Written by reading_andy

16 Sep 2015

So there I was, lying back on my own desk, my knees around my ears with this wondrous woman tonguing my arse, gently playing with my balls in her hand as she lifts them clear for better access. She's perched practically naked on the edge of a chair rubbing her soaked pussy with her free hand when I hear a click and the office door opens!

I jerked my head round at the sound and looked towards the door, and there stood halfway in the room was Chris.

Chris was my business partner, but more than that he was a long time friend. We started the company together just over ten years ago and had shared many life experiences together, be it travel, drugs and even his wife. He looked at me with an amused grin across his face. 'Yes?' he said with that enquiring look in his eye. My shock subsided and I looked at Emily and said 'would you mind?' She had frozen at the sound but now relaxed and said with a cheeky smile 'I wouldn't mind a hand'.

She turned back to my bum, her tongue flicking in and around my hole, her hand coming up from between her legs and gripping my cock which had become rigid in all the excitement. As she began to stroke it Chris walked up behind her, quickly unbuttoning his shirt and unbuckling his trousers. He let them fall to the floor and kicking off his shoes he stepped out of them. He tugged off his socks and reached down behind the back of the chair. With a few turns of the handle at it's base he pulled the back of the chair up and disconnected it from the rest exposing Emily's back. Dropping it to the floor, he sat behind her, gathering the hair from her back and neck, he began kissing her shoulder. placing it over the other shoulder he then moved his hand to her breast. She groaned into my arse as he began gently squeezing her heavy breast, tugging at the puckered nipple. His other hand moved straight around her waist, over her stomach and down between her legs, his fingers quickly finding her swollen clit and rubbing it

I had seen Chris naked, up close and personal in the past and to me his cock was impressive. It wasn't oversized but standing erect at around 8" and thick from bottom to tip with a thickening around halfway down, it was a good looing cock. She could feel it pressing against her back and letting my balls gently fall so that they were resting on her nose and cheek she reached around behind her and started wanking him off.

Emily began moaning louder and louder, her hand getting faster and faster as she stroked my cock and her tongue working my arse more frantically as her orgasm built, Chris's fingers seemed to be doing the trick because her body quickly stiffened as her muscles tensed. She began to shudder as waves of pleasure washed over her, her hips bucking and rocking back, rubbing her arse and pussy over Chris's length as she squirted again, a bit less this time but enough to cover Chris' cock and balls as his fingers working her to orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided she rested her face between my legs, he nose on my arse and ball in each eye as she panted, trying to catch her breath. Chris mmmmm'd contentedly and stood up off the chair, he moved around and stood beside her gathered her hair in a tight pony tail close to her scalp and lifted her head, guiding her mouth to his cock, thickly veined with a fat purple tip it slipped easily into her welcoming lips her mouth stretching wide as she slid as much as she could to the back of her throat. He looked over at her hand slowly working my cum covered cock. 'Mmmm you could use a hand' he said and reaching out, he put his hand over hers, closing his fingers around hers as it slowly worked my length. I could feel him tighten his grip through her hand and start to move their hands faster up and down my cock.

Her hand moved to his fat length, stroking it as she worked the tip in her mouth, her tongue playing over the underside of the swollen head. He pulled her head off his cock and pushed it back into her mouth, deeper this time, her lips grabbing at the wide base of his cock, a brief gag as she takes him deep into her throat, she pulls my cock up right as she deep throats him and my cock flexes as it is suddenly engulfed in a moist warmth, I feel a tongue wriggling beneath and look up at chris who is stood bent over, my cock in his mouth as he starts to face fuck Emily. Pulling Emily off his cock, he lifts her head firmly by the hair, I hear her moan happily as she gasps for air standing up between my legs and as Chris lifts off my cock he guide's it into her mouth, I lift my hips in ecstasy as she takes me to the back of her throat.

While she is stood bent over working my cock, Chris slips his hand down over her firm bum, his fingers sliding down her crack and over the puckered hole eventually slipping between her soaked, swollen lips He slips a finger into her pussy and I can feel her push back onto his hand. Without needing any further encouragement he slides a second finger alongside the first, both buried deep inside her, fingertips up past her cervix as she grinds back onto them. Sliding them slowly from her after making sure that they are dripping, he begins to rub the tip of a finger over her bum hole, I feel her whimper on my cock as she pushes back down onto it. She inhales sharply as it slips into the tight entrance and I feel her relax as he eases it into her. Holding his hand still, he lets her work the finger, her hips moving in tiny amounts at first, getting used to it.

I lift up her head from my now achingly rigid cock and sit up from the desk. He eases his finger from her arse and all three of us stand. Chris checks the door is locked as I clear off my desk. I tell Chris to lie along it on his back and he does so, his big cock standing proud. Taking Emily's hand I help her up onto the desk, kneeling on top of him I take his cock in my hand and begin to rub it along her pussy, straddling him with his glistening shaft stood in front of her rolling hips so that it slid up and down between her dripping cunt lips. leaning forward and sitting up slightly I guide him to her pussy and push the fat tip him into the entrance, watching as she slowly slides down onto him, I watch from behind as her pussy stretches first around the head and closing over it's ridge, then stretching around his wide shaft as she gasps on the border of pleasure and pain, taking him deeper and deeper.

She settles down onto his length and slowly rolling her hips round and round she gets used to him moving inside her occasionally lifting off slightly and sliding back down, always slightly further than before beginning to ride his cock. As she worked away I climb up onto the desk and kneeling between chis's spread legs, I spit on my fingers and slip them around the base off Chris' cock, Slipping them along the stretched lips as they worked his shaft before sliding them up over her arse, teasing it, with my fingertips and hearing her moan as it ever so slightly dips into the entrance. All the while I build up a large amount of saliva in my mouth and I let it fall carefully from my mouth onto her ring before lubing my finger and sliding it into her arse.

She cries out and pushes back onto my finger and down onto Chris' cock, grinding on both. I slowly slide my finger from her arse and pushing her forward so that she is lying over Chris, I kneel up behind her. Taking my engorged cock in my hand I rub the spit over the tip and press the pink head onto her anus. She sits perfectly still her hips raised now, just the tip of his cock inside her as I gently push my cock into her arse. She whimpers and her breath catches in her throat as her puckered hole stretches around my cock and I slowly slide into her. 'More' she whimpers so I push slowly all the way into her. I hold my cock deep in her arse and with me buried there she whispers 'down'. We both move together as she ever so slowly lowers herself down onto Chris' cock. It was amazing! Chris and I both groaned as he slid into her, we could feel the underside of his cock push up alongside mine. She cried out as we filled her. When she was all the way down on his cock, I slowly began to pull out, not letting it fall from her arse and as I got to the end she rose up off chris, pushing back onto me. We struck a rhythm, with each stroke, one of us filling one hole as the other emptied the other. Emily was loud now, crying out as we fucked both holes, Chris' hips rising and falling with mine. It wasn't long before we were all on the brink. I could feel her about to come and Chris was the same, just this knowledge was enough to bring me to orgasm. As I felt Emily begin to buck on our cocks the familiar sensation of my own orgasm began to wash over me. We were one writhing entity, and as I tensed I let out a cry of pleasure as I exploded into her arse. Chris could feel my cock throbbing inside her which made him cum there and then. With Emily whimpering between us we filled both her orifices before all three of us collapsed in an exhausted heap stacked with Emily between us.

After a minute or so I carefully lifted myself from on top, My flaccid cock falling with a gloopy sound from Emily's bum as I climbed down and flopped into my chair. Emily then lifted herself from Chis' cock, cum dripping from both orifices onto him, which he proceeded to work into his cock watching as she dismounted. Emily started to dress so we all did the same and once we were all clothed in one sense or another she kissed us both one after the other, long lingering kisses with lots of tongue. She suggested that we come and see there outfit in operation and we arranged a date in a months time to go up and visit. She said that she thought we both should come as we would both ultimately be making the decision and with a knowing look suggested she book the hotel. After agreeing times she dropped into the conversation that she thought she should bring a colleague, Jessica, who she thought would interest us.

But that is another story...