Written by reading_andy

31 Jul 2015

I pull up and park on the road outside the semi-detached house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Peering through the gloom I can just a bout make out the number on the door. I am in place. I watch the clock excitedly as it ticks over to 8:30 and not 30 seconds later my phone bleeps to tell me to come to the door.

As I approach the porch the door opens slightly and he peers around the door. He is shorter than me and unshaven, His profile says he is 38 which is what I would have guessed at, he raises a finger to hips lips and whispers shhh! he opens the door to let me in and I step into the house.

He is naked. His body hairier than I expected and his thick cock standing erect at around 6". He whispers "get undressed" and I quickly strip in front of him in the hallway by the front door.

He eyes me up and down. I stand still allowing his gaze to take me in, the excitement that has built up until this moment leaving my cock semi-erect. He whispers shhh once more and indicates with a wave and a smile that I should follow him. We make our way quietly to the back room.

He pushes open the door to the room and we tiptoe in. She is on her knees, bent over the sofa foot rest and naked but for the blindfold around her head.

She murmurs "everything ok?" and he replies "fine babe, don't move" she has her back to us and my eyes are glued to the tight arse and pussy before me as she giggles playfully. Her lips are swollen and glistening with a combination of her juices and the oils they have been using, the bottle discarded on the floor beside her.

My hand reaches instantly for my cock which is rigid at the site of her and I stroke it slowly. He watches me and silently indicates that he wants me to enter her.

I kneel behind her and rub the fat pink tip of my cock into her pussy and she moans beneath me. He quietly moves alongside me and places his hands on her shoulders. I begin to push into her as he holds her down.

Her pussy starts to stretch around the wide head of my cock and she gasps trying to sit up. 'John?' she asks panicked as he holds her down and I slide deeper inside her. I am a little larger than her husband and she can feel the difference. "I'm here" he says as she starts to squirm and he holds her more firmly.

"Mmmmm......Whats going on?" she half moans, a lack of understanding clear in her voice as he eases her grip on her and moves round in front of her. I push my cock all the way into her tight cunt, filling her with my rigid length and she gasps pushing back onto it.

"A fantasy fullfilled" is all he replys as he guides his own cock to her lips........