Lockdown 2 Fiction

My backdoor…

Dinner with Simon

I had passed Simon in the hall many times and yesterday he took me to bed. Today he was coming to dinner.

Simon arrived on time with wine. I timed dinner perfectly. Simon had time to open the wine and sit down. I hoped he liked my cooking, I knew he liked me.

We sat down and had the conversation we should have had yesterday.

Do I have a boyfriend? No, I lied. I may have lied, if Simon became regular I would dump Kevi… Read more

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Lockdown Fiction

How Simon won me…


It was the 3rd week of COVID lockdown. My boy friend had told me he could not stay with me because of social distancing.

I was coming home with the weekly shop. Simon from flat 7 was doing pull ups outside the block. We had passed in the hall many times and said hi. That day I stopped and chatted. He smelt sweaty, not stale sweet that is just smelly. He smelt manly, and he looked manly, his arms bulging as he pulled himself up for … Read more

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An odd amazing meet Fact

She was stunning…

This is a true story, it was a few years back, on this site, I think it was a different name back then. I was asked in a pm by somebody I hadn’t seen on here before, “would you like to fuck my wife?” As most of my pals on here would have jumped at this, I just answered yes and thought that was it.
A couple of days later, he was on again and this time he gave me instructions, a date and asked if this suited me, well I was able to do this an… Read more

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The Shower 4 Meetings

Lyn took DP…

We met a couple, Adam and Anna and had some fun with them. We were now waiting for their return the following day.

Lyn was excited but feeling guilty. The door bell went and went to answer the door. I was naked so checked the eye hole in the door. It was them, I opened the door and let them in. Anna was first with a big smile and hello. She headed for the bed and Adam followed.

Anna undid two buttons on her left shoulder, her dress slipped … Read more

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The Shower 3 Swinging

An afternoon of sex…

We had met a couple, Anna and Adam on the beach and invited them back to our room. We had had fun and were now having lunch. It was the first time I had seen my wife fuck another man.

Lyn went to to the toilet and Anna followed. That gave Adam and me time to chat. We congratulated each other on our choice of wives. Then Adam got down to it. 'Is she Bi, does she take anal was I bi'

'She does not do anal, don't ask her. We are not bi'

'Ann… Read more

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The Shower in our room. Swinging

Lyn asked them back,…

It was the morning after the incident on the beach. We were having coffee at a cafe. Lyn had hardly stopped commenting on the couple.

It was a pleasant surprise when the couple walked by, Lyn said hi. I offered coffee and they excepted. We introduced ourselves. They were Adam and Anna. Anna sat next to me and soon had a hand on my leg. I push my leg towards her's. She moved toward my Cock. I kept my eyes on Adam and Lyn. They were chatting bu… Read more

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The Shower Fact

My wife almost....…

The shower
Lyn and I were walking off the beach towards the shower to wash sand from our feet. There was a couple stripping off, we thought for a swim. Lyn sat at one shower I at the other. On the other side of my pillar the woman started to shower. Got a out, hand covered in soap down the front of her very small nickers. Lyn sat the man in front of her a cloth around him, just hidding his cock.

My feet clean I turned away to dry them, Lyn d… Read more

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Chritsmas treat Fact

afternoon fun…

It was three days after Christmas when I got the call . It was amanada asking for the wife . She was crying and upet saying she thinks her hubby was cheating on her. We had only been to their house on Christmas eve and everyyhing seemed okay.
I explained that Lizzy (the wife) had gone up north on a business trip and wouldn't be back till very late
She asked if I would come and talk her through it.
As I pressed her door bell it was going throug… Read more

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First time I fucked my ex girlfirend Fact


First time I fucked my ex girlfirend

It was a hot day in late june and I went to pick up my girlfriend at the time.
It was only our second date so I rung the bell and she opened the door almost ready but not quite so she as me to wait in the hall. A few seconds later her mum called out from the living room
and as me to come into room
As I entered I could see her mums bare arm on the side of the chair and her dad and brother bare chested. As… Read more

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Male on Male Gay

A first meeting exceeds expectations…

Male on Male

As a bisexual man I will occasionally meet a man alone for pleasure as a prelude to him having sex with me and my girlfriend.

A was one such person. We had corresponded over a few weeks, through a website , exchanged pictures, and agreed to meet up at a convenient motorway service area with a motel.

On the agreed evening I packed a bag and set off. It was getting darker earlier as autumn approached and by the time, I arr… Read more

Mature sex. Fact

Our lovemaking is intense and totally satisfying.…

The advantage of age is that you know what you like sexually, and aim to find somebody with the same predilections. Alex and I have found each other. Our lovemaking is intense and totally satisfying. This is an account of a typical happening.

She came into the room wearing a revealing blouse, crotchless tights, red stilettos and a smile. The blouse goes just to the top of her thighs still holding some mystery. She likes me to be pulling on my … Read more

This is better than any fantasy Fact

We come together.…

She wears a white mans shirt or something similar and we start with me wanking, she just loves to watch me wank.

And she likes me press my thigh against her crotch as I wank, so the vibrations go into her body.

However she does not wear knickers so her juices start to run down my thigh.

She requests that my cock is pushed inside her, and I agree. She is tight but well lubricated. The ripples inside her caress my bell end as I thrust.

Read more

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Hope it happens again part 2 Fact

What a nite…

So we met up that afternoon G looked good as always to top it with the accent J loves. He went off to do what he had to I went home & told J that G was coming round later for a catch up and meet her. When I told her I saw that glint in her eyes & she saw that glint in my eyes. We sat in the garden in the evening sunshine before he was due as J and me are so in tune she knew what I was planning and loved the idea. She then lent back in the chai… Read more

Hope it happens again Fact


Had a old pal contact me a few years ago. G & Me grew up together until we were early 20s he got a job in Dublin and never saw him again for another 25 years. My wife j has always known Me and the G were big big players and very successful I might add. J has a thing for the Irish accents gets all wet and horny every time. At work one day and get a phone call from a Irish guy with the thickest Dublin accents only to find it was the G and he was … Read more

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Poppy 2.... carrying on Fact

The best fuck ever…

A been a while now since meeting Poppy and hard to get her out of my mind, luckily we chat a lot on Whattsapp although that always, just by talking to her through typing, gets my cock so hard. This woman surely had an effect on me, sexually.
We are both open to each other about any sexual encounters we’ve had and recently I mentioned to Poppy of an old flame I helped through a crisis she had living with her severely disabled husband, she hadn… Read more

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Cuckold Fact

Wife fucked by a good mate.…

I had a mate who asked me if I play golf and when I said no but would'nt mind having a go ,he said he would teach me.This I took up and we went on a weekly basis.One day coming back in his motor he mentioned he had a mates wife who asked him to take her upstairs.I said what did you say.He said I can't do that,your husband is a mate.He then asked me what he should do.I said get in there,she obviously wants you and needs you and who's to know.Just … Read more

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A tale of Poppy Fact

Real life story, true…

A Tale of Poppy.

It had been some time since I had last had any physical contact with a woman and quite honestly it was exactly how I liked it. I had made the mistake of falling for my neighbour but worse still, she had fallen for me.

It all started with my moving house, moving a few miles away from her, when it came to move day, she and her hubby helped, I was standing on the back of the rental truck handing boxes down to the line of hel… Read more

A traveller's fantasy Meetings

One for her from a lonely hotel room…

Im alone now... lying naked in my 5th floor hotel room with the light off but the curtains open... watching the world go by, but hidden from view by the reflection of the lights outside. Every so often, a train on the raised section of the line whizzes past the window filled with commuters staring into nothingness...

I'm imagining that you are here with me.

Lying on top of me - your sexy ass against my stomach, your head resting backwards o… Read more

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Badminton wife 2 Fact

Another quick story of my affair…

This is a follow up story I wrote in July, I was in my early 20s around 15 years ago when I started fucking a married woman of 38 called whom I met when I started playing badminton at the local club in a town near york.
Every week now after badminton I would take her back to my house and fuck her senseless she was always so horny and always loved being pounded doggy style, my housemate enjoyed Monday evenings listening to me and her fucking I ki… Read more

Running Club Fact

My first big cock.…

After reading the badminton club story. It reminded me of my time when I was in my early twenties when I used to go to a running club every Wednesday night here in Leicester.

I've always enjoyed running, and still do, although I don't do much nowadays. I've been with my husband since I was 17, he's 7 years older than me and was my first man. So I wasn't particularly very experienced in sex, only with my husband. Although it was a running clu… Read more

Bdsm fun BDSM

That naughty lil walkies…

Being busy parents we don't get much time to play but when we finally do get an evening off we like to make our play last all night and break it up with naughty drives and walks .
So during a recent rather naughty session involving him tying my boobies up with rope which I adore we also got the sexy metal coller out and my new anal hook he did his thing and soon I was on my knees boobies tied tight hands tied behind my back eagerly feasting on … Read more

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Badminton club fun Fact

cheating married milf…

This is a true story of a married woman i had a year long affair with. I first met her at the badminton club around 15 years ago when I first moved to the town , as I enjoy the game and a good way of meeting people, I happen to get talking to her as she was very chatty and needed a partner for mixed doubles.
She was quite short slim brown hair and a really nice arse in her tight leggings and a great pair of tits, I enjoyed playing with her mainl… Read more

Motorbike shop wife Fact

Fucking married woman from local motorcycle shop…

This is a true story which happened to me in the early 90's, I was 19 with huge passion for motorcycles most weekends I was out on the bike riding endlessly this usually included a visit to some of the local motorcycle shops especially a fairly new one which had opened near the cinema close to me in york.
There was a girl who worked in the shop who was late 20s slim good looking and a huge flirt, she always was a laugh full of innuendo and I alw… Read more

The problem The answer The solution Fact

was expectig she was cheating but with who…

I was having a drink with my mate Pete the other evening and he asked me if i was okay and if i had changed my car, as when he came home he recently saw a different car parked outside. I just brushed it off and made light work of it saying Sue may of found a daytime lover. By the look on Pete's face he thought it may be true.
This was playing on my mind for days so i decided to take the day of work and to see for myself what if an… Read more

is she really cheating Swinging

not what i expected pt2…

Sue drinks her wine stands up and ask Sally if she like another one.
Sally says “wait a moment please ive got something to ask you but I dont want to offend you or lose our friendship”
Sue sits on the arm of the chair revealing her long bare legs
“our friendship goes back a long way i think our friendship would suffer no matter what”
“well” sally says “you know when we go clothes shopping and I always say you have a good body an… Read more

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Linda's first threesome with a couple Swinging

So I knocked, and the door was opened almost immediately by a good looking woman in her late 40’s who introduced herself as Anne. Anne then led me through to their lounge and introduced me to Tony her partner. Tony was also quite good looking and probably a little older than Anne, with what looked like a fairly good body but slightly overweight. He gave me a cheeky wink as he kissed me on the cheek and asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes, of… Read more

Dogging in Scotland Other

So there he was I thought, dead on time and just where we had agreed to meet, all I wanted to do was turn around and go home, but I had come this far so knew I had to push myself over the last nervousness. I had thought about this for a long time and knew I wanted to find out for myself what it would be like. So feeling very aware of my short skirt and no knickers, as ordered by Mike, I plucked up my courage and walked up to the white car. Just… Read more

A little incident whilst walking Meetings

The picnic site is quite a way from where I live, but I've always enjoyed driving and it is reputed to be a popular site for dogging, and you never know do you.
In the three years I've been going there and enjoying the walk, the fresh air and the hope of a bit of fun...nothing has ever happened.
I was crossing the car park after my walk one fine Sunday, disappointed again and on my way home when I saw a car parked in one of the secluded bays.
Read more

He was with another woman Other

I had to tell everyone. My best friend Jenny was staying with us for the weekend. She was divorced  4 months ago and we were on the first glass of our second bottle of wine.

Paul my husband came home from work and found us in bath robes. 'In here love, I have something for you.'

Paul came in and looked at us. 'You like Jenny, I know you do. Take her upstairs.'

Paul looked at both of us and I said 'I'll follow you up.' Jenny walked towar… Read more

How did this happen? Fact

I am that classic, an older man married to a young woman, so a cuckold. But a cuckold by choice, Lynne is my second wife, I met her four years after my dear wife died. She worked for a company that I called on regularly , she was attractive, chatty, with a good figure, very sexy. However it took probably two years before anything happened between us. She was always pleased to see me and it was one of those regular as clockwork calls that are… Read more

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