Written by jasper

7 Mar 2012

we were talking about having a threesome, or moresome,with maybe another couple, just wanted to spice things up a bit, this new partner already told me about some of her exploits, you know,watching blue movies etc and her piping up, i've done this and that, at first i was a bit shocked,pist of that she would do snternetuch things, then i found myself quizing her about it and getting turned on, in fact she was the first girl to let me fuck her up her bum,at her insistance by the way,i'd never given anal a thought because most girls at that time,well anal was a definate no no, anyway,we got talking and i bought a contact mag, this was in the days before the internet. well we were going through it checking out ads from couples and single,we picked out a few, then before deciding who to invite for some fun, we read some of the letters, some saying how great the mag was and the diffrent stories etc, but noticed a couple on the same topic, people not showing up. anyway we started replying to some of the ads,all in all about ten or twelve replies, some single guys couple girls and a couple of couples, we got some texts and a couple of letters,we also placed our own ad, but thats another story. anyway out of the responses we text a couple nut they changed their mind but may be interested at a later date, the other couple didnt reply,neither did any of the girls,but five of the guys sent texts and one by letter, they all sent pics and she fancied them all. we picked out three with the idea of asking one round at a time, remember this is my first time at this, so the three guys seemed to be up for it, but then we remembered what some of the leters said about no shows, anyhow we decided to ask the three of then to come over on the same night, we thought well,at least one or two would show up. this was arranged for the following week, meantime one of the guys of one of the couples text, he was quite local to us and he asked if he could meetus himself as his wife got cold feet, she wanted him to meet us first then see how she felt, so we had arranged for the guys to show up at six, so we told him that,and we thought they might not show, he asked if he could come as well, that waywe would be sure of one turning up, plus he been in a group of guys before,we agreed, we were turned on the whole day of the meeting, so we got ready i put on a thing and a loose pair of trousers, liz put on a tiny thong, tiny bra and hold-ups the covered with a tight short dress. well six o clock came and went,then about 6.30 the door goes, i opend it and one of the guys was there, he came in and we told him that we invited another couple just in case no-one appeared, anyway we got some drinks, and liz was flashing all the time, we could see the guy had a hardon, bigger than mine, he was shiftingabout trying to sort of hide it, then liz just piped up, look why dont you two let your cocks out,i can see they are hard, with that she came over to the couch and knelt down on the floor between us and started to rub us through our trousers then she took jims cock out and smiled at me at the size of it, then she took mine out,she just started to suck me when the door went, rotten timing, so i opened the door to the other two guys, of course when they went into the living-room liz had jims trousers and boxers of,he was rubbing her arse thru the dress with one hand and playing with her tits with the other,she was busy sucking his cock, next thing she stopped and looked round to see the other two guys, jim pulled her head back to his cock, oh no you dont not now im cumming, she sucked him dry,by this time im hard she turned round took my cock in her mouth, as she wasdoing that she reach out to the other two guys and pulled their cocks out, she was wanking them and that made me cum in her mouth, this was fuking exiting, i stayed hard, jim was wanking next thing she stopped, told the two guys to strip, i stripped as well, id never seen another hard cock before, now theres three guys wanking over liz, she lyes me on the floor,she strides me sucks my wet cock then sticks it up her pussy, shes facing me the three guys are standing beside my head, jim goes to go round behind her, she shouts not yet, i want you all to cum on my face and tits, and she yells at me, i want you to see this, the guy in the middle gets his cock in her mouth, shes moving up and down on my cock slowly while wanking the other two, as the guy in her mouths starts to cum she pulls away, he spurts what seemed like a gallon of spunk over her face and tits, its dripping down on me, this makes the other two explode, not only is she covered but me to, she cums as well, we take a break one of the guys starts licking the spunk of her face, another one is rubbing it into her tits, the one, chris, thats rubbing her tits starts rubbing the spunk on me,he says do you mind, and liz pipesup,no he fuking doesnt,he got me into this so you can do what you want to him,so she gets up for some drinks, im still onthe floor with this guy rubbing the spunk all over me, including arround my cock and balls,she cums back n sucks the other two cocks clean, then she kisses me i can taste the spunk, i quite like it, that gives her ideas,thers still some on her body and tits,she lifts it of with her fingers and puts it in her mouth,then kisses me and of course puts it in mine, my cocks hard again and its this guy, we had a couple of dildoes out,just in case only one guy showed up. liz takes charge, telling the guys that they cando what they want to me,now im concerned are the gay etc, well not really one is bi the other two a bit curious,she tells the bi guy whos rubbingthe spunk all over me to wet myarse, i said fuck that, bt she told the two guys that if they want more they have to do as theyre told, she sits on my face, only my spunk in her pussy, tells the two guys to open my legs,next thing bi guys got hisfingers up my hole, i cant move then i dont know who, but one of them sticks a dildo up me,it was a bit sore at first but turned out ok,then the door goes, we forgot about the married guy,, liz opens the door in just her hold-ups,the guy didnt stand a chance she grabbed his cock pulled him into the living room, he likes what he sees, tells us hes bi as well and are we all bi, liz gets him a drink, tells us all to sit on the couch,tells the new guy to get naked and sit on a chair she tells the bi guy to wank and suck the other two guys till their hard,she gets down on the floor, starts to suk the new guy then tells me to shag her doggy style,she want me to cum inside her again,then when im done ive to get under her pussy and lick her while jim and the other two have to cum inside her as well,the guy shes blowin is ready to cum, she stops him and keeps teasin him till the other three hav cum in her then she tells him to do the same, then as i go to get up she tells them to hold me down,then sitson my face and makes me drink all the cum, i liked it, so everyones came a couple of times exept for chris,the new guy, by the way only 2 hours have past,weve got all night to go, but thats for another time,now we're all naked cocks are all semi hard,now liz lyes on the middle of the floor,she tells chris its his turn to cum again so he gets to shag her while we watch she tells us to wank over her and his back,, when we all cum again, she tells the bi guy to rub the cum into chris not forgeting his arse then she wants me to shag him, not fot me but the other bi guy oblidged, while they were going at it she comes over to the couch lies me on the floor, sits on my cock, gets the other two guys one up her arse the other in her mouth, fuck me you should have heard her cumin, plus shes never ejaculated before, she didnt half soaked the carpet, time for a break and a chat and drink. ten mins later a fone rings,its chris's wife,asking what we're like etc, he tells her, she gets a taxi over, thats it for now,