12 Sep 2018

So there he was I thought, dead on time and just where we had agreed to meet, all I wanted to do was turn around and go home, but I had come this far so knew I had to push myself over the last nervousness. I had thought about this for a long time and knew I wanted to find out for myself what it would be like. So feeling very aware of my short skirt and no knickers, as ordered by Mike, I plucked up my courage and walked up to the white car. Just before I reached it, the passenger door opened and I saw Mike looking up at me, he was smiling and just like his photo so I got in beside him as he told me and off we went.

We chatted and laughed about my nervousness for a short time and then I tensed up as Mikes hand touched my knee, however I tried to relax as Mike joked that we needed to get a little more intimate, if we were going to go where we had agreed and his hand felt nice as it massaged my knee before sliding slowly up my leg. Feel free to test the goods yourself, said Mike as he placed my hand over his hard cock, already putting his trousers zip under some pressure. It felt nice and I could feel him throbbing gently with my touch. Just then, I jumped slightly as Mikes hand reached my pussy and a finger slid slowly into my wetness. Realizing that I was now gripping his cock quite hard, I moved my hand up and undid his zip and with a little pull the thick cock I had seen in the photos was throbbing in my hand. I bent over to lick some of the obvious pre cum and felt another finger push further inside me as I bent forward. We had better stop I think before we crash, said Mike and after a few minutes we pulled into a shaded lay by just off the main road. Then within seconds Mikes cock was in my mouth and his fingers were deep inside me playing with my G spot. Come here, he said, pushing his driving seat back as far as it would go and pulling and lifting me over him so I was astride his lap with my tits squashed up against his chest. Then with another lift and a little adjustment I sighed loudly as he slid up into me.

Keep still, he said, I want to do this slowly, but I could feel his cock filling my pussy and its throbbing was soon driving me mad, and before I knew it I was clenching his cock with my own excitement in response. But then he was kissing me and loosening my bra and top so he could get his hands on my tits. Then he had a hard nipple in his mouth and was sucking gently as he rolled my other nipple between his fingers. I tried to move but he held me still. Just feel me with your pussy, he said as I tried again to wriggle my bum and rub my clit against his hot throbbing cock. He was driving me mad and my pussy was gripping him as hard as I could, trying to suck him further inside me. It had been a little while since I had been fucked but this half-way position was torture. Just then a loud horn sounded outside as a truck slowly drove past and looking up I could see the driver making an obscene gesture out of his window. They could see us from the I suddenly realised and tried to get up but again Mike held me still and said, don’t worry, they are only jealous.

Then, just as I thought In must beg him to let me cum, he began slowly to move slowly inside me and I felt his fingers move over to my clit as he began to massage it with his thumb. Then he lifted me gently and let me move a little myself. It was still very frustrating as we had very little room and the steering wheel was against my back but soon we were really fucking and I could feel his cock pushing in and out of my passage whilst I gripped it as hard as I could and rubbed my clit against his hand. I knew I was really wet and must be soaking his trousers but he didn’t seem to careand continued moving faster and faster into me until he suddenly stiffened and I could feel him emptying his load into me. The feel of his jets of sperm, pushed me over the edge and with a scream I came myself, jumping up and down on his knee and squeezing everywhere I could feel him. How many motorists got an eyeful I will never know but I did hear a lot of horns and crude shouts, but as Mike said, Who cares, they were only jealous.

After we had scraped ourselves off the roof and I had somehow managed to crawl back to the passenger seat, leaking our mixed juices all over the cover Mike said, are you still up for finding about about dogging then? And of course I said yes. Full of cum, no knickers, tits hanging out but hot as hell, I wanted more

It was completely dark when we arrived at the large car park in an industrial estate that Mike said was a regular dogging site. Five or six cars were spread around in different corners with what looked like couples inside and one had its lights on and the back door open. That’s a couple fucking and inviting others to join them, said Mike. If the lights are on then they are happy for you to watch but if they then open the doors you can join them if you like. Having said that, Mike parked in a dark corner well away from the other cars and said, I love that body of yours and want some more for myself before sharing, is that OK? Noticing the bulge back in his pants I said OK, we have all night.

Taking my hand, Mike led me out of the car, saying its warm enough to play out here, and we need a bit more room than last time, don’t you think? Then taking me around the front of the car he said Bmw bonnets are great for fucking on, as he pushed me back onto the still warm bonnet. Then lifting me up and spreading my legs he pushed his tongue into my dripping pussy and started lapping up our juices. Of course, I loved this and I soon had my legs over his shoulders and started moaning softly as he circled my erect clit with his tongue. Then I felt him push two fingers deep inside me as he started to also massage my G Spot. This really got me going again and I was soon pulling his head further into my lap and squeezing it with my legs as I felt myself moving towards my second orgasm of the night. When he gently sucked my clit into his mouth and started moving it with his tonge, that was too mush and with a short scream I came again, and locked my legs around his head trembling as I felt him fucking me with his tongue.

After a few moments, Mike said, sadly its time to share you now but shall we make them an offering no one can refuse? So saying, he took off my top leaving my tits sticking up into the night and with a couple of old ties tied my wrists to his wing mirrors leaving me spread-eagled over his bonnet, naked to the waist but with my short skirt pulled up letting me feel the warm breeze on my dripping cunt. Then he put on the interior lights and the side lights and came back and started sucking my nipples and fingering my wet pussy. After a few minutes of this, he removed his wet trousers and I felt him pushing into me again. With much more room than before however, he felt much bigger, and when after a few strokes he lifted my legs and pushed them back onto my shoulders he was really plumbing my depths with his strokes. I loved this and was soon trying to rise up and meet him, but without much success. Then I heard some whispering and looking around saw about four guys with their trousers unfastened and stroking their cocks as they watched Mike fuck me. There were some women too, mostly stripped to their waists, showing their tits, and two of them completely naked. Mike waved a couple of the guys over and I soon had them pressing their cocks into my mouth, for be to suck. This was great and I felt hands and a mouth on my tits and realised it was another woman, who moved her hand down to my pussy and started to rub my clit as Mike pumped into me. I was in heaven, tasting pre cum from two cocks, having my nipples squeezed and nibbled and my clit rubbed whilst being fucked with an amazing cock that really filled my passage. Sadly this couldn’t last and the cock in my mouth started pumping its cum into me which I swallowed as best I could before letting out a much louder scream than before and thrashing about wildly on Mikes bonnet as I came for a third time. Mike then pulled out without cumming again but whispering that he needed to save something for later. I then felt two other cocks empty their loads onto my tits and lay their panting as the woman rubbing my clit tried to lick it all off my tits.

That was just the start of a wild evening where I ended up fucking six or seven guys, I think, because it was hard to count, fingering and sucking another woman to orgasm whilst she had me in an amazing 69 position and managing to take someone’s cock up my bum as I rode Mike again for a final time. By the end of this I was absolutely shattered, too tired even to fuck Mike again when he took me home, but I’m certainly game for a repeat performance soon.