17 Jan 2018

I was a section manager in a large Civil Service office some years ago, this was quite a boring, monotonous job but I was surrounded by women, on an almost 20 -1 ratio. This sounds better than it was because it meant I had to listen to numerous discussions about hair, clothes, babies and what other people had done to each other. One of the better part of this however was that there was en endless supply of breasts, cleavages, legs and bums to glance at furtively, and these any the accompanying lustful fantasies helped to brighten up my boring days.

All this changed however when a young woman called Kath joined my section, she was absolutely stunning with long blond hair, soft blue eyes, probably 38 DD breasts, slim body, long sexy legs and a cute little bum. When I first saw her, I couldn’t help staring a little because she obviously knew she was a looker and looked great in high heels, dark stockings and a short black dress that showed off those delicious looking breasts. After she had been shown what to do and started work, I couldn’t help sneaking the odd extra look at her and over the next few weeks this became something of a favourite worktime hobby. No doubt I became quite an expert on Kath’s breasts, cleavage and bum as I watched her bend to pick things up or lean over a desk to give me some papers. Then one day when she had a particularly low cut dress on she just caught me looking and I saw her give a quick little smile.

After that, things changed, as did some of her outfits, she seemed to have more tight semi transparent tops that emphasised her breasts, more tight short skirts and one day I could swear she had left her bra off as I could clearly see her nipples. Of course this got me quite excited at times, as did the thought of her perhaps leaving her knickers off and perhaps carrying a vibrator in her handbag for when she went to the toilet. The fantasies came thick and fast and I must admit to giving myself a few hand jobs in the gents in order to be able to get any work done. What was both exciting and a little frightening though was that I felt she knew that she was doing and was purposely playing with me and exciting me. Even worse, I felt she knew, that I knew she was, too. Those playful little glances and little smiles, almost of satisfaction, as she saw me cross my legs to hide my erection. Of course I felt guilty as I was married but as a good friend once told me ‘ a standing cock has no conscience’ and so it was, lust easily displaces responsibility.

Some weeks later it was our office Christmas party, usually a boring event with a little food, lots of drink and the bosses having to dance with almost all the women one after the other. Of course, after a few drinks there were a few pecks under the Mistletoe, and some of the dances became a little sexier but generally not much else. However this year there was Kath to dance with and she had outdone herself wearing a short tight fitting red dress over black holdups, high heels and a wonderfully low cleavage that I could glance down into as we danced, her breasts seemed to be somehow pulled apart by some wonderful type of bra and I felt I could have lost myself in the resulting gap. As we danced she also held me tight and at one stage moved my hand to the top of her leg where I could swear I could not feel any knickers. After a short kiss under the Mistletoe, I excused myself and headed for the toilets to try to get my erection under control before I became the office talking point in the New Year.

As I came out of the toilets however Kath was there and without saying a word she grabbed my hand and led me towards the large empty filing room. I followed easily, not quite understanding what was happening but keen to find out. Once inside, she closed and locked the door and in the dim lighting cast by the banks of computers and printers on the back wall she slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. I was right, she had left her knickers at home and she looked stunning in her high heels, black holdups and bra, but that quickly came off too and I gasped as those wonderfully large breasts swung free. I could clearly see her large nipples standing out and noticed that she shaved her pussy which I could just see in the poor light. Then she just walked over to me, grabbed my cock, which was by now standing out painfully, and started to kiss me deeply, pushing her hot little tongue immediately between my teeth. Of course I hotly kissed her back and grasped hold of one of her delicious bum cheeks, pushing my fingers deeply between them to pull her closer.

After a moment she broke our embrace and went quickly to work on my belt, trousers and shirt buttons and in a couple of minutes we were both stark naked except for my socks and her holdups. Grasping hold of my cock again, she suddenly slid to the floor and the next thing I knew I was in her mouth. It felt amazing and as she sucked and played with my cock whilst holding my balls in one hand and pressing a finger into my anus with the other I could feel myself starting to cum so I quickly pulled back and removed her hand muttering No you little witch, now its my turn. I then pulled her to her feet and pushing a pile of files away lay her on her back on the table. Holding her hands tightly over her head I then feasted on those wonderful breasts taking each hard little nipple into my mouth as I nibbled and sucked it and then rolling it in my hand as I squeezed her breasts one by one. Then I simply kissed my way down her, licking her belly button and then quickly plunging my tongue into her already sopping wet pussy. Then nibbling quickly all around her pussy lips whilst making quick deep thrusts into her pussy with my tongue I could feel her moving and beginning to moan softly under me. So moving my mouth quickly over her hard little clit I sucked gently whilst moving it around my lips with my tongue. This had the desired effect and she buckled beneath me letting out a long soft moan as she came for the first time.

But I could wait no longer, I needed her pussy for myself, so still holding her hands tightly I stood up and entered her as quickly as I could, she was quite tight but very wet so I slid in quickly and felt my cock just touch the bottom of her womb as by balls slapped against her bum. I think she came again or perhaps she was still cumming from my oral assault but I felt her pussy muscles grab my cock and hold on tightly as I began to plunge in and out of her. Soon we were both going wild and when I rubbed her hard little clit with my finger she definitely came again as she went into spasms and almost threw me off her, thankfully I managed to stop her scream with my hand but then I was cumming too and literally emptying months of wanting and lusting into her greedy sucking pussy. This seemed to last for ages but then we were both up, cleaning ourselves down and getting ready to sneak back into the party.

Needless to say, this wasn’t a one off but the start of a wonderfully sexy affair that I often remember when Im feeling horny and admiring other breasts and bums