29 Apr 2020

My gorgeous sexy lady and myself met at a hotel for an afternoon of pure passion and sexy love making.

As ever she dressed in black stockings with a black mini dress as she knows this is my favourite.

We went to our room and were soon kissing passionately she felt amazing,I wanted her as much as ever.

My fingers worked there way down her gorgeous legs finding the bare skin at the top of her stockings slowly teasing her and gently spreading her legs.

I pulled her mini dress up to make access easier and my hands went down to her knickers as I kissed her passionately,our tongues circling each others mouths,so intimate,so sexy ,so personal.

I found her G-string and my fingers gently probed her pussy through them,her wetness was already drenching her G-string ,I lightly tugged at her G-string and she raised her gorgeous arse to allow me to remove them.

I then slowly gently moved my mouth to the side of her wet pussy ,teasing just lightly flicking her wet lips, her moans were getting louder as she writhed on the bed,raising her arse to meet my licking,as my lips found the inside of her pussy,her juices flowed ,sweet sexy gorgeous taste on my tongue

I continued to slowly feed on the gorgeous taste of her pussy now absolutely soaking wet, gently finding her clit with the tip of my tongue, teasing it hardly touching it, she was arching her back begging me to make her come

Her clit was getting harder and she was on the edge of another orgasm

However I was in the mood to tease and as I took her to the edge of an orgasm I took my tongue away, then started again repeating over and over

She was pulling on my head and her legs were wrapped around my back pulling me towards her x

As she grinded her pussy against me I stopped and moved up her body,telling her she was a dirty slut and was desperate for cock,yes she said yes ,please fuck me fill me .

I offered her my hard cock and she greedily sucked on it,stopping occasionaly to lick up and down my shaft,she moaned like a women possessed.

I started talking dirty telling her she was my slut to do as I wished,she readily agreed saying yes as she took her lips off my cock.

After a few minutes I told her to get on her knees,I roughly pulled her dress up higher and teased the tip of my cock at her pussy entry.

She cried out fuck me fuck me you bastard.

Inch by inch I slowly put my cock in inching it until it was deep inside her pussy.

She was moaning with pleasure and started telling me to fill her cunt,fuck her harder as she exploded on my cock.

As I fucked her I opened my phone and showed her a text, at first she was confused ,then she read the words.

We are at Lymm services,room 304 come and have fun with my slut.

I said to her press the send button if you want Pete ,( a guy shes never even met nor me) to come and fuck her ,or push phone away.

In an instant she sent the text,and I said you dirty filthy slut he will be here in 30 minutes.

However what I did not realise was he was already parked up as I had told him where we were meeting, so he was knocking at the door within seconds.

I pulled my cock out and answered the door to be literally pushed to 1 side as this complete stranger entered the room.

As I rejoined my slut on the bed I started fucking her on the bed and turned her to face Pete,he was almost falling over in attempt to get undressed.

I was talking dirty to her telling her look at him,look at that cock its going to be in your mouth and cunt before you know it