've to pick Kate up at the station at 8pm, I use my van, on the way I'm thinking back to some of the things I'd seen on the videos etc, hard-on hitting the steering wheel, struggling against my y's etc. I get to the station, she's at the spot she said, so, I take her bag, give her a kiss, ask if she's still ok with thjis, and of course, as this is the first time we have actually met, I ask if she feels ok with me, she assures me she is, then guides my hand between her legs, soaking, does that answer your question, I as about her hubby, "too bad now says she, too late for him to back out" he was going to come with her to meet me at the station, but as we were already aquainted on the phone, they felt comfortable. I ask if she wants to go for a drink, yes please, we stop at a wee pub in the next village, to where i live, she has two large rum and coke, i have a pint, my limit when driving. Kate hasn't realised it, but I'm every bit as nervous as she is. we chat a bit, about what wee did on the phone etc, I ask her if there are any no, no's, anything she does not want to do, she say's not really, she hasn't done this before, hasn't even been with anyone outside her marriage. I tell her, we will play it by ear, but if anything happens she's not comfortable with, just tell me. agreed. its now 8.45, time to head home, she goes to the ladies, i tell her, I want your panties in my pocket, oh your bra as well, I go to the van, Kate comes out, I open the door, she hands me her tiny bra and panties, I sniff them, smells nice I tell her, then pocket them. as we start to move, I ask if she wants anything from the supermarket, after all we have all weekend, we go for some shopping, few bottles of wine and some food and cigarettes. i didn't smoke in those days. i had quit a few years ago, but others smoking doesn't bother me. on the way, I reach over and play with her pussy, she is soaking wet, I lick my fingers, then let her lick my fingers, she is getting wetter and she is starting to cum, I fuck her pussy as best I can she's really wet, she comes, a very powerful orgasm, I cant help it, I have to stop, there's a small layby in between the two villages, its used by dog walkers, even at night, well now it well after 9, I pull in, get out and open the passenger door, she's still breathing heavy, I pull her round and dive between her legs, Christ she's wet, she come again after a few minutes, she leans down and grabs my cock through my trousers, there's a car at the other end of the layby, I cant see if its occupied, I open the side door, take Kate by the hand into the back, I keep some cushions etc, make good use of them. Kate has an amazing body for her age, oh, 43. we fuck for a wee while, we both cum, then I tell her, strip, she thinks I'm kidding, nope, strip, you wont be needing those until Monday. she obeys, oh shit, this feels good. I get out the van and tell her to sit in the passenger seat, she does so, her arms covering her tits, I get in and tell her to keep her hands at her side, she does, but as I'm driving she sinks back in the seat a bit, she's rubbing her pussy furiously, really going for it, then she reaches over and sticks her fingers in my mouth, then she plays with my cock, zip down, cock out, I'm leaking pre-cum, she licks her hand, back to her pussy, back to my mouth, then my cock again, then shocks me as her fingers wet with my pre-cum, makes me lick them, this carries on for a few minutes, we enter my village, I decide I forgot to get bread and milk, I stop at the local shop, I zip up and get out, she covers her tits again, there's no-one around, so I tell her to sit on her hands, or i'll open the window, she complies, I go into the sop, come back in a few minutes, there are a few young guys standing a few feet away, looking at Kate, but they cant really see too much, so, I open the door, the light comes on, she goes to cover up, I stop her and hand her the bread and milk, so her hands are busy, as I get in the drivers door, the light is still on, the boys have a clear view now and let out a small cheer. as i drive away, I can see the excitement on her face and her hand playing with her pussy again. its only a few minutes until we are home, I deliberately park a few dozen yards from the house, Kate asks for her coat, no, not just now, I hand her a carrier bag and her handbag, we walk to the house, I still don't know if anyone seen us, but as soon as we got indoors, she threw the bags down, and started tearing my clothes off. we fucked in the hall, she said that was the most she had been turned on in years. when we eventually made it upstairs we fucked until four in the morning, about seven thirty Kate was riding me, she pick up her phone and called her hubby, then as shes still fucking me tells him about last night, we didn't need our clothes all weekend, I gave her hers back on Monday afternoon, neither of us made work that Monday, plus when Kate got home, she missed the rest of the week, her and tom had the best sex they had in years. I did see her a couple of times after that, but none beat that first weekend. my only regret, I never thought about threesomes in those days???????