Written by reading_andy

27 Aug 2015

The phone rang and I picked it up 'Your 4pm is here' said Christine, the recepionist downstairs. 'OK thanks' I replied and returned the receiver to it's cradle. With a sigh I stood up and went to meet my appointment wondering why on earth I had agreed to the meeting in the first place. I was only half considering outsourcing our telemarketing and didn't really want yet another sales rep in giving me the usual spiel, especially so late in the afternoon knowing it would drag on past 5pm. She sounded nice on the phone though and I was always a bit of a sucker for a sexy voice.

I pushed through the door to reception and walked over to my guest. She was a pleasant surprise, not at all conforming to the 'sexy voice ugly face' stereotype that the guys in the office swear by! She was looking down playing with her phone as I approached and she didn't notice me until I stuck out my hand and said 'Hi, I'm Andrew'. She looked up with a slight look of shock on her face and flushed briefly but quickly recovered, took my hand in hers and I helped her to her feet. She was stood very close to me and I inhaled her expensive perfume as I took a step back so as not to make her uncomfortabe. She was around 28, 5'9 in her heels and had grey/blue eyes and long blonde hair. She was slim wearing a black fitted suit and white open necked blouse which was straining slightly at her ample bossom which had a twisted silver necklace resting in her cleavage.

'Hi, Emily' she said with a smile and I let her soft hand go. It was all I could do not to look down at her chest. I held open the door for her and we went up to my office. I closed the door behind us and gestured for her to sit on a chair which I held out for her and sat opposite her at my desk. We chatted briefly about our day making small talk and as she bent down to get some sales blurb from her bag, my eyes automatically lept to her ample, lightly tanned cleavage and the white satin bra that was now visable under her blouse. She sat up and caught my gaze, smiling cheekily, as she started to hand me bits and pieces which, to be honest, I had abosolutely no interest in. I leant back in my chair and leafed through her sales literature, half listening to her, my thoughts more on what she would look like naked riding me. I gave her the usual information about the company and what we did, what we would be looking for from a telemarketer and the industries we wanted to target and as she wrote my eyes wandered over her body, she had a good figure and was quite pretty.

I lowered my chair slightly so that my lap was out of her line of sight and subtly began running the fingertips of my right hand along the length of the semi-erect bulge in my trousers, feeling it twitch and grow under my touch. She looked up at me from her notes and smiled, she leant forward and leaned on her elbows on the desk, I wasn't sure if it was deliberate or not but I noticed that she was now playing with the silver necklace around her neck turning the shaped metal in her fingers before letting it drop into her cleavage and picking it up again. My cock was aching in my trousers, rigid and bursting to be freed as my fingers ran up and down it's length, gently squeezing the tip thought the dark material. She knocked her pen from the desk and without thinking my eyes shot to her chest once more as she bent down to pick it up. I heard a sharp intake of breath just before she sat bolt upright opposite me and It dawned on me that while she was there she could see what I was doing below her line of sight. Christ I didn't know where to look now and my cheeks must have flushed with embarrassment. She sat looking at me for a while and with a glint in her eye said 'I think you may have dropped something'. I rolled back on my chair and got on my hands and knees to look under the desk. I couldn't see anything but as I was about to get back up I noticed her part her legs, I stayed there glued to the spot as she slowly spread them further and further, the hem of her skirt riding slowly up her slender, tanned thighs until I could see the white satin triangle between her legs. I could hear her breathing get heavier as she moved her hands to her thighs and slowly began stroking her inner thighs with her fingertips just a foot from my face. My own hand was on my rigid cock, gripping it hard through my trousers as I began stroking it.

I edged forward as her hands continued to stroke her thighs, I could see the white gusset of her panties darken slightly and I knew she was already wet beneath, I placed my hands on her knees and parted her legs further, inhaling the sticky sweet scent of her sex which was just noticeable now over her perfume. She gasped slightly at my touch and I could hear her breathing get heavier and quiver nervously. I leaned forward and lightly brushed my lips over her knees and inner thighs as my hands held her legs apart, her hands moved to the back of my head as she moved her fingers through the back of my hair, my tongue flicking out and tasting her soft skin as I moved slowly up along her inner thigh. She slid down in the seat, the hem of her skirt riding up around her bum as she spread her legs wide apart, I kissed and licked my way higher and higher up her inner thighs before ever so lightly running my tongue along the edge of the damp satin gusset of her panties.

Her fingers were pulling at my hair now and I moved my hands from her knees up her sides to her breasts, squeezing them through her blouse and bra, feeling her nipples harden in the palm of my hands as I continued to lightly lick up and down the crease either side of her swollen labia. I looked up at her and our eyes locked, her breathing heavy now as she squirmed in the chair, whimpering, desperate to be touched. I looked into her eyes as I gently pressed my tongue on the soft, damp satin over her clit, my fingers pinching and rolling her erect nipples through her top as I moved my tongue over her clit. I could feel it hard and engorged beneath the satin and she moaned at the touch, pulling my face into her damp crotch, her legs trembling as I pinched it lightly between my lips and sucked her juices though her panties.

God I was turned on, my cock aching to be inside her as I unbuttoned her blouse while teasing her clit with my tongue through her panties. After unbuttoning her blouse and letting it fall open, I undid the zip on the side of her skirt, pushing it right up around her waist. I rolled her chair back slightly so that I was no longer under the desk and pulled one of the levers beneath it, allowing it to tilt back. I slipped my hands behind her knees and lifted them until her shoe clad feet were on the edge of my desk, her legs spread WIDE apart. I tugged her knickers to one side and leaned forward once more, my face between her legs, breathing in her scent. I lightly ran my tongue up and down her glistening slit, careful not to touch the hard clit protruding from between her swollen lips. She moaned at the touch and moved a hand from the back of my head to her breasts, lifting one from her bra and squeezing it, tugging at the proud nipple and twisting it as I slipped my tongue between her lips and circled it over the entrance to her pussy. Moving my hands I parted her lips with my fingers and pushed my tongue deep into her cunt, wriggling it around inside her, she cried out and her hips began to buck up and down, I spread her lips wide, pulling her pussy up so that her hard clit was exposed and she cried out once more as I began to lap at it. Her legs began shaking and I could feel her orgasm building her sopping quim was flooding as I eased two fingers into her and curled them up inside, moving my fingertips slowly over the slick front wall of her pussy, searching out her g-spot.

'I'm coming' she sobbed as my fingertips moved over and over her g-spot while my tongue worked her clit. Suddenly her body was wracked with spasms as she came, to my surprise and delight she started squirting over my fingers and hand, her hot cum running down my arm and onto the floor, 'Fuuuuck' she groaned as she contorted in the chair, suddenly lifting my head from her pussy as her orgasm subsided and her clit became too sensitive to touch.

I slipped my fingers from her pussy and knelt up between her spread legs, running my tongue up along my forearm to my hand, licking her cum from my arm. She smiled at me as she caught her breath and reaching down between her legs, grabbed the bulge in my trousers in one hand and stroked it, whilst undoing my belt, button and fly with the other. My trousers fell around my knees and she tugged my boxers down, her fingers now circling the thickly veined shaft of my cock she began stroking it slowly up and down, a buzz running though my body very time the fat pink tip disappeared into and reappeared from her hand. Her other hand reached down between my parted legs and gently played with my hairless balls, having had my mound, sack and crack waxed the week before. I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the mouth, her lips parting hungrily, our tongues entwined as my hands worked their way behind her back and with a flick of my fingers, undid her bra. I noticed that it was one of those ones that could be strapless and unhooked the shoulder straps from the cups, pulling it from her body without having to take off her blouse. I broke off our kiss and reaching behind me picked up the scissors from my desk, slipping them into her knickers and cutting them from her body. She gasped as I did so but didn't complain, lying on the chair before me now in only an open blouse with her skirt hoiked up around her waist and her heels. she leant back and watched as I squeezed her exposed breasts, her dark nipples rigid between my fingers, the small dark surrounds puckered as I sucked one up into my mouth, my tongue toying over it biting it gently before releasing it and doing the same with the other.

I wanted her so badly, her fingers working my long thick cock, faster and faster, the other hand releasing my balls and rubbing the wide head of my cock as I buried my face in her large firm tits, sucking and squeezing them, licking and gently biting them. she changed her grip on my cock, and started whimpering again as she began rubbing it's underside over her still swollen clit, her free hand returning to my balls once again, her hips started rocking in time with her strokes and she rolled her hips up so that my hard shaft slid along her dripping slit. I began to rock my hips back and forth so that my cock would slide along her cunt and over her clit, 'Please....' she begged, 'Fuck me'. I rolled my hips back and wrapping my fingers around the thick shaft of my cock, rubbed the tip around the sopping entrance to her pussy, 'mmmmmmm...please' she whimpered, her own hands now spreading her pussy lips wide apart, her index finger franticly rubbing at her clit as I ever so slowly rolled my hips forward, feeling her tight juicy cunt start to stretch around the fat head of my cock, she felt so good, I had to stop myself from slamming straight into her. 'yes...yes....more...please' she whimpered as i held the tip of my cock inside her, not letting her have any more, instead rolling my hips back and feeling it pop out of her, sliding it up and down her slit, over her fingers and clit and once more, easing it into her. I slipped in an inch further than before, her hips working up and down trying to get more of me into her as I rocked back and forth, gently. 'please...' she begged, and placing my hands on the arms of the chair, I pulled it towards me hard and fast, rolling on it's wheels so that I plunged deep into her, filling her wet cunt with my length. She screamed in ecstacy and as I held her there, impaled on my cock I watched her as she came, grinding into me, shaking and shuddering as wave after wave of ecstacy wracked her lithe body, her hands now on my tight bum, pulling me into her as she climaxed and releasing me slowly as it subsided. 'mmmm..fuck that was good you tease!' she breathed, trying to catch her breath.

I began moving slowly inside her once more, my cock sliding easily along her slick walls as my strokes got longer and faster. 'Yes fuck my pussy with that big cock' she said. Jeez that was a turn on and I could feel my balls tighten as I started pounding her pussy, each stroke sliding almost out of her until slamming back into her, her hands on my arse again, pulling me into her harder and harder, faster and faster, I could feel my orgasm building from deep inside me, I could hear myself starting to grunt and groan with each thrust as I pounded her, my body tensed and my abs tightened 'Fuuuuck' I shouted as I pulled out of her at the last minute and grabbing my cock she stroked me fast as I exploded over her tits and face, my hot semen pumping from my throbbing length into her open mouth, down over her chest, my own legs shaking as load after load covered her. She sat up and tapped my throbbing cock on her tongue, licking and sucking it, swallowing it all as I sat on the edge of my desk panting.

She pushed me back onto the desk and wrapped her tits around my softening cock, sliding them up and down it's length, rubbing my cum into it us both. She tilted her head forward and opened her mouth, making a 'O' shape with her mouth she tit wanked me with the tip making a popping sound as it slipped in and out of her mouth. Her face and tits covered in my goop, she let my cock fall from her cleavage and sucked one of my balls into her mouth before releasing it and sliding her tongue up along my shaft. Fuck she was talented with that tongue. She pulled my trousers and boxers off and lifted my legs, pushing them apart and back, she began to nip at my ball sack, tugging it, careful not to hurt my testes, then with one hand she lifted my sack and began flicking her tongue over and around my anus, I groaned in pleasure feeling my cock stiffen again as she began probing my arse with her tongue, I lifted my legs right back over my head so that she could get to me as she rimmed me.

The rest to follow.....