1 Apr 2019

Im alone now... lying naked in my 5th floor hotel room with the light off but the curtains open... watching the world go by, but hidden from view by the reflection of the lights outside. Every so often, a train on the raised section of the line whizzes past the window filled with commuters staring into nothingness...

I'm imagining that you are here with me.

Lying on top of me - your sexy ass against my stomach, your head resting backwards on my shoulder; My arms reach round you, one gently stroking your skin - the other just holding you close to me as we snuggle inside the duvet.

My hard cock rises between your thighs and rests against your gorgeous pussy... we are in no rush... you are idly playing with it... gently circling the tip and rubbing it gently against your clit... i can feel how wet you are for me - how slick you are making my shaft, lodged as it is between your open lips as you press me harder and harder against your clit... 

Can we? You whisper breathlessly... Id like you inside me... I kiss your neck... as you moan gently, i move my hands under your thighs and gently lift you - just enough for you to line the tip of my cock up with your waiting sex. I slowly lower you down onto me as you gasp and arch your back taking even more of my length deep inside you

The heat inside compared to the chill of the room nearly makes me cum straight away, but I manage to hold back...

Again, you relax and allow your arched back to rest once again on my chest - together now... joined in the most intimate way possible - just comfortable and warm in each others company... we feel safe... relaxed... your hands fall by my sides as I gently stroke your beautiful breasts and tummy before slowly... gently... moving one hand down between your open legs to your waiting sex

Another train rattles past... the curtains are still open, but the outside world cannot see in... the bored commuters still staring into the void - completely oblivious to the intimacy being enjoyed inside