Written by waltertodd

19 Aug 2012

well its been a few weeks since myfirst story, well i promised an update so here goes.well after the married guy showed up and had a bit of fun, theres now five of us and liz is geting well fucked,shes exausted and we stop and take a break for drinks, now chris and jim start to play around with each others cocks,now im far from gay, but seeing two guys wank each other and suck each other in a 69,well i got hard again, liz noticed this and asked if i wanted to join them, no ta, maybe later, so me, her and ray are just dinking and chating while watching this pair, theyve only just met but are well into each other. anyway the married guy hadalready foned his wife and told her to come over, his names chris as well by the way, he phones her to see if shes coming, shes stillin the house, so liz takes th e phone and talks to her, she tells her whats been going on etc and that all these guys are horny as fuck and shes in for a treat, so please come over and help her to look after all these hard cocks, it worked, helen's her name, she said she was actually sitting ready but was a bit aprehensive, but now she's turned on and soaking wet, she'll be over in half an hour. liz comes of the phone, she goes to the toilet, has a quick wash puts on clean hold ups and comes back downstairs, we all do the same have a wash and some nibbles and a drink, a couple of us were puting on boxers but liz was having none of it, i pulled her over and started to lick her pussy, shes standing with her legs open, im kneeling on the floor, my cocks hard again and the married chris comes over so liz can wank him, then the other chris comes over and gets down on ell fours and without any warning, i feel someone sucking my cock and its not liz,at first i pull back but liz grabs my head back to her soaking wet pussy, she barks out, enjoy it it tusns me on to see a guy suck you of, i want you to suck him as well, no chance, oh you will she said, the other two are just sitting watching and playing with themselves, next thing i feel spunk hiting my face and neck, its the one shes wanking, he just came again, this makes me cum in chrises mouth, and of course liz lets rip, fuk me i thought i was goin to drown, then she turns round and sucks the other chris till he comes in her mouth, then she licks the spunk of mm face and shoulder, . a few minutes later the door goes, its helen, her hubby says to me, i'll let her in and blindfold her, liz hands him a scarf, so away he goes, we shift the coffee table and a chair to clear a bit of the floor, helen comes in shes a bitnervous, but we all say hi, and liz tellsher to relax and enjoy, because she needs a rest. so shes in the middle of the floor,shes got a scimpy short dress on,stockings and suusses no knix n no bra, all five guys maul her at once, hands everywhere, i get downand get my tongue on her clit, jesus she came right away, that was it her dress was of and she was on the floor, her man was going to take the blindfold of, but she stopped him and said not just now, it was such a turn on not seeing who was doingwhat, liz was just sitting watching this and piped up, i want totry that, and carried on playing with herself, i went to go lick her out but she pushed me back to helen, no its her turn, i want you all to fuck her silly and all have to come inside her, oh we did hell she was noisy,and you should have seen her squit, fuck me i thought she peed herself, as we took turns coming up her as we pulled our cocks out liz came over and suked them clean, well that continued for about half an hour, helen was shattered, she eventually took the scarf of, and said that was the bestorgasms she ever had, helen took her up to the bathroom totidy up a bit. well i have to go, but i willfinnish this story later.