19 Jun 2020

Round about 20 years just before the national lottery started I used to sell scratch cards door to door for my local football team usually on a Saturday evening but if weather was bad or people not in used to go back on a Sunday morning

One couple who lived about 20 doors away were hardly ever in on a Saturday but I called the following morning .

I noticed that most times they were only in their dressing gowns and the man,s legs were bare so had a passing thought that they were naked under their gowns.

This went on for a few months then one day they won on several tickets and asked if I would like a coffee while I sorted out there winnings.

We chatted about small talk then he asked me if I could keep a big secret and was I open minded. I said yes to both and they said they would explain later in the day and if I would like to come round in the afternoon

I said sure and finished my round and went home for my dinner

Around about 3.30 I went back to their house wondering what the big secret was. John opened the door and invited me . He was wearing smart shirt and trousers . Pauline was in the kitchen and called out would I like a beer. I noticed all the cushions were taking up most of the settee and sat in the only seat available while John sat in a big armchair

Pauline came from the kitchen and was dressed like she was going out for a party . Hair done really nice , makeup in place and white blouse which was just about see through and knee length skirt with stockings or tights and heels. She gave me my beer and she smelt good too.

“just going to powder my nose. won't be long”

I asked him what was going on and he said wait till she comes down

She came back into the room and poured two glasses of wine and sat on the edge of the armchair and gave her hubby a kiss on the mouth

I asked if she wanted me to move the cushions so she could sit down properly. She said that's okay and John began to explain the situation

He said that him and Pauline had been to Spain and visited the local nudist beach while they were there and handed me some photos.

The first ones were of them in their costumes then her topless and then both nude. I could sense they were watching me for my reaction which was when I smiled and said she had a great body. He then reached over and showed me a second set of pictures which he said were taken later in day.

They were of them in bed in various sexual acts with another lady I was getting aroused by this and rubbed my cock through my trousers

He then said that they wanted to have sex in there own house and bed with someone watching and would I be okay with it. Of course I said yes. And she said well lets get comfortable, with that she collected the glasses and put them on the table returning to sit on the arm of the chair

He pushed up her skirt and started to stroke her leg, while she started to undo the buttons of his shirt, I undid the button on my trousers, slid my hand down my trousers and started to play with my cock.

He took his shirt off and started to undo her blouse putting his had between the buttons to squeeze her breast. At his point I took of my trousers and she was undoing his button on his trousers, he took of her blouse revealing a blue bra with some nice cleavage while she unzipped him and he moved his bum up so she could slide down his trousers. I don't think they noticed me undressing at the time as he reached around her back and undid her bra realising her tits – she had quite small breast but amazing nipples. It was then she turned to me and saw I was just down to my underpants and she undid the zip on the side of her skirt and let if fall to the floor

She then went back to her hubby and reached inside his pants to reveal his erect cock and started to suck it he pulling his pants further down and me getting closer watching naked with an erection wanking

He then said shall we go upstairs and I nodded

She got off of him and I glanced at her panties at which she smiled and removed them . He quickly took his socks of and I followed her upstairs

She kept her stockings on but remove her shoes and they lay on the bed

She asked if there was any think I liked to see and said yes like to see her pussy lips from behind so she went down on his cock thrusting her bum in the air showing all

He was pulling at her erect nipples and they were both quietly moaning

I said I was going to cum and okay to cum over the bed. They both stopped and asked me to join them on the bed at which she started to stroke my chest but no sexual play and my erection was going down.

We laid there for what seemed ages just lightly touching then she turned to her hubby and were whispering

She then turned back to me and kissed me on the lips her tongue licking my bottom lip and withdrew watching I put my lips to hers and my tongue entered her mouth and we we tasting each other

John went down on her and was licking her pussy and every now and then her body would twitch

My hand was playing with her nipple while her hand was on my cock getting me hard

she then surprised me as I had never heard any of them swear before by saying “Do you want to fuck me” I said of course

John got up and sat on edge of bed while I slid into her and fucked her till I cum inside her

he was wanking while watching when I withdrew I put my cock to her mouth but she said she wouldn't suck it but instead sucked her hubby's and he cum in her mouth

I was the first male to have sex with her in 27 years since they were married

afterwards we lay naked for ages really happily or so I thought but when I went around a week later they were fully dressed and john siad he got really jealous me fucking her and decied against swinging. A few months later they moved but what a afternoon that was.