Written by Julia_Harries

30 Jan 2014

My Name is Julia and I have just joined this website. My husband is ok with it but letting me do all the work. I have to share with you why I want to experiment and have just told my husband what happened and he is fine. Last year we went on holiday and up to then the only person I had ever had sex with was my husband. As usual another couple latched onto us and became our 'holiday pals'. It was ok but they wanted to go everywhere with us. She was sweet but he was a 6'3" muscle bound thug of a man with more scares on his face than I could count and not a hair on his head but very funny. I will cut to the chase, on our last but one day my hubby wanted to go to an old castle and I just wanted to pack and sunbathe, after I had been in the sun for a while I went to my room to have a shower and on the way bumped into out holiday pals. I mentioned that I was going for a shower but could never get the water warm so he offer to check it out for me which he did. He left and I has my shower, after a while the room phone rang and it was him, he had left his wallet and could he come and pick it up. I put my dressing gown on which was red silk and becouse I was wet didn't leave much to the imagination. I went to change into the hotel towel type gown but there was a knock on the door. It was him, I didn't have change to change but let him in, after all he would pick up his wallet and leave and I suppose there was a but of devilment in me becouse he had made comments about me all holiday. He waked in and just stared at me for a second, made some comment about how if he was married to me he wouldn't leave me looking like that. " well lucky for me your not" I told him, he laughed and poked me in my stomach . I,m very ticklish so jumped which he thought was great so he continued to tickle me. I was weak laughing and ran backwards to the bed. He continued to tickle me when I realised my robe was undone and I was completely naked. He just looked, I didn't say anything thinking he would apologies and leave but he started tickling again, I should have told him to stop but he started sucking my nipples and putting his fingers in me. I could have stopped and I don't know why I didn't, he worked his way down until he had his head between my legs and his tongue was inside me which is something my husband never did. He continued for a while and I thought it wasnt cheating if he didn't enter me, i looked down at this mountain of a man and I started to cum and before long had the biggest orgasm I had had for a long time, he worked his way up my body with his tongue. Some how he had taken off his Tee shirt and shorts. I closed my eyes as he replaced his fingers with his cock which was at least twice as thick and half as long again as my husbands. For the next hour he fucked me whilst on top of me, behind me picking me up and impaling me on himself and then back on the bed where he came in me for the third time. In the end I was exhausted and couldn't move or say anything. In the end he just took hold of my hair, pulled my head up and put his cock in my mouth which I only just managed and he filled my mouth with cum. that was the first time I had ever had someone cum in my mouth and the first time I had swallowed cum. He just smiled and said ' not bad' got dressed and left. I lay there for ages and couldn't believe what had just happened and what I had just done. Even though I felt guilty as hell it made me realise how boring my life was. I love my husband so much but he understands I need more. Now I need to fuck a couple or a woman on her own. I,m 5'4" ish slim wiht small breasts and have a fantasy about a tall woman with large breasts using me as she wants.