Written by hrny

30 Dec 2013

me and my ex wife got married at 18 and when I was 33 we attended a party at her parents house her mum always got drunk and told me she loved me she was pretty with dark hair and eyes but having 6 kids made her hips curvy and her tits bigger than her daughters 34b but they were not huge as I saw her one day as I looked through her room door that was slightly open as she got changed and saw her saggy tits that got me horny as they had big dark nipples after a night of drink and most had left my father in law went to bed then my wife did the same leaving me and mary alone chatting about everything as we got round to sex as she asked me if I had an active sex life as I said ann her daughter was not into sex as much as me telling her it was hard as she was not dirty enough for me forgetting who I was talking to for a bit as mary told me she loved dirty sex but just sex would be good saying jim had not touched her for about 2 months I said jokingly get some kinky sexy undies and outfits she said she has telling me of her sussies and see through knickers and her sexy mature secetary outfit I asked her what it was as she said wait and left then returned 5 mins later as she put her skirt and top on the sofa saying she wore no knickers or bra just stockings as I told her she would look great jokingly saying how id love to see her wearing it mary smiled saying get us a drink as she left and I was in the kitchen pouring a drink when she walked in wearing her short skirt with full split and white see through blouse with the buttons undone so her tits were visible and as it was tight her nipples pressed against it looking at her tits as I gave her a drink as she opened her legs showing me her stockings as she looked in a kitchen cupboard I saw her dark bush and said what a bush then said sorry it just came out she smiled saying did I like her dark pussy saying to me to tell her the truth so I said it was amazing and if I was jim I would be stroking it daily saying to her I would run my fingers through it softly as I kissed her telling her what I wanted to do to her mary then said to me would I like to touch it as I said to her I know she seen me looking as she took my hand and put it on her pussy through the split in her skirt feeling how hairy she was as I stroked her bush running my fingers down over her cunt lips feeling how wet she was my cock was sore it was so hard as she rubbed it opening my trousers letting it spring out as she held it saying to me fuck your huge compared to jim as she wanked me softly as we looked in each others eyes I rubbed over her clit as she said to me kiss me as we kissed her lips so soft she was a great kisser and I put my arm round her holding her as I fingered her hole with my other hand she moaned saying to me fuck me john I want you she was so wet just then we heard movment upstairs as she went into the loo as I said I was off to bed

in the morning my wife had gone as I heard my father in law say mary im off to the pub go to bed and sleep of your sore head saying lock the door as I go and you will not be disturbed hearing her come up and go to her room waiting a few minutes then walked into her room as she lay under the duvet as I said hello she said sorry about last night as I told her her pussy picture was so hot she asked me not to say anything and delete the picture saying to her no she was up for it last night telling her if she kissed me for a while I would do what she asked saying its only a kiss and she kisses so good she blushed saying I kissed nice also saying ok as I lay on the outside of the duvet as we kissed passionately as I stroked her back she pulled down the duvet as I stroked her nipples she groaned pulling the duvet over me as my leg went between her heavy thighs my hand on her belly as I put it into her knickers saying oh mary what a pussy how I want to lick your cunt fingering her wet hole she moaned moving her hips saying to me you want to fuck me don't you you have for a while she said saying only if you fuck me good I said to her she wanted my big cock up her saying imagine it easing up your cunt darling she said yes john I told her open your big thighs and rub your cunt for me to see as she rubbed her cunt her fingers fingering her hole I got between her legs easing up her tight hole my cock stretching her fucking her till I came then left