7 Mar 2020

It was three days after Christmas when I got the call . It was amanada asking for the wife . She was crying and upet saying she thinks her hubby was cheating on her. We had only been to their house on Christmas eve and everyyhing seemed okay.

I explained that Lizzy (the wife) had gone up north on a business trip and wouldn't be back till very late

She asked if I would come and talk her through it.

As I pressed her door bell it was going through my mind what I was going to say. She opened the door very smartly dressed as always but you could see she had been crying and her eyes were red

she invited me in and we sat on chairs opposite each other

She was drinking wine form a almost empty bottle and asked if I wanted anything . I said no its okay but she insisted so I had a small whiskey.

She then started telling me all about David how recently he was becoming less interested in the sexual side of things and that she had found a condom in his clothes and one of her friends saw him buying flowers and chocolates which wasnt for her.

And another friend said she had seen her hubby with anther man and said they were very close.

With that she burst into tears and I sat next to her to console her. Se was crying lots and when she looked up I wiped her tears away with my fingers and she smiled and looked straight into my eyes.

I could see her face moving towards mine and felt my heart go faster until our lips met and I felt her tongue go under my top lip. Her mouth opened and I felt her teeth with my tongue and then our tongues met both exploring each others mouths.

We kissed and hugged which seemed ages she tasted good

As I withdraw from her I expected her to say sorry it was a mistake but she just smiled took my hand and led me to the stairs. She held my hand into the bedroom and sat on the bed and for a second I was going to sit next to her but she reached for crotch and was rubbing my cock through my trousers. I moved closer towards her

She slowly undid my zip and pulled my trousers down and then rubbed me through my pants looking into my eyes

She then reached inside my pants holding my and caressing my balls then she release my cock from my pants and I was there with my cock erect and she held it and slid to the edge of the bed so she could take my cock in her mouth whilst still holding my balls

as I felt her wet mouth on my cock I felt a shiver all over and enjoyed her sucking and touching . Then she stopped letting my cock out of her mouth seeing it covered in her saliva and her mouth dripping with it

she signalled for me to sit down beside her me thinking my turn to pleasure her but no she undid my top two shirt buttons ahd her soft warm hands were stroking my chest. She then udid the rest of the buttons helping me out of my shirt and her mouth went srtairight to my nipples her tongue gleefully licking it – I was in ecstasy and couldn't move - her fingers stroking my other nipple

when she stopped I had to sit still for around 20 /30 seconds to get my breathe back then I quickly removed my shoes and socks and completely took of trousers and pants leaving me fully naked and her fully dressed

I then kissed her fully on the lips and licked her cheek, kissing her eyes and nose till I could enter her mouth again

she kicked off her shoes and I could fell her bear feet stroking my legs

my hand then went to her breast finding out just how large her breast are and was squeezing them gently

I was kissing her neck and biting the lobes of her ears when I thought I heard her front door go – oh shit her hubby had returned and how was I going to explain this but then all quite so I looked downstairs and found it was just a package the postman had delivered which I told Amanda – she just smiled and I laid with her again

my hand reached for the zip at the back of het top and slid it down feeling the strap on her bra

and she held her arms upwards for me to remove it with I gladly did revealing a bright red bra and her white cleavage which my mouth went straight to my tongue exploring her breast kissing them both

I then undid her bra strap and let her bra come of with ease revealing pure white enormous breast and her nipples already erect my fingers making sure by rubbing and tweaking them

I then gently bit them letting my tongue taste them them I lick her down to her naval till I reached her skirt

I noticed her breathing was getting more heavier and she was beginning to moan

the only thing Amanda said all afternoon when we were in bed was at this moment” fuck me and fuck me hard”

I was looking how her skirt undid but she undid her zip allowing me to slip it off seeing she had matching couloir panties but lacy ones and I could see she was shaven

My mouth sucked her panties and found she was very wet so I took them off smelling them before throwing on the floor.

My tongue now licking her clit making her even more wet and hearing her silently moan and twitch.

Her taste was so sweet that I could have been there all day but I needed to enter her so I put two fingers inside her cunt as far as they would go and finger fucked her hard and fast

I got up from that position and was about to get in position to fuck her but I noticed I was only semi hard and so did Amanda so she held my cock and started to wank me till I was hard again then she let go so I could get my cock into her pussy she was quite tight and felt my foreskin get pulled back as I entered her

I started to fuck her slowly at first then gradually harder and I thought I was going to cum there and there so I stopped and relaxed

I asked her to kneel on edge of bed so I could fuck her doggy fashion which I did and very shortly afterwards I cum deep into her

when I pulled out of her I looked and saw my cum slowly coming out of her

we both lay in bed sweating and happy

a little note : my wife Lizzy is bi and we both happily swing together or separate and she always had a soft spot for Amanda

When I got home I immediately stripped off and lay on my bed. I heard the key to our door go but it seemed ages before Lizzy came upstairs I saw the surprise on her face when she saw me laying naked on the bed. When I told her I had spent the afternoon on bed with Amanda she quickly stripped off and started licking and smelling me all over so she could get the smell of Amanda on her.

We both didn't shower that day or next keeping her smell and taste on our bodies. We all keep in touch but no one ever mentions that day