12 Aug 2018

The picnic site is quite a way from where I live, but I've always enjoyed driving and it is reputed to be a popular site for dogging, and you never know do you.

In the three years I've been going there and enjoying the walk, the fresh air and the hope of a bit of fun...nothing has ever happened.

I was crossing the car park after my walk one fine Sunday, disappointed again and on my way home when I saw a car parked in one of the secluded bays.

Discretely walking past the passenger window towards a gap in the hedge that led to my car, I noticed that the driver had his trousers and underpants around his ankles and was having a wank as his passenger watched.

But something was wrong.

Pausing by the hedge to think for a second, I realised that the direction of his arm was wrong for someone tossing himself off.

Turning, with a puzzled look on my face, I contemplated going past again when I noticed that both people in the car were watching me and smiling as they discussed something before the lady passenger beckoned me over.

As I stood by her door, I could see that she was in her mid 50's while he was slightly older. Now that I could openly look at the scene, I realised that it was her hand wrapped around his thick 7 inch shaft and that his hands were busy on her clearly visible shaven pussy.

My cock started to strain against my jeans as she slowly leant over and took him in her mouth, bringing an even bigger smile to his lips. After a minute or so, she sat up again and he released her tits from her loose fitting dress, and brought her nipples to full stiffness.

I suddenly realised that she was looking at me, first my face then my crotch.

Taking the hint, I stopped rubbing my bulge and unzipped, allowing my full 6 inches to spring into my hand so I could stroke it properly.

Seeing my stiffness, she reached for the glove box and pulled a "Rampant Rabbit" vibrator out, which she started to use on her clit, before slowly easing it up herself. Spreading her legs as far as they would go, she pumped her quim with the vibro, as her hubby sucked and squeezed her tits, she played with his cock with her spare hand and watched my hand pumping my meat.

As she watched me, she must have seen that I was close, so she opened her door, took me in her mouth and let me fuck her throat for the few seconds before I pulled away and started to cum. Quickly grabbing my member, she pulled it back into her mouth and sucked me dry as a bone, licking every last drop off the tip as I started to subside after my effort.

"Thanks, you just made my morning" she said.

"Take care, we may see you again one day. Bye" said her husband.

With that, he started the engine, they pulled their clothes up, belted up and drove off.