The Island Other


I was not sure why I got to be standing on this boat motoring out to sea. I remember chatting in the rooms to a couple. I remember a very interesting meeting with them. I thought they were inquisitive but the sex was great. A few months later I had a job offer, 25,000 everything found. So here I was standing on this boat straining to the island.

Finally it came into sight. Not much more than a rock with a large building. We docked on a sm… Read more

The Island Other


I was not sure why I got to be standing on this boat motoring out to sea. I remember chatting in the rooms to a couple. I remember a very interesting meeting with them. I thought they were inquisitive but the sex was great. A few months later I had a job offer, 25,000 everything found. So here I was standing on this boat straining to the island.

Finally it came into sight. Not much more than a rock with a large building. We docked on a sm… Read more

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Interesting First Time Swinging

mate and I met a couple of women in a bar…

Some time ago when serving in the Army my mate Tom and I had been posted into the same camp, We had first met the day we joined up and done our training together and had served along side one another or followed each other around different parts of the World, We had to drop some dry cleaning of so went to the nearest town this was on a Thursday evening. Blazing hot summers day, but by the time we had taken out stuff into the cleaners and came ou… Read more

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Lockdown 6 Romance

100 watching us fuck…

Lockdown 6

Last night Simon showed me a sex site and he made love to me on camera. We chatted to a couple. This morning I plan to open an account on the site?

It was very easy. I did a Google search and there it was. I logged in and opened my account. The hard bit was choosing my account name. I searched for June and left them a message asking to chat. An hour later my mail told me I had a message. I logged into my account and read my sitem… Read more

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Hotel Fact

Deja Vu…

My Wife Was A Hotel Receptionist For Many Years, As Being Half Pakistani, She Was A Lovely Colour, Pretty, And Never Wore Bra. Due To Her Small Tits. Over Time, She Had Them Pierced, Then Her Clit, I Wondered Why, But Heart To Heart, She Said She Had Been Having Regular Sex With Many Guests For Years. God Did It Turn Me On. So For Punishment, So She Thought, I Shaved Her Head. That Backfired, She looked Even Hotter. Surprisingly She Liked As… Read more

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Am I a Sex Addict Other

Confused as to my actual sexuality…

For over a decade my lovely wife and I have been soft swingers. More like a hobby rather than a lifestyle though. We played with other like minded couples, with the girls putting on a sexy girl-on-girl show before the guys join in. Doing everything but keeping final penetration to our own partner.
The only exceptions to this were an MFM (soft) 3sum with an old mate of mine + a session on holiday in November 2018 when my wife shocked me by aski… Read more

the hotel part 1 Fact

surprise for my fb at hotel…

My gorgeous sexy lady and myself met at a hotel for an afternoon of pure passion and sexy love making.
As ever she dressed in black stockings with a black mini dress as she knows this is my favourite.
We went to our room and were soon kissing passionately she felt amazing,I wanted her as much as ever.
My fingers worked there way down her gorgeous legs finding the bare skin at the top of her stockings slowly teasing her and gently spreading her… Read more

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Lockdown 5 Romance

He had me on camera…

This will be my fifth night with Simon. I will make dinner in his flat, and I know that all I will be thinking about is Simon taking me to bed.

That is what happened. We made dinner together. He chopped veg. I watch his skillful hands and thought about them working their magic on my pussy. We ate dinner, I wished dinner was over and we were in bed. I tried not to hurry and wished he would eat faster. Then he could eat my pussy!

Finally he f… Read more

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Lockdown 4 Romance

LOVE Beads…

Lockdown 4

The fourth night went well. We had dinner and I wondered if he would introduce me to something new. He produced the vibrator we had used the night before and a string of beads. I wondered what the beads were for.

First we made love. Simon took his time as he always took his time. He never entered me before I came. He was so careful to please me.

Simon used the vibe skillfully, managing to kiss me while he teased me pussy. Onc… Read more

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Obeying my Boss Swinging

First sex with the Boss…

Taking my arm as we left the restaurant, he steered me towards the lifts, and without asking simply took me to my room, whose number he had obviously committed to memory. Then without speaking, he just looked into my eyes once again and I felt the command to open the door, which I did.

As soon as the door closed behind us he simply grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me deeply, pushing me back against the door as he did so. What a grea… Read more

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good day at the nudist club Fact

sex in the nude…

A good day at the nudist club

it was on a friday back in june 2019 when I went to the club
there was about 10 cars already in the car park and saw one couple naked walking towards the bottom field
I went to the reception and booked in getting a locker and a Towel
I went to the changing room but noone else was there a bit of a disappointment as I like to be seen undressing.
I put my things in my locker and had a shower then went for a sauna… Read more

Regrets Romance

Everything I never told you…

You never asked more than I would give you. When we first went to bed that Thursday afternoon I was scared you would want what I could not give you. I told you you could do anything as long as you did not enter my pussy. I wanted you to but I decided not to disappoint my family and marry a nice professional Indian man. That first day my flatmate, Ella stayed out and you treated me with respect. You made love and I let you enter my bum. I knew you… Read more

Lockdown 3 Romance

Porn with Simon…

COVID is not a good thing but my next door neighbor did chat me up and I let him. He asked me to dinner. It was the first time I had been to his flat. He had been to my flat and now I was visiting his.

I knocked on the door and 'hang on' came from inside. He had upgraded his flat. A proper breakfast bar with high chairs. Dinner was out, two large glasses of red wine. He kissed me on the cheek.

Very nice, I told him and it was. I would have … Read more

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The Picnic Fiction

Our 3sum…

The 3sum

This story is mostly true or may come true. I will allow you to judge which bits are true. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I had met this wonderful lady, Susan many times and had discussed inviting a man to join us for a mfm. We had even met a man but Susan did not click.

We both enjoy letting the air to our bodies and Sun bathing nude. It was on a picnic that this happened.

We parked the car in the litt… Read more

A First Meet Meetings


So I knocked, and the door was opened almost immediately by a good looking woman in her late 40’s who introduced herself as Anne. Anne then led me through to their lounge and introduced me to Tony her partner. Tony was also quite good looking and probably a little older than Anne, with what looked like a fairly good body but slightly overweight. He gave me a cheeky wink as he kissed me on the cheek and asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes, of … Read more

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Beached Fiction

2 women built a village…


I'm not claiming this story is true but I'm told it is.

2 women 6 couples and 15 men are shipwrecked. For the first few weeks everyone thinks there will be rescue and do as the captain says. They find water, food and make shelters.

As time goes on and no rescue arrives the captain starts to lose control. There are more incidents and the single women, Ann and June look for natural protectors. They come up with a plan.

They invi… Read more

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Lockdown 2 Fiction

My backdoor…

Dinner with Simon

I had passed Simon in the hall many times and yesterday he took me to bed. Today he was coming to dinner.

Simon arrived on time with wine. I timed dinner perfectly. Simon had time to open the wine and sit down. I hoped he liked my cooking, I knew he liked me.

We sat down and had the conversation we should have had yesterday.

Do I have a boyfriend? No, I lied. I may have lied, if Simon became regular I would dump Kevi… Read more

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Lockdown Fiction

How Simon won me…


It was the 3rd week of COVID lockdown. My boy friend had told me he could not stay with me because of social distancing.

I was coming home with the weekly shop. Simon from flat 7 was doing pull ups outside the block. We had passed in the hall many times and said hi. That day I stopped and chatted. He smelt sweaty, not stale sweet that is just smelly. He smelt manly, and he looked manly, his arms bulging as he pulled himself up for … Read more

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An odd amazing meet Fact

She was stunning…

This is a true story, it was a few years back, on this site, I think it was a different name back then. I was asked in a pm by somebody I hadn’t seen on here before, “would you like to fuck my wife?” As most of my pals on here would have jumped at this, I just answered yes and thought that was it.
A couple of days later, he was on again and this time he gave me instructions, a date and asked if this suited me, well I was able to do this an… Read more

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The Shower 4 Meetings

Lyn took DP…

We met a couple, Adam and Anna and had some fun with them. We were now waiting for their return the following day.

Lyn was excited but feeling guilty. The door bell went and went to answer the door. I was naked so checked the eye hole in the door. It was them, I opened the door and let them in. Anna was first with a big smile and hello. She headed for the bed and Adam followed.

Anna undid two buttons on her left shoulder, her dress slipped … Read more

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The Shower 3 Swinging

An afternoon of sex…

We had met a couple, Anna and Adam on the beach and invited them back to our room. We had had fun and were now having lunch. It was the first time I had seen my wife fuck another man.

Lyn went to to the toilet and Anna followed. That gave Adam and me time to chat. We congratulated each other on our choice of wives. Then Adam got down to it. 'Is she Bi, does she take anal was I bi'

'She does not do anal, don't ask her. We are not bi'

'Ann… Read more

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The Shower in our room. Swinging

Lyn asked them back,…

It was the morning after the incident on the beach. We were having coffee at a cafe. Lyn had hardly stopped commenting on the couple.

It was a pleasant surprise when the couple walked by, Lyn said hi. I offered coffee and they excepted. We introduced ourselves. They were Adam and Anna. Anna sat next to me and soon had a hand on my leg. I push my leg towards her's. She moved toward my Cock. I kept my eyes on Adam and Lyn. They were chatting bu… Read more

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The Shower Fact

My wife almost....…

The shower
Lyn and I were walking off the beach towards the shower to wash sand from our feet. There was a couple stripping off, we thought for a swim. Lyn sat at one shower I at the other. On the other side of my pillar the woman started to shower. Got a out, hand covered in soap down the front of her very small nickers. Lyn sat the man in front of her a cloth around him, just hidding his cock.

My feet clean I turned away to dry them, Lyn d… Read more

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Chritsmas treat Fact

afternoon fun…

It was three days after Christmas when I got the call . It was amanada asking for the wife . She was crying and upet saying she thinks her hubby was cheating on her. We had only been to their house on Christmas eve and everyyhing seemed okay.
I explained that Lizzy (the wife) had gone up north on a business trip and wouldn't be back till very late
She asked if I would come and talk her through it.
As I pressed her door bell it was going throug… Read more

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First time I fucked my ex girlfirend Fact


First time I fucked my ex girlfirend

It was a hot day in late june and I went to pick up my girlfriend at the time.
It was only our second date so I rung the bell and she opened the door almost ready but not quite so she as me to wait in the hall. A few seconds later her mum called out from the living room
and as me to come into room
As I entered I could see her mums bare arm on the side of the chair and her dad and brother bare chested. As… Read more

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Male on Male Gay

A first meeting exceeds expectations…

Male on Male

As a bisexual man I will occasionally meet a man alone for pleasure as a prelude to him having sex with me and my girlfriend.

A was one such person. We had corresponded over a few weeks, through a website , exchanged pictures, and agreed to meet up at a convenient motorway service area with a motel.

On the agreed evening I packed a bag and set off. It was getting darker earlier as autumn approached and by the time, I arr… Read more

Mature sex. Fact

Our lovemaking is intense and totally satisfying.…

The advantage of age is that you know what you like sexually, and aim to find somebody with the same predilections. Alex and I have found each other. Our lovemaking is intense and totally satisfying. This is an account of a typical happening.

She came into the room wearing a revealing blouse, crotchless tights, red stilettos and a smile. The blouse goes just to the top of her thighs still holding some mystery. She likes me to be pulling on my … Read more

This is better than any fantasy Fact

We come together.…

She wears a white mans shirt or something similar and we start with me wanking, she just loves to watch me wank.

And she likes me press my thigh against her crotch as I wank, so the vibrations go into her body.

However she does not wear knickers so her juices start to run down my thigh.

She requests that my cock is pushed inside her, and I agree. She is tight but well lubricated. The ripples inside her caress my bell end as I thrust.

Read more

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Hope it happens again part 2 Fact

What a nite…

So we met up that afternoon G looked good as always to top it with the accent J loves. He went off to do what he had to I went home & told J that G was coming round later for a catch up and meet her. When I told her I saw that glint in her eyes & she saw that glint in my eyes. We sat in the garden in the evening sunshine before he was due as J and me are so in tune she knew what I was planning and loved the idea. She then lent back in the chai… Read more

Hope it happens again Fact


Had a old pal contact me a few years ago. G & Me grew up together until we were early 20s he got a job in Dublin and never saw him again for another 25 years. My wife j has always known Me and the G were big big players and very successful I might add. J has a thing for the Irish accents gets all wet and horny every time. At work one day and get a phone call from a Irish guy with the thickest Dublin accents only to find it was the G and he was … Read more

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