Written by Paladin

27 Apr 2016

It all started when I was posted as a newly promoted corporal (acting) to a unit, the camp was miles from anyware.

After being there for six or seven weeks one of the warrent officers asked me if I would like to baby sit for him. Now being so far away I was saveing up hard for a car, so any money would be a help. I readily said yes, and he picked me up from the camp gates, it was even quite a way from there to the Quarters, He introduced me to his wife, (ithought for a minute it was his daughter as he was in his 40's and she looked like my age 23, and she was certanly a looker all right ). They had a little baby boy who then was only just over a year old.

they left to go down the the WO&Sgt Mess and I was left with the bairn, Not a problem as my parents had divorced and my mum haveing met a fella and had recently had twins with him, so I was a bit used to little ones. I watched TV and read some books, and waited for them to come back. they had said I could stay in the spare beadroom and be taken back to camp the next morning.

he was full of drink and swaying about, and soon was in bed. I got into my own bed and was just starting to drift off when I heard wee Archie crying, so I got up and wrapped a towel round me went into him, moments later Lucy walked in, wearing a baby doll nightdress open at the top, I had rocked him in my arms, she bent over the cot to straighten the blankets out and her tits where nearly out of the top of the gown, I could not take my eyes of thoe orbes and started to get a beat on. Archie settled and we went back to bed for the night. The following week, he asked me to do the same and I readily agreed, same thing, but when they came back we both of us had to get him into his bed. Once more I went to mine, Archie crying, and again just wrapped a towel round my waist and went into him, Lucy walked in wearing just a gown not even tied up as I could see the top of her legs, and her breast jutting out, She sat down and pulled to gown off her shoulders and Archei sucked on her breast, I was standing in front of her with just a towel round me and getting harder as her other breast was exposed and it looked good, he suddenly fell off the teet, she put him ovr her shoulder and he burped, and she handed him back to me, just as I bent over the towel slipped and I was standing ther in front of her my hardening cock at eye level, she reached up and took my cock in her hand and pumped my a few times and then put my cock into her mouth and sucked, How I did not come then I do not know, putting the bairn into his cot and covering him up she had stood up and was as naked as I was, she took my cock in her hand and led me to my room, we fell onto the bed and we kissed and my fingers soon found ther way into her pussey,, Suddenly she pushed me on my back andshe came over me and lowered herself down over my very hard member, I very quickly filled her pussey with come, I thought she would go back to her own room but she stayed and we fucked again a hour or so later, and we driffed of to sleep I woke with her wanking and sucking at my cock and we fucked once more, Later on after breakfast she had dressed in a loose shirt and you could tell she had no bra on and a very small mini skirt. she drove me back to camp and the skirt wrode up her lets and no knickers, I managed to finger her whilst she drove and we pulled off into a small open space in a wood, and there we fucked again.

The following week was a repeat of the last, except that this time she did not bother putting a gown over her and was totally naked, and we fucked like before, I was was on duty the following weekend , but the weekend after same thing he picked me up, but asked if I got on with his wife, he explained his first wife had died and they had a daughter who was away at university. That night they came back same as before but I was in bed when she came into the room naked and got into bed with me, we fucked as before and she stayed with me until the early morning , she left and I needed a pee, so wrapping a towel round my waist, I walked down past there room and releived my self, walking back the beadroom door was ajar and I looked in she was sucking his prick, and then stood over him and lowed herself down over his cock, she looked up and smiled,, when suddenly he Shouted for me to come in , I was taken aback but she said to enter, she bent forward over him and asked me to fill her arse with cock, wich I did and we both finished off inside her. sitting on there bed, he explained that he enjoyed knowing his wife was getting fucked and unbeknown to me had stood at the door watching us.

I was a little taken back by all this but after a break and breakfast she and I fucked again with him in the room,

Thiis carried on for several months until I was posted but I will finish the tale at a later date.