15 Jul 2018

I had to tell everyone. My best friend Jenny was staying with us for the weekend. She was divorced  4 months ago and we were on the first glass of our second bottle of wine.

Paul my husband came home from work and found us in bath robes. 'In here love, I have something for you.'

Paul came in and looked at us. 'You like Jenny, I know you do. Take her upstairs.'

Paul looked at both of us and I said 'I'll follow you up.' Jenny walked towards him and he put an arm around her and they started upstairs Jenny leading.

I finished my wine and started to follow but passing Jenny's wine I stopped and drunk it it. Then I started upstairs. The door was open and I could see four feet, then Paul's buttocks moving. A bit further and Jenny looked up and reached out her hand. I took it and squeezed. Paul looked back and and started to move faster. 

It did not take long for Jenny to squeeze tighter and press her head into the pillow. Just after Paul pushed a little deeper into her and he role off. This was the first time I had seen Paul with a woman.

I walked around the bed and sat on Paul's other side. I felt his slick cock still almost hard. Jenny touched my hand and his cock. He hardened and I swung leg over him and he slipped into me. That was only the start of the weekend. Jenny has just gone home.