31 Mar 2020

This is a true story, it was a few years back, on this site, I think it was a different name back then. I was asked in a pm by somebody I hadn’t seen on here before, “would you like to fuck my wife?” As most of my pals on here would have jumped at this, I just answered yes and thought that was it.

A couple of days later, he was on again and this time he gave me instructions, a date and asked if this suited me, well I was able to do this and the weirdest meet arrangement I had ever made. The journey was a good hour and a half, and despite my asking, I never got to see a pic of his wife, nor him.

I arrived at the agreed time in a rather beautiful house and was ushered into the lounge, given a drink and sat to chat with the guy. He was really nice, well educated and asked me lots of questions. I asked here his wife was and he told me she has a shop and will be closing up soon and will be here. He said that he was making our dinner, Lasagne, and did I like that?

Still feeling a bit strange about the whole thing, eventually his wife came into the house, wow she was beautiful, very slim, tall, great figure and shook my hand and we sat down for dinner, wine and a Katie Melua album playing. At this time there was no sex in sight, after our meal she went off to change and he and I went to to sit and drank another scotch.

Another half an hour and he went off, went he came back he said, she is ready for you now, and showed me to a door, and simply said, enjoy and in I went. She met me with arms around me kissing me. She was wearing her nighty and clearly naked under it, but then I noticed a bank of cameras on stands around the room. I asked what was happening, and she said it’s for him, he’s probably wanking watching.

Well the words gift horse came to mind and I dragged her over to the bed. She started undressing me and as soon as she got her hand on my cock she sucked the tip and looked at the camera, after that the cameras were forgotten, stripping her nighty over her head her body was so beautiful, a shaved puss, nipples rock hard and unable to leave my cock alone. I was on my back and she climbed on, guiding my cock into her soaking wet cunt. We did everything except anal and she took me to the edge several times.

Eventually I got her on her back holding her arms over her head, kissing her as I slid in and started to ram with cumming on my mind and she knew it. Fuck me hard she screamed and a torrent of filth as I neared my orgasm as she had the most violent orgasm of her own, bringing me to my climax and falling onto her with my cock still in her. Still stiff as she wriggled to keep it hard.

We lay in each other’s arms and kissed a lot, eventually she got up and went out, still naked, she told me that I was to stay in that room and that’s where I will sleep. A bit deflated as I thought she may be with me, she was the most amazing fuck her body was a dream and she was fucking about with my emotions.

Lights out I tried to sleep, then a knock on the door and she walked in saying that her hubby had requested I join them in their bed... wow that sounds better and I slid in beside her both naked but him just laying there as she and I were soon fucking like rabbits. She was whispering things to me so he couldn’t hear and again she got on top and came almost instantly as I entered her. We fucked and fucked and in fact made love, she told me she loved me....wow, that wasn’t expected.

He just laid there listening and when we finished and she and I were cuddling, he tapped her shoulder and that was the sign to send me back to my own room. I did sleep well and was woken again by her coming in, this time naked and again invited me to their bed. Once agin we were soon fucking and this time still on his back he was wanking with an oil covered hand. His cock was incredibly small and I realised that to keep her, this beautiful woman, he had to keep her happy.

We fucked twice that morning and we showered in the en suite as he watched, again fucking and my final cum. Drying off dressing and thanking me, shaking my hand he showed me out, not having the chance to say my goodbyes to her. It was the wierdest meeting I have ever had and yet the most memorable. Just to finish the story, once again on the site he contacted and asked if I was able to join them again, she had asked him to get me back. Sadly I was unable to take up the offer as I was living in France but I would have loved to have repeated my time with her.