Written by anon

22 Jul 2014

i was married and at a party i went to a room and was stoned and fell asleep i woke up with my cock getting rubbed iwas solid and loved it heard a girl and guys voice and as i looked the guy was wanking me and said nice cock as he wanked his it was very big and thickest i ever seen we had a joint after i got over the shock we chatted he put porn on talking of how he liked it he gave me a look as i offered him a pipe we had a few and i got hrny and so did he putting on another porn i watched as a guy and his old uncle wanked to porn and the guy was looking at his uncles cock as his uncle said would you ever suck a cock he said depends on the situation and guy he would have to be hairy with a big cock his uncle asked if he thought he was big oh yes he said as his uncle put his hand onto his cock saying feel it it was semi but got hard as his nephew rubbed it its so thick uncle then we had a smoke and i closed my eyes feeling my hand lifted onto his cock as i rubbed it he said pull my forskin back as i did i looked seeing his helmet get bigger he gave me a pipe saying would i put it in my mouth i said no then said just for a bit as he slide it in slowly saying fuck its good as i felt his pre cum as he eased in and out so slowly saying yes my darling thats it i got so horny sucking him more as he removed his top he was so hairy as he said you like it dont you as he eased the end in and out as i rubbed his balls saying he was going to cum he filled my mouth as we lay on the bed