11 Aug 2020

Just recently on one of those very hot days, I had been chatting to a lovely lady I met on one of my walks, walking her dog, we chatted for a while and she said she walked the same route every day at the same time. We started meeting (by accident haha) and I suggested trying another walk I know and walk regularly, she agreed and I picked her and her dog up and drove about 20 mins to park up and off we went.

I had drinks in rucksack and soon we’ll heading away into the fields, we held hands and I suggested finding a place to sit and have a drink, the field was quite long grass and soon we settled down and kissing, I didn’t want to push it or frighten her so I didn’t try anything but she started rubbing my leg, and wearing shorts she got nearer and nearer my cock which was clearly growing, slipping the finger under the shorts she found my swollen head and teased it with her nail.

She couldn’t get any further up the tight shorts so soon kissing stopped and she unbuttoned and unzipped me and released him... standing very proud her hand feeling the base and my balls she bent forward and took the head into her mouth, her tongue teasing, and now my hand undoing her bra, unbuttoning her blouse to find delicious hard nipples to play with...

Soon we were naked, I felt how wet she was and she climbed onto my cock, bouncing away, her small tits really bouncing with each move, it wasn’t long before she begged me to “cum deep up my cunt now” and very soon the wonderful experience of shooting bareback into a willing juicy pussy, she instantly came, shuddering and collapsing into me, exhausted. My cock softening inside her but I was still jerking in and out.

Soon I was hard again and laying side by side she played with my cock as we kissed, then her dog barked and suddenly another woman with her dog was watching us.... no point hiding it was clear what we were doing, I expected some kind of trouble but instead she sat and joined us, chatting away she asked if she could feel my cock too.... I will tell you more in episode 2