Written by scottwalter

20 Sep 2020

i met this woman via a contact magazine, ha, remember them eh! well to cut to the chase, I picked her up at the bus station. on the way home I stopped at a local store to see if she wanted drinks, food, milk ciggies etc. we got to my place at around 7ish. we had coffee and a wee chat, she was quite lovely, great figure, 5ft 5" tall, small pert tits, which I love, obviously no bra, short mini dress, hold ups. long dark hair, which I also love .dark eyes. ,Mary was 39yr old, still very good looking. we had only spoke on the phone a couple of times, very sex charged conversations. well before the coffee was anywhere near finished, she sat on the sofa and spread her legs, oh no panties. she just say's, "ok go on prove it". mmm, during our conversations I mentioned more than once how much I loved eating pussy, and how my partners always came loads. I was on my knees in the blink of an eye, god she smelled great, no idea what the hint of perfume was, she was soaking wet, her previous partner hated oral sex, so she hadn't had a tongue on her pussy for along time, Christ she was ready for it, I hardly touched her when she started to moan very loud. her wetness, unreal, she tasted fabulous, my face was soaking, within a couple of minutes she exploded, and I mean exploded, my t shirt and the couch were soaked, after she calmed down a bit, she was very embarrassed I re-assured her it was fine and normal. she asked for a drink, ha, you would have thought she just came out of the desert after a couple of days with no water, almost swallowed the glass. anyway I took her by the hand and led her upstairs, she went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, by the time she came into the room I was naked, with a raging hard-on. she sat astride me as she pushed me onto the bed, we kissed, she got turned on at the taste of her juices on my face, she was licking me all over, I could feel the wetness of her pussy, we didn't even try to copulate, we just slid into each other, she rode me for a very short time, I think this was the quickest I have ever cum, seriously, after only a couple of minutes we both came. after we relaxed a bit, we were laughing at how quick we were. then had a drink and a chat. she got some towels and wiped the cum from our bodies, she was going to the bathroom and I stopped her, I love to lick our juices from her body, I started to lick her pussy again, very gently and teasing her, to the point she begged me to make her cum, oh I did, I got hold of her legs and held them very tight so she couldn't pull away, oh she came a few times, very loudly and wet of course. I kissed all over her nakedness, wonderful pert tits, great suck-able nipples, as i'm licking and kissing her all over, she moves so she's on top, starts to kiss me all over, I manouvre into a 69, she starts to lick my cock, reminding me, as per our phone conversations, not to cum in her mouth. ok for the first few times, I obeyed, I controlled myself. well you guessed it, after a few hours of fooling around, she was playing with my cock, I was very wet with pre cum, she licked her hand, then my cock, said that it was very sweet, well I've been told that before, anyway she starts giving me a great blowjob, ha aren't they all great, anyway I move into a69 where I'm on top, I'm licking and teasing her pussy, paying particular attention to her clit, nibbling away at her, I feel her tensing up, then bang, she orgasms, well pertly involuntary and part devilish, I cum in her mouth, but at first she struggles a wee bit, but only for a very few seconds and she is eating me like i haven't had in a while, amazing experience, for a first time. after we calmed down I expected a bit of hassle, instead she said she loved the sensation and the taste wasn't as bad as she always thought, thank fuck says I to myself. the rest of the weekend went well, much more of the same, Mary said she loved having her pussy eaten so much. well, I phoned her through the week, as we are chatting i ask her if she wants anything for the weekend, meaning food or drink, she says yes, I want you to cum in my mouth again, and again,,,,,,,,,,we saw each other for a few months, very enjoyable months I might add.