6 Apr 2020

So I knocked, and the door was opened almost immediately by a good looking woman in her late 40’s who introduced herself as Anne. Anne then led me through to their lounge and introduced me to Tony her partner. Tony was also quite good looking and probably a little older than Anne, with what looked like a fairly good body but slightly overweight. He gave me a cheeky wink as he kissed me on the cheek and asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes, of course, and hoped it was large one as my heart was racing a little at this new situation. Soon however we were all on our second or third Gin’s, and chatting easily, but talking about anything other than why we were there. Then Tony, who I had already caught a few times checking out my breasts and legs, just said why don’t you two girls go and get ready, and I will be up in a few minutes. With that, Anne simply led me upstairs to their bedroom, and then just walked over to me and kissed me fully on the mouth. I was quite shocked as I had never been kissed by another woman before, but it was actually quite pleasant, and Anne quickly upped the tempo my pushing her tongue between my teeth. It felt both awkward and exciting at the same time, and Anne perhaps sensing my confusion took hold of my breast, and started rubbing my nipple through mu blouse. This was all actually very nice I thought, and decided to return the favour by taking hold of Anne’s, smaller but well proportioned breast. Feeling her nipple harden in my hand really turned me on, and as Anne broke her grip and suggested we strip off and get onto the bed, I happily agreed.

As we both lay down on the bed, Anne started to kiss me again, and then began exploring my body with her hands, first kissing my nipples, which were by now rock hard and ever so sensitive, and then slowly running her tongue down my body towards my throbbing labia. Not wanting to be left out I pushed two fingers deeply into her wet pussy, and as she ran her tongue over my pussy and opened my lips to lick deeper, I let out a loud moan of pleasure. She then started to give quick little licks to my clit in between her deeper thrusts into my pussy and I couldn’t believe how hard and sensitive I was becoming down there. After a little while her lips settled around my clit, and she began to suck softly, but that was it, I just couldn’t stand it any more, and with a little scream I felt my first ever FF orgasm, wash over me as I locked her head with my legs and almost heaved us both onto the floor. A few moments later, still shaking with passion and with my pussy convulsing hard around Anne’s fingers, which she had pushed deeply inside, I suddenly heard Tony’s voice. Looking up I saw him, already naked, standing watching us from the bottom of the bed. He had his already hard cock in his hand and was slowly rubbing it up and down as he watched our display. Just then Anne started to cum too as a result of my frantic fingering of her pussy and clit, and as she rolled about on the bed, Tony just walked over to my side of the bed and presented his cock for my to take into my mouth. I readily accepted, as I could still feel the convulsions deep inside my being from my orgasm, and I wanted more. Soon I was sucking him in as deeply as I could and running my tongue around the head of his cock every time he pulled out. Then Anne reached over and took his cock for herself, pulling Tony down onto the bed between us, where we could both suck and lick him together with occasional kisses for each other as our hands massaged his large testicles and pinched each others nipples.

Then Tony pushed us both off him and taking hold of both of my hands, pushed me onto my back and took up position between my legs, I suddenly realised he intended to just fuck me and my pussy gave a sharp jolt of pure lust as I thought of him sliding that nice hard cock into me. But no, he was going to take his time and make me wait, and he just bent forward and started nibbling my nipples one by one, and then kissing me deeply and pushing his tongue forcibly between my teeth. He tasted good and could probably taste his own pre-cum in my mouth as I sucked his tongue and tried to reach for his cock, I really did need to feel that inside me sooner rather than later. Then I felt Anne joining in and circling my clit with her fingers making it even harder and more sensitive than it already was. Then I felt her start to rub Tony’s cock slowly around my entrance and as he moved his hips slightly I felt the head of his cock slide easily inside, I was so wet and ready and just moaned, wanting more, and trying to wriggle forward to get it. Then finally he pushed himself slowly into me until I felt his large balls touch my anus as I lifted my legs as far up his back as I could, to try to get him deeper. He seemed to fill me completely and as I locked my ankles over his bum and squeezed, I could feel myself gripping his invading cock fiercely, I was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from Tony and then he slowly began to move his cock in and out of me. Somehow Anne was still managing to rub my clot and was pinching one nipple whilst her husband fucked this strange woman they had both just met. This was driving me mad and I could feel something amazing starting to build deep inside me as Tony moved that lovely cock faster and faster. He was panting hard and had his face all screwed up as he tried to wait for me, and Anne told me later that I was just making loud whimpering sounds and holding onto Tony’s bum so hard my nails drew blood. Suddenly Tony let out a loud moan and I felt his cock start to jet its juices deep inside me and then everything seemed to explode, and I think I may have even passed out, as I felt my best ever orgasm sweep over me. I gripped onto Tony’s cock and his bum as hard as I could, as the spasms inside me seemed to shake the entire room. Then as they passed, I relaxed my legs and sadly felt Tony’s rapidly shrinking cock slide out of me, followed by what seemed like pints of our combined juices. I sat up and tried to dry these with a tissue but Anne just laughed and told me to leave everything as I looked as if I needed a rest.

We then opened a bottle of wine and just lay around for a while chatting whilst we all recovered. Two orgasms, my first with a woman and my first ever real fucking, or at least that’s what it felt like, not bad for my first taste of swinging, I thought. After a little while, Anne again took hold of Tony’s cock and started to lick and suck it into her mouth making some joke about the kiss of life between her loud slurps. Soon, I saw that he was getting hard again and after a few more moments she turned to face his feet and crouching over him, impaled herself slowly on his cock and started to ride him, leaning occasionally forwards or backwards to alter the angle and depth of his cock in her. I just lay there watching for a while as Tony massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples from behind. As I watched his cock sliding easily into her, I remembered what it had felt like inside me, and then I remembered the feel of Anne’s tongue and mouth as she had made be cum the first time. Within a few moments I was laying there playing with my own clit and making more squelching sounds as I slowly finger fucked myself. Looking up, Anne said there’s a spare mouth available over there and told me to kneel over Tony’s head so he could sort out my pussy himself. He loves the taste of hot pussies she said, so without further ado I just moved over so he could do his worst. Soon I felt Tony’s tongue exploring my pussy and slowly sucking my lips and playing with my clit. At the same time I could feel Anne speeding up and the sound effects of their wet fucking and Tony lapping at my already soaking pussy were the most erotic sounds I had ever heard. Suddenly I heard Anne cry out as Tony shot his remaining cum into her and not wanting to be left out I joined them in my first three way orgasm. Not as earth shattering as my first two but still one for the record books.