27 Jan 2018

Everyone thinks they know what cuckolding means, but in fact there are lots of slightly different idea what it involved. In theory it means having sex with another mans wife or partner, which sounds easy enough, but in practise it can mean much more, taking the woman out for the night, the other partner watching, photographing, being tormented or joining in, a little bi-play, bondage, bdsm, gang-bangs or the old favourite trying a bigger cock. All of these seem quite common and my word of advice is to try and find what the other couple or hot wife wants in as much detail as possible beforehand.

Whatever it is, cuckolding has been one of my favourite sexual pastimes for some years now as it is much more straight forward than affairs, sex behind peoples backs and all the other complications surrounding sex with others. Here are a few examples of different types of cuckolding I have experienced, may there be many more!

The couple with a bi-curious partner: This was my first cuckolding experience, some years ago and entailed an evening visit to a young couple I had chatted online with for some time. I should add that I am straight and had never experienced any bi-curious behaviour before. Arriving at the house in question, in Derbyshire if I remember, we had a somewhat difficult hour or so of polite chit chat with no mention of sex or our previous discussions. They seemed a nice couple and the wife had a wonderful chestfull, probably about 40+ I guessed, but she was very quiet and the guy did most of the talking. Eventually, we moved on from Coffee to some spirits and after a couple of these everyone relaxed a little and it was eventually suggested we go upstairs. I remember the guy went into the bathroom leaving his wife and myself in the dark bedroom (no lights) where we both undressed and I grabbed hold of her for a kiss and to get my hands on her breasts. She responded enthusiastically and I soon found her grabbing my cock and pulling me onto the bed, which I enthusiastically let her do. By this time the guy had joined us and we were soon three in a bed but with me with my tongue inside his wife’s pussy, and my cock being enthusiastically sucked in return. Quiet she may have been but not in bed, and once I got my cock inside the correct opening she had her legs locked around my back and was letting out little cries as we fucked quite roughly. She felt great and the combination of her legs and pussy gripping me hard, soon had me emptying myself into her which led to a much louder cry and a good deal of thrashing around. As we relaxed, I became aware of the husband just laying there (I had honestly forgotten about him) and I half expected him to climb over me to take his place in his wife’s pussy, but no, he took hold of my shrivelled cock and started to massage it. I was honestly quite shocked, this was something completely new but as I was still holding his wife’s breast and nibbling her nipple it didn’t seem too high a price to pay. So on we went, me getting harder again as I moved my fingers back inside his wife’s wet pussy, her getting more and more excited as I played with her clit and sucked her nipple and him eventually moving down an taking my cock into his mouth. Needless to say, we all soon came together, at least his wife and I did whilst he got a mouthful of my cum. Not an unpleasant experience, but it confirmed for me that I had no interest in men sexually, only women but in practical terms, if submitting to a little male oral allows me to fuck other peoples wife’s, well why not.

The Horny wife and busy husband:

My second excursion into cuckolding was much more straight forward, again set up following some very horny on-line discussions. The wife in question seemed to have a fetish for sucking cocks and drinking men’s cum so who wouldn’t be interested in that. This one was in Lancashire somewhere and I duly turned up at the agreed time and the wife let me in. Another good looking woman, wearing very little except some kind of kaftan that did nothing to hide her loose breasts swinging about inside and giving occasional glimpses of hard nipples. I couldn’t see too much more initially except a nice face, attractive eyes and very kissable lips. She led me into a large room and introduced me to her husband who seemed in the middle of some accounts and barely said hello before getting back to work. She then just took hold of me, kissed me passionately and then sat me down on the couch in full view of her husband, before removing her kaftan and grabbing my cock. Well, no wasting time there I thought as I buried my face in her large breasts and let her take my cock out. We were soon breathing heavily with my cock in her mouth and my fingers pumping into her nice wet pussy. She then stood up and taking my hand led me into the bedroom next door calling to her husband to tell him where we were going. He never even batted an eyelid at anything but just carried on working, throughout.

Once in the bedroom she soon had me naked and we were both enjoying the delights of an extremely pleasurable 69 where she was licking, sucking, gently biting and swallowing my cock like an expert while I sucked her clit between my lips and tried to see far I could get my tongue inside her. This couldn’t last long and she came first squashing my head between her thighs and swallowing all of my cock. This pushed me over the edge and I loved the feeling of emptying myself down her throat as she sucked every drop out of me.

When we returned to reality, we continued our foreplay for some time before that wonderful mouth of hers got me hard again and we enjoyed a proper fuck with her on all fours on the bed and those wonderful breasts swinging widely in time to my thrusts. That night sticks in my mind for two things though, the best blow job ever and the kind of business arrangement they had where she brought guys back for sex whilst he carried on with this work.

The Sissy Husband:

Another very different meet, following the usual pattern of horny on-line chats to the female (always easiest if you can as they usually have the final yes or no) this time somewhere in Nottingham, led me turning up at the door of a small house, where I had been told to go to the back door. This I did and was shocked when the door was opened young, fit looking guy, completely naked and wearing one of those cage like chastity devices with a small padlock. Waving for me to follow him he led me into a dimly lit sitting room, where his scantily clothed wife was reclining on the couch playing with herself. She had her hand up her short skirt and I could hear the buzz of a vibrater as she squeezed her naked breast with her other hand. She just said hi, wont be a minute and told me to get my clothes off which I did, watching closely as her skirt rode up and I could see her pushing the vibrater in and out of herself. She soon came noisily and there I was, naked with a moaning and trembling woman who’s name I didn’t even know and her naked husband just stood watching us both. She then stood up and took me into her bedroom , where she told her husband to lick her pussy dry of her ample juices, and to put on my condom for me, which he did matter of factly. He was then sent out of the room and after some very pleasant foreplay I found myself in a pleasantly tight pussy with the womans legs over my shoulders as we both tried to fuck the brains out of each other. This went on for a while and I managed to get a couple of fingers rubbing her clit before she suddenly thrust a finger into my anus and I emptied myself into her. Obviously, as a gentleman, I then proceeded to bring her off with my fingers and mouth before we both collapsed panting. This, and associated fun activities, continued for a while but she then called her husband and again ordered him to lick her clean and then to tidy me up. This entailed removing my full condom and taking my cock into his mouth for cleaning. Again, this was completely unexpected but quite clinical in the way he followed her instructions ,so another learning experience. She then asked me if I wanted to use him or punish him, both of which took me by surprise, so I declined and left soon after. I remember thinking though that if a guy wearing one of those cages on his dick, got an erection, it must be really painful!

The sexy swinging couple:

Probably my favourite cuckolding experience to date, our first meeting was arranged by the husband and we agreed to meet in a hotel just outside of Preston. I arrived first but when they eventually joined me I was shocked to see one of the sexiest women I have ever met, wearing the kind of going out outfit that would turn heads wherever she went. She was quite small but really pretty with nice blond hair, shapely breasts and long legs covered by a very short skirt, as we talked I was deeply suspicious that she had left her knickers at home, and found it hard to keep my eyes off her as I desperately looked for confirmation. Later once I knew her, I was convinced she had done this on purpose!. We shared a couple of drinks and chatted for a while and I found them both in conversation when I later returned from the toilet. It seems that our drinks and chat were a type of interview which I had somehow passed without knowing. So shortly after this we went up to the room they had taken. I expected a normal threesome, which it sometimes became over the year or so I met them, but on this first occasion, he simply kept our glasses filled with wine and sat in the corner watching. I was soon kissing his sexy wife and stripping her clothes from that delicious body, she had left her knickers at home and had the most delicious shaved pussy with her clit clearly visible when she became excited. Our foreplay was quite long including her enjoying both pussy and anal fingering to the point of climaxing, but that’s as far as she would go anally. She was an excellent cock sucker though and that supple little body was so flexible when we eventually fucked that we ended up in positions I had never even thought about. Coming inside her was a real pleasure too, as she kept herself really fit and the feeling of her gripping me with her arms, legs and pussy as we both came was amazing. After that, we basically drank wine, chatted with her husband and fucked for the rest of the afternoon and evening until I left them about midnight.

The campervan couple:

Another series of horny online messages led to an arrangement one cold November evening where I found myself pulling up behind a parked campervan in a dark deserted country layby just off the A1 in Yorkshire. It was pitch black and there were no lights visible on the campervan so I started my engine again thinking I was in the wrong place. Suddenly however the thick curtains at the back of the campervan were flung aside and I saw an attractive young woman in a bra waning madly. Once inside the very warm campervan I took off my coat and met a very pleasant younger couple who made me a hot drink and chatted freely whilst I sat on the edge of the double bed that took up most of the interior. The wife came and sat next to me and kissed me hotly whilst opening my shirt so I soon found myself naked in bed with an absolutely gorgeous young woman. She had blond hair, perfectly shaped breasts with large hard nipples, an excellent bum, shaved pussy and nice shapely long legs and she was one of the best kissers I have ever met. As we happily fondled, tasted each others genitals, and explored each other with tongues and hands I noticed the husband simply take his drink and a small laptop and climb over into the driving seat leaving us both to our enjoyment. She was terrific with a special little tattoo in a very special place and so warm and tight when I entered her for the first time that I thought I was going to cum immediately and show myself up. However I managed to hold on and enjoyed one of the most passionate fucks I have ever had. What seemed to be immediately afterwards however, she suddenly threw herself back onto me and took me in her mouth, after replacing the full condom for a fresh one which she had ready to hand, then managing to get me slightly erect again she climbed on top and put me back inside herself. There then followed one of the roughest fucks I have ever had with her pulling out to the point I thought my cock would slip out before plunging roughly back down on me, she looked wonderful with her flushed face, flying blond hair and bouncing breasts but she was so rough that I thought she would break my cock if she mistimed her jumps up and down it. Eventually we both came again and she rolled off me for more kisses and cuddles whilst the husband made us both another hot drink. I had however lost my condom inside her which she simply laughed at and despite a pleasant search with my fingers she just said forget it and I’ll find it later.

A wonderful meet, which I was happy to repeat a year later but again an interesting insight into couples differing understandings of cuckolding.

More, if anyone is interested? Or happy to discuss cuckolding with others?