1 Mar 2020

First time I fucked my ex girlfirend

It was a hot day in late june and I went to pick up my girlfriend at the time.

It was only our second date so I rung the bell and she opened the door almost ready but not quite so she as me to wait in the hall. A few seconds later her mum called out from the living room

and as me to come into room

As I entered I could see her mums bare arm on the side of the chair and her dad and brother bare chested. As I got closer I realised they were all naked her mums breast large and firm looking.

I didnt know where to look, her mum said to me she hasnt told you were nudist has she. I said I had no idea just as my girlfriend entered the room . Her mum said to her why dont you tell your boyfriends this is how we brought you up. She just smiled.

Her mum then invited me to dinner the Following sunday.

We enjoyed the evening petting and kissing but didnt mention the nudity.

The following sunday I arrived at her house and was really nervous as I rung the bell her dad opened the door and let me in. it was the same as before all naked except this time my girlfriend was naked the first time I had seen her body.

I could feel me getting an erection under my clothes

I coudn take my eyes off her body medium breast and great legs going up to a landing strip of pubic hair light in colour as she was a natural blonde

her mum said dinner will be ready soon and I should get naked which I did noticing her mum was watching me

I still had my erection on and my girlfriend smiled to see it

we all sat down for dinner and girlfriend and her mum served it up

It was so horny sitting naked next to her see her naked breast ad semi erect nipples

during lunch me and girlfriend played footsie and she held my cock

about one hour later when we had finished she had made me rock hard and as we got up from table her dad said think you two should go upstairs which we did and had fantastic sex session possibly the best ive ever had

over the next 30 moths we visited their local nudist club but her mum and dad stayed for the parties wich e never did it was only when we broke up that if ound out they were swingers. How I wish I had known at the time would of loved to have fucked her.

My girlfriend love to watch other guys naked and she left me for one who had a big willy she said she just wanted to try it.

Wish I had stayed with her to share or swap but wasnt a swinger at the time

The most fun we used to have regularly was to shave each other all over – used to have a great toime bathing / shaving / then having sex.

My loss I know