Written by Anon.

15 Aug 2019

The advantage of age is that you know what you like sexually, and aim to find somebody with the same predilections. Alex and I have found each other. Our lovemaking is intense and totally satisfying. This is an account of a typical happening.

She came into the room wearing a revealing blouse, crotchless tights, red stilettos and a smile. The blouse goes just to the top of her thighs still holding some mystery. She likes me to be pulling on my cock. As she approaches it swells even more. Her legs are superb, slim, smooth and softly defined muscles. I wear a white shirt leaving my body easily accessible to her. My now fully erect cock has a shiny head and the shaft is almost translucent such is the strength of my erection.

Alex moves towards me and there is a gentle swish as the legs of her tights glide past each other. As she gets nearer her right hand reaches between her legs and lays on her labia. Her index finger reaches her clitoris and gently rotates. She leans forward and whispers. “Charles please take me to bed. I want you to fuck me.” Following her upstairs is a delight as I am presented with her glossy crotchless tights, shining red stilettos and the subtle moistness of her labia framed by pert buttocks. A younger man would lose control and spill his seed to the stairs. I have to grip my cock to avoid this.

We have scented candles in the bedroom that provide the perfect blend for the smooth music from the DAB radio.

Laying on the bed together I press my leg between her thighs and continue pulling on my member. With my thigh against her crotch the vibrations go into her body. She sighs with pleasure as I kiss her neck. Her juices run down my thigh through the opening in her tights.

“Fuck me NOW.” She exclaims laying back and spreading her legs wide.

Laying over her my penis feels the juices that guide it to her opening. I keep it at the entrance and ease gently in and out so just the glans enters her after several movements she pushes herself towards me trying to take a length, I hold back as she whimpers for more. Then with a single thrust enter her fully. She expels all the air from her lungs in an explosion of pleasure.

She bucks as I fuck and my cock bottoms onto her cervix. Her thighs go around my body to hold me, crossing her feet behind my back she takes over and effectively shags herself with my whole body.

The only way I can stop myself ejaculating is to pin her to the bed with my torso and have my cock in as deep as it will go and then remain still. Her reaction is to reach a climax, her vagina pulses and grips my shaft with increasing strength until she relaxes, replete and satisfied. My body shudders as it feels the electricity of her orgasm. Fortunately I hold the ejaculation back and we lay together knowing that there is much more to come with a friend....