Written by Overdrive

17 Sep 2014

I had met my girlfriend when we where both posted into the same Army camp. we had been dating and shagging for several months, One weekend we had gone down to a naturist beach some distance from camp, laying there soaking up the sun, Helen said I would not mind shagging that woman just over there, I was a bit startled, as she was like cinzano for cock any place any time. she did explain that she liked a taste of a woman's pussy and she like to be sucked out my them as well. and that the woman looked hot and she wanted to fuck with her. we lay talking but a short moment later, the girl came up to us and asked if we had a mobile phone signal, Helen said yes she had, the girl who name we found out was Ellie , asked if we could ring her number to see what her reception was Helen rang, the number, phone rang, and I explained that sometimes a signal was lost by land features, such as hill and by moving sometimes just a few feet it could improve the signal.

her husband had walked up and we all introduced ourselves and suggested they come and sit up with us, shortly after that Ellie suggested to Helen that she should have some suntan lotion, she rubbed it all over her back, and asked if she wanted her front as well, rubbing lotion into her legs and midriff, she applied it to Helens breasts slowly rubbing the oil in and squeezing the nipples Helen groaned with pleasure,. Ellie rubbed the oil down over her hips and I saw her slip a finger down between Helen legs and massaged the clitoris, Helen was groaning and panting,, It was a good job the beach was fairly empty with people spread over a wide area, Ellie said wold you like to come back to our place we only live about 20 minutes drive from here, The two girls went in there car and Paul and I followed, he showed me the way when the girls sped off.

Back at there place we all quickly stripped off and after a shower, the two girls started to kiss cuddle and finger each other dildoes and various items where produced, and both girls were enjoying each other, Paul was laying next to Helen, and started to rub his hands over here pinching her tits fingering her pussy she took hold of his hard cock and slowly wanked him and gave him a blow job, licking his cock up and down with her tongue, he slipped his cock into her and they began fucking, whilst Ellie was at the same time kissing Helen lips and nipples and breasts, I slipped my fingers into Ellie's wet pussy and was finger fucking her, Paul exploded into Helen, and they lay panting Ellie came over to me giving me a quick suck and lowered herself down over my cock and we fucked until I came my balls exploding and injecting all my sperm inside of Ellie's chamber, This was the first time I had been fucking with other people watching, and strange as it was wit my girlfriend watching me as well, as I had watched here being fucked by Paul. we recovered and after a while we watched Paul and Ellie shagging, and they watched us. much later we had to return, but made arrangements to meet up again.

I had to ask how Ellie had know Helen wanted to shag her as she had put it, laughing, She explained that her and Paul were special needs teachers and they could both Lip Read.... so be careful what and when you say anything.