Written by Warrenstreet

9 Aug 2013

This story started in 2007 when on the way back from visit up north my wife was rather horny so we managed to find a quiet spot not too far from home where we parked up and fucked outside the car. This has always been a fantasy of mine and I remember telling her that someone was watching us and this only made her more horny. Having this memory with me I decided to try my luck one morning and said let's go for a walk in the forest. After a bit of persuasion she did wearing only a pair of jogger bottoms and a loose tshirt with no bra.i parked the car in an area I knew would attract visitors and off we went. After about 10 minutes of walking we found a secluded spot and began to heavy pet and I was in the process of fingering her when a bloke appeared near us and started to wank himself off to our show. A couple of minutes of this and my wife was gushing so she stripped naked except for her sandals and I began to fuck her doggy style. The stranger approached and crawled between her legs to get a closer view and his face was right below her fanny. She was dripping onto his face hitch after a few more thrusts made me come. I pulled out quickly to see her come nod my come dripping out of her into his eager mouth all he time still pulling his rock solid cock and still without any contact being made. I told him to not touch and agreeing to this my wife crouched down just above his mouth and opened her sex for the stranger to lap up all the juices dripping out of her. This made her squirt all over his face and her feet which got me hard again and this was too much for him and he come all over himself. My wife nod me got dressed and walked off only to end up fucking again about 20 minutes late in a different spot. Great day out and looking forward to our next