1 Aug 2020

i'll start by saying this was the first girl I had that let mr cum in her mouth, we would be watching porn, at her request, by the way. it would come to a particular scene and she would say I've done that, I've tried that etc. horniest girl ever, at that point, oh a few yeas ago, long before the internet, this was in the days of contact magazines and personals in the newspapers. i met her through one of these. we had one hell of a sex life. she was he first that sucked me until I came in her mouth, and she swallowed. the first to let me fuck her bum. she coaxed me to put an advert in to meet a couple. we used to live naked in the house, play darts, have dinner, play cards, watch tv, and watch porn, in and out of bed all in the nude, we must have fucked five or six times a day, not counting the oral we got a couple of replies to our ad. we phoned a couple of them, ages with us.

after talking a few times we arranged to meet, we were going to meet at a pub but on the Friday the wife phoned, Helen was her name, hubby was jack. she said to Liz, we usually meet first time couples at a pub, but as we already spoke, do you mind if we skip the pub. I'm already horny after our conversation, news to me, didn't know about this.

Saturday comes we have a bath etc, I'm just wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, Liz puts on some sexy holdups a tiny peep-hole bra, and a g-string all purple. they are due at four pm, we got in some wine and beers. when we finished getting dressed, by the way, that's all Liz was wearing no skirt or jeans, just the under wear. we had a bottle of beer each and sat down to watch a porn video featuring two couples swapping, giving us some ideas. we only just sat down when the door went, at 3.45, we weren't sure who was at the door, Liz ran to open it, good job it was who we were expecting. they came in, Helen took her coat of, she was wearing the same as Liz, except hers were pink. I gave them a drink, we chatted and watched the video, commenting on various scenes and what we wanted to try. liz and Helen were on the couch, next thing I was shocked, they were kissing and feeling each other. that's what the mysterious conversation was about. I had no idea liz was bi, hadn't a clue. needless to say, I was hard as a rock, jack noticed the hard-on, you didn't know he said, I didn't even answer, was fascinated at the girls, they were now taking each others bras off, they're now fingering each others pussies, and they were licking each other fingers, both pussies were soaking wet, I wondered why liz put some sheets on the suite. I couldn't wait any longer, I took my t-shirt and shorts off. I looked at jack, he was already naked, I hadn't even noticed. as I approached the couch, liz said, not yet, they continued kissing and finger fucking each other for about another ten minutes. then liz turned round and said ok you can eat my pussy now, then as I knelt down she pushed me over to Helens pussy, her first I want to see you licking another womans cunt it will turn me on, I looked at jack, he said go ahead, this is your first, I've been there before, you carry on and lick both of them dry, then he gave a little chuckle, I'll have another beer. I dived into helens wet pussy, I drank her juices she was soaking wet, a did so for about fifteen minutes, then my face was flooded with her juices, she was pulling my face against her fanny, rubbing against my mouth, then I hear liz's first orgasm of the day, she was also soaking, I moved over to try and get to her wetness, she pulled my face up as she bent down to lick Helens cum off my face what a fukin turn on, I thought my cock was going to burst as I went to grab my cock and start to wank it, Helen stopped me, pushed my face to liz's cunt, she lay down and her mouth was over my cock, she said she had never seen so much pte cum coming out of a cock, then she started to suck, she must have sensed that I was ready to explode, she stopped and squeezed me for a minute or two, mean-time I'm still drinking from liz's fountain, never seen her so wet, as I started to finger fuck her, she fukin exploded over my face as well, and the scream she let out, amazed no-one call the cops, I keep a tight grip on her legs, she cant pull away, she cums again over and over, she said later that was the most intense orgasm she ever had, obviously as she came so hard I too exploded into helens mouth. a few seconds later she pushed past my and kissed liz, mouth full of my spunk. they both swallowed some of my load each. I sat back against the chair, just sat on the floor watching the two girls kissing and feeling each others pussies. I got up and went for some drinks, I mean staggered for some drinks. when I gave jack his, he said did you enjoy Christ i said, best yet, why didnt you join in, i thought i'd give you a taste of what's to come, if you two decide to join our group. they have a group of seven couples, maybe eight now, that meet at least once a month. I gave Helen and liz a drink, we chatted for a few minutes as we watched the video, still playing, but we missed most of it ha. next thing, they are removing each other G-strings liz is on the floor Helen on top in a 69. they lick each other, enthusiastically (now there's a word) jack moves over to Helens mouth, she moves from liz's cunt and sucks his cock, she alternates between his cock and her pussy, i get behind Helen, jack signals me to fuck her, we stay like this for a few minutes, then jack shoots in Helens mouth, she drinks it down, liz is still sucking on Helens pussy as I shove past her into Helens cunt, I feel liz playing and sucking my balls, I cum up Helen and liz is licking my cum from her pussy. the girls switch position, helen on her back li on top, top, this time they are eating and fingering away at each other. that does it for us, I get into li's mouth and jack her , pussy, we last a bit longer this time, both the girls have another orgasm, then we both cum about the same time, li shocks me, as jack pulls away,helen and li push me onto my back, li, remember, se's full of jacks cum, sits on my face, lick me out ya dirty bastard, another shock,she bends down to suck my cock, all the time rubbing her cum filled pussy on my face then Helen comes over and licks her ass, then fingers her bum, she comes again after a couple of minutes, I thought she peed herself for a minute, but she's just squirted for the first time, shes going bonkers and screaming. jack gets behind Helen and fuvcks her to another orgasm, she pulls liof my face and takes her place, now I love licking my own spunk from li, this is the first time ive licked a pussy full of someone elses cum.i like it. well we areall well fucked and need a rest, its not even six o clock yet, I feel like I just ran a marathon, li is also onked out, the other coupe are used to it, ha, more later.

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