Written by reading_andy

29 Jun 2015

It was late, 2am late and I was tired. It had been a long day and my flight had just been called for boarding. I stood and joined the queue, watching my travel companions as they fussed about with their hand luggage, looking for boarding passes as the line of people slowly crept towards the desk and off into the grey boarding bridge onto the plane. There was not too many people and I was pleased that this leg of my journey would be spent sleeping, assuming a moderate level of comfort was provided by the airline. My half-hearted attempts to be upgraded by the overly made up check in girl had been in vain so cattle class it was for the next 12 hours. At least there would be free drinks available on this longest of long haul flights.

I eventually boarded and was shown to my seat. Isle seat on a row of three. Could be worse, I could at least stretch my legs out a little and just hope that they wouldn’t be a trip hazard for the busy flight attendants nipping up and down the aisle. I had just secured my bag in the overhead compartment and sat in my seat, watching the other passengers boarding as I wired up my headphones and settled down for 12 hours of torture. ‘Please let the seats next to me be empty’ was all I could think as couples mainly, sorted themselves out for the journey ahead. I popped in my headphones and put my head back, closing my eyes and willing on sleep with nothing but the sound of my playlist in my ears.

It can only have been 3 or 4 minutes later when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Oh Fuck. The seats next to me weren’t free! Standing over me with a pleasant smile on his face was man, about 47 I would say, who wanted to get in. I smiled back and gathering my paraphernalia stepped into the aisle letting him in. He moved over to the window seat and started getting himself settled. I was just about to sit down when from behind I heard a cheerful ‘Sorry, can I squeeze in too?’ I turned to see a slim woman, somewhere between 35 and 40 with long dark hair tied up in a ponytail and sparkling green eyes which lit up with her smile. Sure I said with a chuckle and let her into the seat between us. ‘Hi hun’ said the window sitter, ‘did you get everything?’ ‘Just about’ she replied and slipped past me plopping down in her seat and rummaging through a large over the should bag, taking out her bits and pieces and piling them on her partners lap, she closed the bag and half stood again, reaching up over me awkwardly trying to push her bag up into the overhead locker. Her loosely buttoned lightweight blouse hung open inches from my face as she stretched up into the locker and I felt a twinge of embarrassment as she clocked me eyeing her full breasts and cleavage supported in a white cotton bra. I awkwardly stood and helped her with the bag, closing the now full compartment lid and went to sit down again. We both sat at the same time and as we did so her hand brushed lightly brushed against mine. My pulse quickened, was it deliberate? She didn’t show any indication or acknowledgement of it happening so I thought nothing more of it and settled down in my seat, watching her blue skirt ride up her lightly tanned thighs as she did the same.

Pre-flight checks, safety announcement and 15 minutes later we were hurtling down the runway at 200mph then up into the sky and away we went. After a further 20 or so minutes the seatbelt lights were off and I watched with my playlist in my ears as people got up and sorted themselves, toileted and generally prepared themselves for a long flight ahead. Mr Window seat summoned the flight attendant and straight away ordered a large brandy for himself and a large G&T for her. What the heck, I tagged on a large whiskey for myself as she was going that way, and tried not to listen in on their conversation, the drinks arrived and I pretty much necked mine and utilising my trusty travel pillow settled down to try and get some sleep.

I don’t know when I woke or what woke me, but the plane was in relative darkness with all lights dimmed and blinds pulled down. I noticed that her right hand was under my arm and that she was turned towards me apparently asleep on her side facing me. Her lower half was covered by a blanket and her partner was also turned in my direction ‘spooning’ her whilst the slept. I took the opportunity to look at her face, she was quite pretty with neatly applied makeup and a slight upturn at the corners of her full lips giving her a fun spirited look even as she slept. Her blanket wasn’t pulled too far up as it was a warm flight and once again I could take a look at her cleavage although this time, the upper buttons were also further undone showing me the full curve of her bra covered breast. I could feel myself getting horny watching her chest rising and falling, her breathing heavier than it should have been and it was then that I saw his fingers sliding around her back and a hand cupping and squeezing her breast. I heard her breathing waver and as I looked up she was watching me biting one corner of her lower lip, her eyes looked glazed as she stared at me and it was then that I noticed the movement behind her. He was inside her, fucking her from behind very slowly so as to not attract attention.

She held my gaze and I felt her fingers move under my arm, her fingertips moving lightly over my t-shirt covered torso. She smiled, obviously very turned on with a look in her eye that told me what she really wanted was it a bit harder should circumstances allow.

I reached under my seat and pulled out my own blanket, as I did so, she lifted the arm of the seats between us up. I turned in my seat slightly to face her but leaving her enough time to see the outline of my now rigid cock straining at the lightweight shorts that I had worn for the flight, she bit her lip and watched me as I slipped the blanket up covering my lap and lower torso and I heard her lightly groan as he held himself deep inside her for a few moments perhaps unsure what to do noticing my movement before resuming his slow rhythm.

Maybe 5 or 6 minutes passed with her and I facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes as he slowly, discreetly, moved inside her. The pleasure and frustration written all over her face was such a turn on. He undid more buttons on her blouse letting it fall open and she re-positioned the blanket so that only I could see what was happening beneath, her skirt up around her waist and her knickers down around her thighs with a neatly trimmed mound of short dark hair between her legs. Her bra encased breasts rising and falling with her deep controlled breaths which I could now feel on my face.

I felt so turned on, I reached down and subtly undid my belt and shorts, my cock springing up though the flap in my boxers. I adjusted my own blanket so that she could watch as my fingers lightly gripped the tickly veined shaft of my cock and I slowly stared stroking in time to the thrusts from behind her. I wanted to kiss her so badly, watching her as her eyes alternated between mine and my cock. It wasn’t long before she moved the arm from beneath her and slipped it under my blanket. She watched the obvious pleasure in my face as I felt her fingers encircle my cock, squeezing it gently before sliding up its length and moving her thumb over and around the fat pink tip. I looked down at her breasts, her partners hand inside her bra, squeezing her breast and toying with her nipple. She reached inside with her free and lifted her breast out of the bra, ostensibly for him but I knew that it was more for my own benefit, exposing her full rounded breast and lightly coloured erect nipple.

She moved her free hand down between her legs and her breathing got heavier as she began to masturbate with him inside her, it must have turned them both on as she started stroking my cock faster and harder and within moments I could hear him grunting behind her, their blankets trembling, she looked into my eyes with a smile as he came inside her. I could hear him panting, trying to control his breath. She mouthed a Shhhh to me and withdrew her hand from my cock. He slipped out of her and she turned to face him. As they quietly murmured whatever to each other I surreptitiously did up my shorts which was lucky as it wasn’t long before I heard the ‘excuse me, can I get out?’ from her partner. ‘Of course!’ I replied and stood stepping into the aisle, keeping the blanket covering my crotch and as she swung her legs up out of the way, letting him out.

I slipped back into my seat and no sooner was his back turned, making his way up the aisle to the toilets, was her hand at the button to my shorts, whipping my cock out before he had reached the 2 person queue. Bang! Her mouth was around me her tongue and lips working the head and shaft of my cock I looked up in fear that he would turn around and see us but massively turned on by it all, my hand in her hair as she worked my shaft with her mouth, my other hand reaching down between her legs, rubbing her already swollen clit before slipping a finger inside her hot cum filled pussy and out again, I kept my eyes glued to her partner’s back, as I returned to rubbing her clit with my fingers as hard and as fast as she was working my cock, feeling rather than hearing her groans on me as I pushed her head down, feeling her begin to gag on my fucking hard cock.

She sat up and as if sensing it was about to happen smiled at her partner as he turned and winked at her. He went into the cubicle and no sooner had the door shut, she rolled over took my cock in her hand and had guided it into her hot dripping cunt. I had to concentrate not to shoot my bolt there and then! She grabbed my hand and pushed it into her breast wanting my to squeezing it roughly as she pulled me deep inside her. I could feel the gooey mess of the previous inhabitant running down my shaft and balls as I threw caution to the wind and started pounding her tight wetness, occasionally looking up to make sure that we hadn’t woken any of our surrounding travellers. I ground my cock deep into her and watched as she bit down on the arm of the seat by the window, I could feel her fingertips frantically moving round and round on her clit and she reached round grabbing my arse. Pulling me hard inside her, holding me there as she ground back onto my cock, squeezing every last millimetre into her, her fingers flying over her clit as she began to tremble

The orgasm built quickly inside her and her hips bucked on me, her tight pussy clenching my cock, spasming on me as she held her breath and both of my hands squeezed her breasts hard. She eventually let out a long breath, as if coming up after holding it underwater for as long as possible and slowly she began to move on me once more. I could feel the tell tale signs of my own orgasm build and I sensed she knew what was coming and quickly slipped off me.

She saw the disappointment in my eyes and smiled that sexy smile, dipping her head down onto me, licking and suck his and her cum from my still engorged shaft before wanking me fast and hard with the wide tip of my cock in her mouth and her tongue toying with the underside. I came hard, my body racked with pleasure as she milked me dry, swallowing down load after load of my hot sticky cum as it pumped into her mouth and throat.

We sat back, catching our breath which we had just about managed when the toilet door swung open and out he came. I tried to avoid his gaze but noticed an eyebrow raised enquiringly toward her and saw the large grin and nod in reply. As he approached I started to stand, blanket in place feeling extremely awkward as she shuffled over to the window seat. I was about to step into the aisle when he said ‘Take the middle one fella!’ and almost hip checked me back across into the middle seat. I sat down and wasn’t sure what to do as he sat in the aisle seat next to me. FUCK! This could get horrible I thought and jumped when I felt her hand on my thigh, so obvious and in front of him, she leaned across me and said, ‘Mmmmmmm John this one has a lovely cock you are going to like it’.

Let’s just say that the rest of the flight passed faster than a 1 hour London-Glasgow hop, but that is another story….