Written by At Ease

4 May 2015

Bit of background, Carol and I had a caravan parked up on a site about and hour or so drive, and normally went there most weekends just for a bit of R&R, we had made some friends with Ken and Jenny, and we had the vans parked up next to each other, We normally arrived at about the same time and generally walked down to the little pub and had a meal and a few drinks.

Just as we where setting off Jenny phoned and told us Ken had been caught up on a job and probably would not finish until late, and they would come up in the morning. We went up to the van, headed down for some food and a drink, on the way back it started to Rain Big time, we where soaked by the time we got back, stripped of and dried, we started to fool about and even after 12 years of marrage, I still fancied my wife, she bend over the edge of the setee, and I slipped my cock inside her warm wet pussy. pumping away with my hands round her tits, the rain hammering down on the van roof, Suddenly the door opened and in stumbled Jenny dripping wet followed by Ken. I had pulled out from Carol but stil had a hard on. Jenny laughed and said hope you will give me some of that, but I need a pee first, Jenny came out of the toilet, and was as naked as us, Carol had said to Ken to take his wet stuff off, and found some more dry towels, Carol was obviously not at all bothered about our friends seeing her naked

As we always did when meeting up Jenny came up to Carol and hugged her and they kissed each other briefly, tit to tit, was evocotive,

she came over to me and pushed her still wet tits into my chest and her hips ground into my cock, still with a little hard on, that started to grow, as she pressed harder into me, Now not long after we had got to know them, we had gone down to the beach and I could see Jenny had a full figure, her tits nearly bursting out of her bikini top, and Carol had noted the size in Kens trunks, later she said, if you wanted to fuck Jenny as long as Im there watching and I can take Ken I would not mind. that was a bit of a surprise to me at that time.

Over a brew Ken explained he had finished the job of quicker than he thought, they had driven straight up to the pub but had only just missed us, had a quick bit to eat, and by them it was raining, Jenny had went to open ther van door but the key had snapped in the lock and could not be opened, and so they came into out place, Not expecting us to be fucking of course, As she said that Jenny ran her hand up and down my cock making it jerk upwards, it came out that she had said more or less the same to Ken about them fucking us,

Carol had a glint in her eye, and agreed that we could all sleep together, We put the front bed up which is normall the table and seats but turns into a bed, our bed was in the back of the van, but we all crambed into it, Carol was kissing ken and wanking him off before sucking his cock, and I was kissing jenny and had my hand into her by now wet pussy, Ken went over carol and we watched as his cock sank into my wife opening, and then I was fucking with jenny, it was strange knowing my wife was bing fucked whilst lyeing next to me as I was fucking someone else, after we had all been satisified, Jenny and I took one bed whilst Ken and carol took the other, and we both managed to have several more fucks during the course of the night. and in the early morning. they told us later that they had had foursome in the past with others when the oppertunity came along but not on a regular basis. except for one couple they saw more off in the winter months. We spent the rest of the weekend in our van, as althouth we tried could not get the door unlocked, but I knew I had some tools that should do it, and which we did the following week. and we reguarly spend weekends in one or other of our vans.

On the odd occassion when it was an off few days for one or other of the girls it has been know for both of us to fuck either one of the girls bit of double penetration, and also the girls have been getting into a bit of bi girl fun together, which is a turn on for Ken and myself. Autumn was approaching and we had to bring the vans off, but the tale has not ended and we will tell that at a later date.