Written by my ex

18 Nov 2013

my ex wife called me when she was drunk we flirted and she asked me to come see her as i went in she sat on the sofa wearing a short dress that looked like one she had years back she leaned over and i seen her tits clearly she noticed me looking saying my tits are ok she said i replied yes as i sat next to her playing with her nipples as i kised her she said she liked her girly fun with my girlfriend asking what she said as she was drunk i told her she was horny talking about it telling her i wanted to fuck her pal but she would not set it up and told her they where meeting on friday as she said she will go and meet them and cum to mine and on friday i got stoned as they came in drunk and giggling chatting i said to lorna ann fancied her saying she keeps looking at her ann met lorna in the hall and as i went to the loo they where kissing i said to them they want each other asking lorna if she did ann said she likes her pussy putting her hand on her cunt as they kissed i said they better see alice they went in ann said to alice i wanted to fuck her silly saying my cock was big we played dare as lorna dared me to kiss and stroke ann as i did i rubbed her cunt as she pulled a cover over us as i fingered her as she moaned saying to lorna i wanted to fuck her alice said lorna wont let us as lorna said she prefered to see me fuck alice asking alice if she would shocked alice said he would never want her i sat next to alice cuddling her as i rubbed her tits saying yes i would as ann said he is into you alice saying kiss her kenny as i did alice was hesitant at first then as i pulled her down lying on top of her she felt my hard cock and got horny ann said she is horny for you kenny as she put the cover over us as i wispered to alice feeling her cunt not to say as i kissed and fingered her hole she moved her hips slowly as wispered to her how wet she was ann said to lorna he is finger fucking her i said to ann to come over as i covered her she looked down at alices pussy saying she has a lovley bush saying to her she was bi alice said are you as ann asked if she ever kissed a girl she said no and said lorna is a great kisser saying kiss her lorna to let her try it as lorna kissed her ann said look at her pussy lifting the cover as lorna looked kissing her as her hand rubbed her pussy alice groaned as ann sid lorna likes your pussy as lorna said its so hairy as ann rubbed alices tits as she got so horny ann said her tits are nice kissing her nipples alice moaned as ann said you like that alice she said yes as she put her hand on her pussy as alice rubbed it ann moaned as alice put her finger up her cunt ann said to lorn lick her she went down licking her cunt as ann fingered herself i then got between alices legs putting my cock up her fucking her saying to ann i wanted to fuck her for ages as i fucked her putting her legs up as alice moaned saying its so good ann said tell him alice as she said fuck me kenny fucking her i saw ann kiss lorna saying to her lick me as she licked her hole i stopped and watched as i wanked as ann sat up rubbing my cock shooting over her