14 Apr 2020

A good day at the nudist club

it was on a friday back in june 2019 when I went to the club

there was about 10 cars already in the car park and saw one couple naked walking towards the bottom field

I went to the reception and booked in getting a locker and a Towel

I went to the changing room but noone else was there a bit of a disappointment as I like to be seen undressing.

I put my things in my locker and had a shower then went for a sauna making sure I oculd see the changing area through the glass

after a few minutes a man came and looked through the glass but only seeing me he went away

then a couple came along and started to undress . I was wanking getting my self hard hoping they would join me. She seemed to keep her knickers on for ages but did remove them to go for a shower.

On her way to the shower room she noticed me and gave a look of distaste

When the came out of the shower they vanished so I got bored and wnet outside and cooled down with a shower I was then joined by a very fit couple in there late 20's who then turned there backs on me washing the privte parts

I watched her firm bum hoping they would turn round but they didnt only to leave so I went out and was drying off when they headed towards the “rest rooms” so I follwed but they loced the door behind them.

Undeterred I went to swimming pool passing several naked people laying out on the top lawn one lady I wanted to fuck she had a fab figure and big tits (I was talking to someone later and she normally plays in the wooded area but not that day)

I went up the stars ato the swimming pool area and saw 3 couples and 4 men laying on the sun loungers one couple in their underwear.

I watched him take of his pants and her her bra but she kept her knickers on they then layed down and he started to fondle her tits and had a hand down her panties but she didnt return the complement to him

after about 30/40 mins I decided to go to the woods to see if any action was going on there but despite coming across two naked males walking also hoping to find someone I walked th whole woods and found no one.

I was getting a bit chilly so went to the top field and there was around about 6 couples and 20 men and saw the young couple I saw in the shower earlier

some of the men were wanking in their direction but they were both just sitting up kissing and they stopped as I walked past

I sat close to them but not too close around 20 feet away and after a few minutes he lay on his back and she was giving him a blow job at first she was nervous as that anyone came close she would stop but after awhile she forgot about others and was really getting into it

there was even two guys looking at her arse wanking off and she didnt stop

I was really getting into it and had to stop myself from cumming just at the moment he must of cum as she stopped and was wiping her cheeks with her fingers.

He then laid her on her back and was going to lick her but sh just giggled and stood up wrapped a towel round her and they picked there things up and headed back towards the clubhouse.

I gave them couple of minutes then went back too as I needed a piss

when I got back they were drying themselves off from a shower and by the time I came out from the loo they had started to dress to go home

with that I saw a couple in the hot tub so I joined them and said hello but they were to much into themselves to reply his had on her tit and her hands under the water

a lady then joined us around 50 and again said hi but all she said was no english no english

I waited for them to leavee the hot tub and as I was leaving a couple arrived fully dressed and asked me how the locker system worked as I was explaining a naked couple who was waiting for them said hi to them the lady wenr up and kissed the clothed lady on the mouth and were tonguing each other

the clothed couple quickly got undressed they wasnt wearing underwear and left with the naked couple . Later I was to see them drinking wine and having foreplay

I decided to have a coffee in the main clubhouse and there was a couple there man topless and lady fully naked

as I sat down could see all and she opened her legs so I could see more man just smiled and he held her tit playing with her nipple

she then put her finger in her mouth smiling at me I was stoking my cock and you could she she was teasing me. She wasnt my type quite small and small breast but I would of liked to have fucked her

I was hard buy now and she was rubbing herself . I went over to her and she said I could touch her but explained she had to go soon but next time I could have sex with her and gave me her number

she kissed me on the lips and got dressed and left

it was getting on for around 4.30 so I ventured one last time to the bottom filed and saw two guys standing wanking erect as I got closer I could see they were watching a couple so I got closer and watched them having oral. I stood there watching her pussy being licked and soon they were finished . The man looked up and said to the lady looks like we've got an audience.

Come and join us she said so I knelt beside and squeezed her nipple while she sucked of one of the others.

I said to her I need to cum so she said cum over me its knda sexy. So she too k me in hand and started wanking me off. I soon came all over her tits and them she took me in her mouth and cleaned my cock while she was being fucked by another her husband wanking and smiling.

The foursome I met in the changing room saw my erection when I had done as I walked passed them back to the clubhouse

I got showered then dressed and smiled all the way home. That night I wanked in bed thinking about my day . Cant wait till next time . Whenever that will be now.