Written by geordielass

18 Dec 2010

Get up those fucking stairs” I’m running fast with you on my tail. You catch me as I reach my bedroom door, and when you grab me around the throat and pull me back onto you, I gasp because instantly it has made my knees weak and my pussy wet. “I didn’t say go” you whispered into my ear. I cannot reply because already I feel shaky and cannot trust my voice not to reveal how much I want you. You already know how badly I want everything you have to offer. you can see as I look at you with needy eyes. Opening my bedroom door you push me through and force me face first onto my bed, then you pull off my jeans without un-buttoning them. I don’t resist you because it’s what I want. I want to be everything that you desire. Next come off my knickers, you spread my ass cheeks and examine my ass. I am going to give myself to you entirely. Every part of me wants a piece of you, even the parts that don’t realise it yet. You’re by far the rudest person I’ve met and I know you’re going to challenge me, but I’ll meet you on the highest level, and strive to climb higher. Your fingers are spreading my ass now and I can feel my pussy aching and dripping already, though you refuse to touch it. I’m squirming as one of your fingers finds it’s way into my tight ass, and immediately I show how slutty I am by grinding myself onto it, you weren’t planning on being gentle anyway were you!

Now noises have started erupting from my throat as you slide your finger out, and add another, ramming them into me, testing my limits, seeing what it will take to make me cry out. I am stubborn though and I will refuse to be defeated. I’m rocking myself back and forth, desperately pleading with you, not with words but with the tone of my incoherent voice. “You want more?” you ask in a way that makes me think you won’t care what answer you receive. “yesssssss, fuck yes” I moan even though I never actually decided. A third finger stretches me, it starts to hurt, but the fact that I know I won’t stop you, even if you introduce numbers four and five makes me gasp. I’m like an animal now and my pussy aches to be touched. Just one touch, I want you to feel what you’ve done to me. Your fingers are sliding out of me now, you don’t want to totally destroy my ass until your cock has at least enjoyed it. You undress yourself and your cock is not shy at all. No wonder you dont do underwear! It stands to face me and I am pleased to see that it’s tip glistens with pre cum, immediately I want to taste it, I moved towards it and you stop me. “You don’t deserve that yet, you fucking whore” Being called a “whore” is new to me, but I like it more than I could have imagined and I want to act like a whore for you now. I want to obey you, until I deserve to taste your cock.

You lay me on my bed, and I feel as though I’m ready for anything, I’ll have to be. You straddle my face backwards and order me to lick your ass, I’m so fucking horny I am hungry for it, and my tongue hard like a bullet, laps at your ass hole and makes me feel, like the dirty little bitch you want me to be. I reach my hands around because I need to feel your cock I need to touch it and feel it’s hardness. It’s solid and I want it so badly I am tormented. You allow me to stroke it for a few seconds before firmly pinning my arms to the side of me. I moan my frustration into your ass as I continue to lick. You lean forward and squeeze my nipples hard, immediately they respond and harden which encourages you to pull at them perhaps looking for another reaction. My mouth is slurping at you now as I’m enjoying the new attention I’m getting. My legs are spreading themselves wider in the hope, that it will encourage you to play with my pussy it doesn’t work, you begin squeezing my breasts, it hurts actually but I won’t complain. It’s time for a change and you move down the bed towards my open legs, I try to spread them wider as if daring you. At last your hands are on me where I want them, you spread my hairless pussy lips open and peer into my soaked pussy hole. “Touch me, please I need it” I whisper like the desperate slut I have become. You touch me finally, and I moan gratefully, well actually I’m close to crying tears of relief and I haven’t even cum yet. Your fingers slide into my hot soaking hole and my head falls to the side as I can already feel my first orgasm growing. My breath quickens and my hands find my breasts and knead them, then you stop. I cannot believe it! I am almost angry with you, and all ‘you’ can do is smile. I am so desperate that my fingers immediately go to my rescue and slip easily into my pussy, you try to stop me but I am determined and then as you watch me finger fuck my own pussy you enjoy the show as I start to cum and juices run from me soaking my ass in preparation for what is next. I’m satisfied but cross with you. It makes you laugh though, which infuriates me further, I wish I could tease you but my feigned anger is already making me horny again, and I need you.

You turn me over and slap me hard across the centre of my ass. I cry out with the shock of it and the reaction makes you slap me again, and again, until I have a display of red handprints on my skin. You want me on my knees and I willingly obey you. I can feel the tip of your hard cock on my ass and before I have had time to consider how much this is going to hurt me, you ram it straight into me. I do actually scream a silent scream into the bedspread but once inside the pain eases and I beg you to fuck my ass hard. “Does my dirty little whore want her ass fucked hard?” Of course I cry out “yes” as it’s the only word I know where you are concerned. You raise up my head with a handful of my hair and turn my face so you can see how much I’m enjoying it, I’m supporting my own head now and you let go of my hair and force your hand into my open desperate mouth. My mouth is small but you force your fingers to the back of my throat thrusting my mouth as you pound my ass with your cock. I’m gagging, I don’t want to gag, I want to take it gracefully but the gagging excites you and you just strive to push your fingers further in. I have tears on my cheeks and drool running from my chin, I look a sight, I have given up the sexy look in favour of the abused look!! And you’re nowhere near finished with me yet. I’m helpless as you slide your cock in and out of my gaping asshole. You’re fucking my throat with your hand and fucking me! It’s the Naughtiest, filthiest, thing, I have ever known and my fingers rub my clit, desperate to cum before you stop. In just seconds I have waves of pleasure sweeping over me, not just from my clit, my violated ass is also enjoying my orgasm and with every thrust my pleasure is peaking until it reaches such an intensity that I am paralysed unable to do anything but moan in an alien language. You roar like a wild animal and shoot everything you have into my soaked ass, ravaging me, shaking me, using me up, until we collapse and the reality and mess is all that remains.

Showered and soothed a little, the whole thing is already feeling like a dream. I want to be sweet again, to pull off the whole innocent look that I wear with pride, but it’s too late for that, as you already know I have no limits, no boundaries. I’m making you a well earned bacon sandwich and doing the whole sweet thing quite well ‘I think’ that is until you join me in the kitchen and I feel compelled to drop to my knees in front of you, I look up at you with a cheeky smile and take your cock into my mouth. My eyes don’t leave yours, your cock tastes a mixture of dove soap and pre-cum and is delicious, I seem starved as I try desperately to take it to the back of my throat, you appreciate my enthusiasm and my obvious lust for it. My mouth aches, and as your cock grows solid you fuck my mouth, the noises as hot air escapes my sealed lips as I gasp around you excites you and a moan that I have no control over, born not from physical but mental arousal, causes vibrations on your balls. You love seeing me on my knees it’s where I belong, below you. You get carried away and slap me hard across my face, I’m shocked but I can’t deny that it’s so fucking horny, and as you slap me again, I have tears in my eyes because I feel cheap yet, it does something to me that I can’t describe. I see the pure, raw, desire in your expression and I know that I made the right choice. You pull yourself out of my mouth, and you wank hot cum over my face, my mouth is open and with my tongue I try to catch some, you grab my hair and rub my face all over your cock and your balls, until your pleasure subsides and I look like the whore you always wanted.