Written by walter scott, (no not the sir)

31 Jul 2020

This is going back 20yrs plus, It is based on fact but just added a little extra for effect. a wee bit about me, I'm just an ordinary guy, left school went to work, did a few different jobs over the years, could have went to uni, but being 16 and knowing everything, I wouldn't listen to teachers etc. I started as a chef, have been a road sweeper to a coach driver, a few others in between. back to my story. I was a doorman in one of the better disco's in the city. when you put on that bow tie and white shirt, you become a bit of a star, a target for the girls, oh I could tell a few stories, maybe later. there were these two gorgeous girls that came to the disco two or three nights a week. they never left with any guys, always together some times with another girl or two. We just assumed they were lesbians. Turns out we were partly right, one night they came in, they weren't their usual chirpy, full of fun selves, over the night one of them would cry periodically. they always spoke to us but never in the sense they were chatting us up, just friendly chat. Anyway as I was doing the rounds collecting glasses, in those days this was a ploy we used so we could keep an eye on the place, see what was going on etc looking out for drug use and those that used to bring in their own bottles, but also to see if there was any animosity brewing. Like I said, this was one of the best, and busiest disco's. Oh point of note, this was the days before they became clubs, i preferred the disco. Sorry just wanted to point that out. Back to the girl's, I asked what's wrong, at first they said nothing, we're ok. But over the night it was obvious that all was not well, I kept a closer eye on them in case someone on the premises were bothering them. It became clear no-one was giving them hassle, but they were not their usual happy selves. I asked them a couple of time are you sure your ok, same answer. I wondered if they were scared to tell me in case of repercussions etc, This wasn't the case.

At the end of the night, they approached me, Walter can we have a word, sure I said. Now at the end of the night I usually gave a couple of the guys a lift home or we would be invited to a party, sometimes as guests sometimes as bouncers. I told the guys I was giving the girls a lift, ha, got the usual slagging, lucky bastard or how did you manage that, like I said these girls never left with guys, ever. They waited outside and I gave them a lift home. On the way I got the whole story. after i was sworn to secrecy. Turns out they were both on the game. To say I was shocked would be a hell of an understatement, I mean these two were absolutely gorgeous, sexy and very well dressed. They were not street walkers, they had adverts in a couple of magazines and cards in different places, like a sauna or two, massage parlours that kind of thing. They told me they met at a massage parlour a couple of years previously, the guy that owned it was a pure bastard to them, with his attitude and some of the punters treated them poorly. The result, they got to hate guys, and the place they worked, plus the guy kept most of the money they made. one night they met an older "lady" who took a liking to them. she got them away from the hell they were in, she was a stripper as well as an escort, she had plenty of guys in her wee black book. She also did private parties, stag nights football teams and so on. she asked the girls if they were interested, if they helped her out over Christmas she would help them to go it alone. to cut a long story short, i'll maybe get to that another time. We got to their flat, palace more like, spotless, well decorated, well furnished, it was like the pictures you see in some of the good home magazines. I thought the place was amazing. we got in and they asked me if I wanted a drink, I took a beer, I only had one when I finished my shift. The girls sat on the couch, asked my to promise again i wouldn't put it about who they really were, I promised, and I never told anyone about them, until now, Ok, they moved to this flat a few months ago, everything was great until last week. A guy waited outside a place where they were "working" and followed them home. the next night he was waiting on them getting home, as they approached the entrance to the flats, he spoke to them, he seemed nice at first, he asked if he could come in for a coffee, they refused, he got a bit nasty and told them he was at a party they did a few weeks earlier, so he knew what they were. They got inside and shut the door on his face, when they got into the flat the buzzer went, it was him, he said he would pay them if he could come up, they told him no, after he got the message he went away, but before they came to the disco that night, he caught one of them an her own at the corner shop. he threatened her that if he didn't get his way he would let everyone know who they were, where they lived. he didn't hurt her but grabbed her arm tightly, she panicked and said ok, we'll think about it, give me your number. they were scared to go to the police, they didn't want cops around the flats where they lived plus they weren't sure how the cops would react when the whole story came out. enter me.

One of them started crying again, the other gave her a hug, then went for a couple of drinks for them, she brought me in a beer, I said no thanks don't need to get pulled for drunk driving, this is the days they really started clamping down, fuck that need my licence. She looked at her pal, then they both looked at me, then both said, stay here, aye right, no they said, seriously we can cheer each other up. ok, I gave in, they twisted my arm, then they brought out a bottle of pernod. that was it, I had a few beers and a few pernod,s they said I could sleep in the spare room, no probs, I knew my luck had to run out at some point. I went to the spare room, stripped down to my knickers and vest, i went to the bathroom had a piss and a quick wash, on the way back to the room, one of them said, you can use the shower if you want, I turned around and hit the shower, after a couple of minutes the screen opened, we thought you might need a hand. then it started one if not the best nights of my life at that point. they were both naked, stepped into the shower, or should I say squeezed in, soaped me all over for a few minutes, then they pulled me out, grabbed a couple of towels, half dried me as we headed to the bedroom, they threw me onto the bed, one sat on my face, the other started playing with my cack, then they were taking torn about sucking me, I pinched myself to se if I was dreaming. or awake, thank fuck it was the latter. the first one came over my face, the other sat on my cock and started to fuck me like it was the last hard-on she would ever see. after she orgasm'd they swapped places I lasted about 30 seconds and started to cum, she jumped of and they both sucked up the rest of my spunk, licking it off each other. I spent the night there. In the morning, well early afternoon, we got up and had some breakfast, I told them to phone the prick that was giving them hassle, and ask if they could come to his place, he said no, but they pointed out they never take guy's back to their flat, so if he wanted them, it would be his place or forget it.. of course he agreed, they would be over tomorrow night. I left, a very happy bunny. that night I got hold of one of my mates, just in case this bastard wasn't alone, We met the girls at nine o'clock, went to a pub for a drink and a plan. We went to prick features house at ten, the girls went to his door, he opened it, as the girls walked in they left the door open a wee bit, we crept in two minutes later, we heard him say he invited a couple of his pal's to have a party. oh is that right. time for us to make an entrance, we barged into the living room, the three guys shat themselves I grabbed prick features by the throat, I asked the two other pricks if they knew what their pal done to the lassies, they did'nt so i told them it would be best if they left, the girls wanted a word with him. they could'nt get out the door quick enough. i took the prick into the room and made him strip, explained the circumstances to him, and that when we leave, we better not hear a peep or we would be back. I then called the girls and told them to enjoy themselves, they did, kick the shit out of him. oh I got my reward several times after that night, my mate wasn't interested, he's gay. maybe go into my reward another time

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