Daddy/Young Slut Role Play - A First Spanking Other

As you took your coat off I almost gasped to see the slutty little girl that you had turned yourself into for our fantasy play. We had been in contact for a couple of months on a well known sex site and had met briefly for a coffee last week, to confirm who we said we were, and what we wanted to do with each other. Role Play was on the top of our mutual hit list, with sex for dessert, of course, and we had decided to get a motel room for the afte… Read more

The Retirement Party Fiction

It was Friday afternoon and the usual ‘winding down for the weekend‘ atmosphere filled the office as 5 o’clock approached. There was a knock at the door and Amanda entered from the Admin. Office, bringing some letters for my signature. She was a very pleasant and nice-looking woman in, I’d guess, her mid-to-late thirties, although having a good figure and legs and dressing well, she looked younger.

“Coming to the party tonight?“, s… Read more

4: The Return Visit (Angela's Story) Fiction

Locking my car door, I walked briskly up the path to Diane & Phil’s front door, my high heels clicking on the bricks.

Anticipating another special occasion* I had brought with me a bottle of my favourite Sekt which was still chilled sufficiently to drink. Phil welcomed me in and took the wine into the kitchen as Diane helped me from my outer coat. She studied my outfit approvingly; the white shoes and hold-ups complimented my short, pale bl… Read more

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3: Homecoming (Phil's Story) Fiction

It had been one of those days when the best that could be hoped for was Not Quite Right, and everyone seemed intent on driving me mad. I was looking forward to a lazy evening of unwinding and doing nothing before hitting the sack.

I locked the car, let myself into the house, left my briefcase in the study and walked through to the drawing room, where Diane was waiting. I gave a low whistle: “Your hair looks fantastic!” I said. “So today … Read more

2: The Appointment (Diane’s Story) Fiction

I left the office at 3:30 that afternoon to keep my hairdressing appointment at Angela's house. As I parked the car on her driveway and approached the front door I had a slight feeling of butterflies in my tummy, remembering what had taken place a few evenings before at Phil’s and my house* and wondering what today would bring.

Angela answered the door with a smile, dressed as usual when she was working, in a crisp. knee-length white tunic … Read more

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1: FotoFun (Phil’s Story) Fiction

The kids were staying with friends overnight - at last, some time to ourselves! Diane (my wife) and I decided to celebrate by spending a romantic evening at home with a bottle of wine and a candle-lit dinner - nothing elaborate, as this was to be relaxing. Little did we know how it would turn out…
In the spirit of the occasion we dressed for dinner; for me an open-necked shirt and casual pants, while Diane looked fantastic in stiletto-heeled s… Read more

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Our last GangBang Groups

Well hi, this our first of hopefully many stories. Bear with me, it my first offering .

First a bit about us then how then the party.
We are in a complicated relationship, age gap, couple (names changed but that it!) Emma has a 12 month old baby girl, tall pretty and 28. Was a regular at a well known, Midlands Swing Club from 2005 - 2010, A greedy girl who was an Escort for years, as well as working in another club, more about that if want… Read more

Is it cheating Fact

For years now i have had the desire to watch my wife with another man or woman.This is born out of a confection she made to me about four years into our marriage.I was in the Army when we married and was away a lot of the time we are both northerners and were stationed down south. Now (K) had never been away from home before so when i was away she was very lonely with only the company of our 2 year old son so after six clock she was board and lo… Read more

Black Sex Fiction

All started when we were away in Spain. We had always fantasised about my wife having sex with a black man. She used to get so excited about this and had the most intense orgasms. Anyway we were sitting in this bar having a quiet drink, and got into conversation with a nice looking well built black guy. My wife was nicely dressed in a shortish skirt and a nice blouse and heels. For a woman in her early fifties, she looked great. She kept looking … Read more

Hotel surprise sex – Episode 1. Fact

I'm as horny as the next guy. So when I ended up working away from home and spending the week in a very nice hotel I just got hornier and more frustrated, missing my gorgeous wife. I spent a lot of my spare time browsing the web and checking out porn and getting hornier and even more frustrated.
A little about me. I'm late 50's, tall, dark and I'm told handsome. I'm a good conversationalist, intelligent, witty and with a good sense of humour. I … Read more

sun bathing in the garden Fact

With the short but very warm weather over the past few weeks i managed to get some serious tanning done, i have a large garden with a summerhouse and its generally very secluded, so first chance i get, off come the clothes, oil up and lie back. the sun has an odd effect and its never that long before i get a hard on and have to give it a good feel with an oily hand....
The bottom of the garden has some big trees and undergrowth that give the pr… Read more

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Weekend away Fact

Have only just joined here. Its not so much of a story as an ask too.

Around 7 weeks ago i was still pregnant and me and my fiance stayed away in a hotel.

Not although i knew he as telling me he would like to watch another man fuck me i had no idea.

Anyway cut the mustard we went up and while having sex he told me again he wanted to watch me but without realisingl again he said he would invite. Anyway so after we finished we were s… Read more

Amazing motor home journey (quite long) Fact

I recently bought a motor home and planned out my trip to the south of France, arranged to meet a friend a week after I started so that I could do the sightseeing bit all through those lovely villages, a couple of days before the trip a family crisis arrived and left us with our 4 year old granddaughter to look after.
After some discussion my wife said I should carry on and do the trip and when things improved she would meet me at Perpignan by… Read more

Fall Out Meetings

It all started when I was posted as a newly promoted corporal (acting) to a unit, the camp was miles from anyware.
After being there for six or seven weeks one of the warrent officers asked me if I would like to baby sit for him. Now being so far away I was saveing up hard for a car, so any money would be a help. I readily said yes, and he picked me up from the camp gates, it was even quite a way from there to the Quarters, He introduced me to … Read more

New Awakening Fact

Its been a long time since I had met anyone from this site for some extra mariatal fun, I suppose in that time as age crept on I had lost confidence and even worried if I was able to ‘rise’ to the occasion should it ever happen again, coupled with what seemed an ever increasing waistline things looked pretty grim.
However just after Christmas I started a chat with a lady, also in Essex, and we hit it off straight away, our chats became more … Read more

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4PM Meeting Cont'd Meetings

So there I was, lying back on my own desk, my knees around my ears with this wondrous woman tonguing my arse, gently playing with my balls in her hand as she lifts them clear for better access. She's perched practically naked on the edge of a chair rubbing her soaked pussy with her free hand when I hear a click and the office door opens!

I jerked my head round at the sound and looked towards the door, and there stood halfway in the room was C… Read more

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4pm Meeting Meetings

The phone rang and I picked it up 'Your 4pm is here' said Christine, the recepionist downstairs. 'OK thanks' I replied and returned the receiver to it's cradle. With a sigh I stood up and went to meet my appointment wondering why on earth I had agreed to the meeting in the first place. I was only half considering outsourcing our telemarketing and didn't really want yet another sales rep in giving me the usual spiel, especially so late in the afte… Read more

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Taking her unawares Meetings

I pull up and park on the road outside the semi-detached house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Peering through the gloom I can just a bout make out the number on the door. I am in place. I watch the clock excitedly as it ticks over to 8:30 and not 30 seconds later my phone bleeps to tell me to come to the door.

As I approach the porch the door opens slightly and he peers around the door. He is shorter than me and unshaven, His profile says he i… Read more

A flight to remember Other

It was late, 2am late and I was tired. It had been a long day and my flight had just been called for boarding. I stood and joined the queue, watching my travel companions as they fussed about with their hand luggage, looking for boarding passes as the line of people slowly crept towards the desk and off into the grey boarding bridge onto the plane. There was not too many people and I was pleased that this leg of my journey would be spent slee… Read more

BigAndy Meetings

In early 2012 I joined this site for a few months (under a other user name). I got to see another member called bigandy he lived in the north east and he was hot tall,dark haired and the BIG in his user name certainly was true. He was early thirties like myself and after exchanging emails we decided to meet up after chatting and exchanging pics for a month. He was staying at a hotel in Manchester and we met in a public place first. He was very ni… Read more

All holes filled Groups

My wife (Jan) and I have been together many years and our sex life has been good for all that time. We had spoken many times of taking things to a higher level with others involved. We decided that we should make contact through a swingers site and we registered with one of the better known ones. After many unsuccessful attempts at meeting, basically due to some of the many time-wasters there are on these sites, we struck up a rapport with a coup… Read more

What A surprise Other

Bit of background, Carol and I had a caravan parked up on a site about and hour or so drive, and normally went there most weekends just for a bit of R&R, we had made some friends with Ken and Jenny, and we had the vans parked up next to each other, We normally arrived at about the same time and generally walked down to the little pub and had a meal and a few drinks.
Just as we where setting off Jenny phoned and told us Ken had been caught up on … Read more

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Weekend Pass Other

I had been badly injured whilst serving in the Army abroad, and after a lenthy recovery I was back at my unit, but on Light duties, as I did not have full mobility at that time. My old army mate Paul, who had left about 2 years ago offered to pick me up and take him back to their place for the weekend. His wife Carol and him and myself had serverd in several bases over the years, so I knew her pretty well.
A nice surprise awaited me on our arr… Read more

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my fuck buddies young daughter Fact

Well this come out of the blue unexpected but god very horny. Quick background catch up. I have been fucking with an old workmate for over a year who is now divorced with 2 children all teenages 1 lad and a girl who is the youngest at 18 and lives away in the midlands and comes home occasionally where the lad still live at home but is always out. the son and the mother work together in a nearby factory and the daughter used to work there as a st… Read more

Fun with work mate Fact

recently Claire and I were sent on a health and safety course which involved and overnight stay. Now Claire is a woman I have always fancied. Easy on the eye, about 5 foot 2, pear shaped figure with small boobs but a great ass...fullish hips with a nice bit of meat on her ass. What really attracted me was her swagger that drew all eyes to her ass. Anyway Claire is married with 3 kids and about 5 years younger than me so I assumed the trip wou… Read more

girlfriend and me talk about her getting fucked Fiction

my girlfriend and me get so horny talking about a guy wanking as he watches us kissing and playing with each other
and I asked her to let a random guy join us and as I kissed her fingering her he was to lay behind her playing with her nipples as he pressed his cock on her
I would then signal him to finger her cunt as I go to the loo but I told her I would watch from the door as he rubbed his cock on her cunt as she moaned saying what if I cau… Read more

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fantasy of girfriend getting fucked Fiction

i had arranged a night out with friends angela my girlfriend never met them john and elain were with us most they were mid thirtys and i 5 and angela 41 me and john had talked about each others woman many times
we went to my flat and drank talking and went on to sex and how i liked dark nipples so we sugested dare the questions got sexier as john dared elain to show me her nipples in the room as we all were laying on the duvet with a cover over… Read more

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caught by wife and her two friends Fact

my wife used to meet her friends in town for lunch once a month about a few hours later I was bored so put on porn and had headphones on and got horny so started banging one of time past and I never heard my lorna or her friends come in my cock solid watching porn
alice walked in looking in shock as i tried to pull my joggies up as vicky was there also
i apologised going out
months later alice called for lorna saying she was not in she said to… Read more

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mills and boon Fiction

The warmth of the bath soothed the aching muscles, she lay back and relaxed, why did it always happen this way she thought ... she closed her eyes, took a deep breath ...........
'Come on lazy bones, get that body moving'
Her eyes opened ...... 'dam must have dropped off to sleep, coming'
Quickly she got out the bath, dried herself, and got dressed, slipping into work clothes, she followed her flat mate out ..... no time to see the person in… Read more

Amsterdam trip Swinging

We arrived at our hotel excited as we had been looking forward to our tip to Amsterdam for ages we had been before but as now liberated swingers we were here to have a lot more fun than before. The clubs bars and cabins all held a new sense of fun for us and we intended to enjoy them all.
We quickly unpacked in the hotel it was early evening and the place was jumping as it always is on a Friday night, you eased in to a nice short skirt and a boo… Read more

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