Written by malaki

22 Jan 2009

My name is Roxanne, I am a 30 year old brunette with 38DD and a good figure if I do say so myself. When I was about 20 I had a great friend called Sally. She lived quite a distance from my home so keeping in touch was usually by E-mail with Birthdays and Christmas cards etc. One day I was at a low ebb in my life so called Sally and arranged a week end stop over at her place. Little did I know that she was shacked up with a hunk of man, Mike.

I caught the train to Hull and Sally met me at the station. I gave her a big hug and a kiss to her check and she was over the moon to see me as was I her.

Later that night after a few drinks at the local pub we got talking about our favourite subject, sex. Sally and me had known each other since Secondary school, we knew about each others boy friends and had been out with each others. We had even had a bit of a fling together in the early years. She was a very good lover who always knew how to get me the best orgasms.

She confided in me that she still fancied me and that she would like nothing better than to like my nipples and then love bud until I came all over her face. The thought was pretty exciting for me too and I could feel juices running in my pussy. She suggested that we go back to her place which I eagerly agreed to.

As soon as we shut the door Sally turned to me and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. It was electrifying and was in heaven. We soon made our way to her bed and I stripped her naked and kissed her lips, then each nipple which were erect. They were pierced and her big 40EE tits were bouncing in front of my lips. She then stripped me naked and did the same to me, she had the upper hand though and soon had me lying on my back and had her head deep into my crack. She had not forgotten how to pleasure a woman. One finger in my pussy, one inside my arse and her tongue rubbing my clip. I could feel that feeling and began to tense up and scream. There it was orgasm number one, I was dribbling cum juice by the bucket and Sally was readily lapping it up.

Sally then went over to the chest of draws and produced a rabbit. Hum what is she planning I wondered, it was not long before all was revealed. She wanted me to use it on her pussy. I was only too willing to help. It took a little working out with all those buttons but I quickly mastered it. Sally was cuming in no time, about 30 seconds to be precise.

I then heard a funny noise which sounded like it had come from the wardrobe. I looked at Sally and she said "Oh Mike" Who is Mike. Mike Sally told me was her boy friend who was hiding in their. I looked over and sure enough he was there alright. The was a hole, cock sized in the door about a third of the way up. A huge fat cock was sticking out of that hole. Sally said Mike always wanted to see me with my girl friends then he would be OK with my dual personality, dirty bastard. Mike as it turned out was tied in the wardrobe, he had a birds eye view of the action but was unable to move, much!

Lovely I thought just what I needed a big cock to really satisfy my pussy. Sally and I went to the cock and she nodded her approval so I reached out and wrapped my fingers around its shaft. Mike moaned from inside the wardrobe and I felt pretty pleased to. I leaned forward and began to suck the tip. I rubbed my tongue over the end and began to slowly wank it at the same time. Sally watched but had a couple of finger deep in my pussy too.

After a few minutes I began to feel that tell tale sign of Mike getting ready to come so I quickened my pace. Then the taste and feel of a jet of spunk hitting the back of my throat. Sally was using her expert fingers faster and faster on my pussy which as Mike came sent me into another orgasm, fantastic service at both ends. I drained all the spunk from Mikes cock and then turned to Sally who leaned forward and we kissed and had a snow ball. She swallowed about half and I the other half. We left Mike in the wardrobe and went back to the bed where we got into a sixty nine. I looked over at the wardrobe a few times and Mike was getting all excited again. I could see his cock was erect again and I knew where I wanted it next. I beckoned Sally and told her what I wanted to do. She agreed and we went over to the wardrobe and released Mike. He was a hunk of a man and well built and his cock looked even bigger now it was out of one hole.

The night went on until dawn with Mike ridding me, then Sally me licking Sally Mike giving it to her from behind. I lost count of the times I came.

Sadly though the week end soon came to an end and I caught the train back home.

It was not long before I got an E-mail form Sally asking if I wanted to go again next month, now there was a decision. Should I shouldn't I, well it took me all of 30 micro seconds to make my mind up.