Written by Tallisman

21 Nov 2014

We had gone to spend the weekend with some very old friends, as we had for some years, old thing they came to our we went to there a few times a year.. Some years ago Paul had built an upstairs extension on to the house, above the garage, as a small workshop drawing office. the outside had Shutters like you would find in Dutch houses. We had know each other long enough not to have to dress up and we where relaxed in each other company. The Friday night we got there Paul went up to bring something he had drawn up to show us, when he called us upstairs, since he had built his extension what had been fields flats and house had sprung up close to there back garden.

he had partially opened the shutters and there in the nearest house two couples stripped of fingering and grouping one another and then one girl got down and was the guy a blow job, he turned her round and she bend over and we could clearly see him slip his cock inside her, the other two were in a 69 licking each other out, Paul standing behind Carol his wife put his hands up and started to play with her tits, Jenny my wife glanced across and said something like pack it in you two, laughing as she said it, Paul moved and stood behind her and put his hands up inside of Jenny blouse and knowing she had no bra on had his hands full, she giggled and pushed her bum up against him and said if you don't stop I will have to do something about you, and he carried on pinching her nipples, Carol came over to me and said I suppose you would like a feel as well, suddenly she just took her t shirt and just as quickly her bra followed, she took my hands and placed them on her own tits.. Jenny had suddenly knelt down pulled Pauls fly's down had his cock out and began to suck him. this was all very unexpected and sudden, I automatically let one had slide under Carols skirt and moved away the this fabric of here panties and slipped my finger inside of her pussy, She said to us both do you both want this and Jenny slid her hand over Paul's cock and wanked him gently murmured yes, and took his cock into her mouth once more, we all stumbled the few steps down into there bedroom and there Carol quickly took of her skirt and panties, Jenny did the same, Carol helped me undress, but Paul struggling to pull his kit of was down sucking my wife pussy, suddenly by the look of it Jenny lay down and pulled Paul over her and we watched his cock sink into my wife juice box. and they began to fuck, she wrapped her long legs around his back as she often did with me in that position. Carol an I where soon in the good old sixty nine and my tongue was lapping up her very wet juices that were flowing from her. she pushed me on my back and mounted me, her wet cunt sliding down over my very hard cock, I heard Paul grunt as he shot his load into my wife's box and knew she has kum as her nipples went rock hard like bullet tips and her areole turned a different colour. I shot my load into Carol and all four of us lay there getting our breath back, we all agreed this was something new exciting and wanted to do again, eventually I slept with Carol that night managing another fantastic fuck with here as Paul and my wife did the same next door, by the sounds coming from the open door, I awoke the next morning with Carol gently wanking me off and going down under the sheet to give me a blow job before I slipped my cock inside her once more we went and looked into the other bedroom and saw that jenny and Paul were fucking each other, during the course of the weekend, I do not think we put any cloths of, the weather was hot and we lay in the back garden naked, over the period we watch them fuck one another and they in turn watched us shagging, that night we pulled both mattresses together in one room, so all four of us could watch and fuck as the mood and energy took us. We still see one another and shag pretty much every time we do, as we all enjoy each other company, and the other coupe in the other house are still at it shagging in there room for us to watch when ever we feel like it.