Written by glasgow

10 Nov 2013

my g/f and me went to a Halloween party at a club in town I went as batman and she went as a nun we drank and chatted to lots of ppl and noticed some sexy things going on I recognised my g/fs old mate alice who was dressed as a sexy secretary and she did not know me as we chatted I said she had great tits and ass she said jim her man liked big tits I said hers are nice and if she had sexy undies on all the better yes I have she said as I looked at her saying she had kissable lips she said jim hates kissing I said so does my g/f and told her I love it she said she did to and laughed whispering to her fancy a fly kiss she smiled saying yes but there was no where to go I said come with me and looked to see her man and my g/f were chatting to ppl I took her hand leading her to the fire exit stair and opened the door and pulled her into the landing closing the door it was dull only one light on in the landing below as I laughed and kissed her softly licking her lips and kissing her neck and ear sighing she said it was good as I pressed my groin into her holding her ass as we kissed harder I put my hand on her tit rubbing over her blouse saying she had the perfect costume on as she was sexy oh she said my jim does not think so I told her she reminded me of an old g/f who was sexy as fuck saying she had a lovly hairy pussy she said jim hated her hairy bush but said she gets a rash if she shaves lovley I said asking her the type he liked she said he wanked to her mate lorna she worked with I said did she like her man alice said oh yes if she got the chance she would but don't think he would I told her he would as I took my mask of she looked shocked and red faced I said to her kissing her I had fancied her for ages saying I was intrigued by her tits asking her if I could open her top to see ok she said I unbuttoned her top her bra was lacy holding her tits I rubbed her tits tweaking her nipples feeling them go hard as she moaned lifting her bra I kissed her tits and nipples she moaned saying they are very sensitive nibbling her nipples I ran my hand between her legs up to her stocking tops onto her panties rubbing her cunt feeling her damp gusset she moaned saying we better stop I put my hand into her panties to her cunt and forced my finger up her hole fingering her hard she lay aganst the wall groaning then said she had to sit and sat on the stair I kissed her stroking her thighs saying how sexy she was she kissed me harder so I pulled her gusset to the side and fingered her cunt one then two fingers as she moaned I said to her she was horny as fuck and what would jim say if he found out she said he would go nuts I said well he wont know she said we better go back but I said ok but realy wanted to fuck her as I took a pic of her lying half naked she got herself sorted and went back in after the party at home I txt her she txt saying jim was sleeping so I called her we chatted and I asked her to meet me she said next wedensday as jim was away I told her how I tell lorna I want to fuck her saying she gets horny she said she had great tits saying her nipples were huge she said she would love to see me fuck her I said only if she fingered her cunt alice said she will and said she had to take her top of showing her tits ok she said so I arranged for her to come over after that I fucked lorna telling her I wanted to fuck her in front of alice she said yes she would love that I said she would like her small tits I bet yes I would I asked what type of cunt she liked she said if alice had a hairy trimmed bush with nice cunt I would be horny and said she wanted me to fuck her so much I said I will get her up as wedensday came round lorna and I had a few joints as alice called at the door she came in sat chatting and drinking and took a joint we got to sex and I said had she ever kissed a girl no she said asking lorna had she lorna said she had and it was so nice telling her about it alice looked horny as she asked if she got horny lorna asked if she wanted to try it alice said ok so lorna sat next to her telling her to lay down as she lay beside her saying her tits nearly fell out alice said they were big as I said yours look okalicesaid they are tiny as lorna said lets see opening her top her nice tits had nipples so hard as lorna said ok a kiss and kissed alice as she and alice enjoyed it she rubbed her tits as I went over and rubbed there thighs then cunts I fingered alice first as lorna put her hand down and stroked her cunt telling her it was lovly alice asked if she liked it as lorna kissed her rubbing her cunt as alice moaned moving her hips up and down opening her legs wide I said to lorna to get her tits out she pulled her top and bra off as alice looked at her tits rubbing them against alice kissing her getting my cock out saying did she want it she was naked and had alice the same I said she had alice horny she said she was sexy as fuck telling alice she was horny for her alice kissed lorna saying she was horny I told lorna iwanted to fuck alice alice said no but I said ok jim will hear of it lorna said just kiss and let him fondle you for a bit as I sat next to her as lorna got up I kissed her fingering her hole my cock on her leg she bucked with pleasure groaning as lorna watched fingering her cunt I got between alices legs as lorna said let him put it up ok she said just for a bit easing it up her slowly saying how tight she was as she opened her legs wide saying oh my god its so good lorna I said to alice take my cock you want it lorna asked her was it better than jim alice moaned oh yes as I pumped her hole saying to lorna she was a better fuck than her lorna said is she fuck her then lifting her legs I fucked her hard as alice moaned loud lorna said she is a slut I said yes my slut so you are my darling I said fuck I love her hole and body lorna asked me if I fancied her yes and she is the same as I lay beside her holding her leg up fucking her as she said fuck me I felt my balls stiffen saying im going to blow and pulled out as alice took my cock in her mouth saying give me it as I shot filling her mouth with cum as she swallowed it all putting her arms round me whispering to me I love you fucking me I went to the loo and when I returned lorna was licking her cunt as alice said to her that's it lick me nice lorna as lorna said ok anything you want alice told her to finger herself saying to me as she kissed me lorna is a dirty slut