Written by Unknown

30 Oct 2009

Saturday 10th October 2009

We had arranged to meet locally in a plush hotel on the south coast, enjoying each others company in the hotel bar sharing a chilled Pinot Grigio Rose whilst wildly teasing each other with outrageous flirtation before heading to our luxury room. We enter our room fuelled with excitement, fired up with enormous amounts of passionate kissing whilst ripping each others clothes off - Mrs X reviles her sexy black stockings, which we decide to leave on for the time being as Mr X says they would make good photo shots. I slowly turn Mrs X around and lean you against the wall as you spread your hands and feet further apart - I drop to my knees running my fingers down your back and seductively lick your ass and pussy whilst slowly inserting my fingers into both holes - My cock is now bursting at the seams and rise to fuck you from behind. I fuck you really slowly but with deep penetration's before increasing my speed to which you climax all over my cock - I then use this love juice to slide it into your ass but not before inserting my tongue first - I slowly push it in gently as you shudder with excitement, we both do - Again, slowly at first, nice and deep, balls deep - You can feel my heart beat racing through my cock as I fuck you harder but I cannot hold myself any longer - I pull out and you quickly drop to your knees and suck my cock before exploding in your mouth - You make sure every last drop of my man juice has been extracted before I join you on the floor - You gently slide my cock into your warm and moist pussy and invite me to share my spunk - to which I lovingly oblige and we passionate kiss with my new cream as you force your tongue down my throat - I'm so sexually overwhelmed that I didn't notice that your finger was up my ass as I cum again deep in your pussy.

Friday 24th October 2009

After a couple of 'meets' we are totally comfortable with our surrounding's so we decide to book a posh hotel room at the Hilton, Bournemouth as we've invited and arranged to meet another sexy couple. We arrive quite early around 5pm on the Friday evening, check in and relax in the lounge sharing a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio before heading to our room to freshen up after a long day. Karen and Richard have just text your mobile to say they should be arriving at around 8pm as planned. You're both quite excited about meeting Karen as her holiday photos are very sexy and Richard looks a hunk with a nice big cock. Once in our room, I unpack the wine glasses and two bottles of white. Mr X think's it's a good idea to chill them in the sink as I decide to take a shower - after running cold water over the bottles Mrs X enters the bathroom and removes her clothes and joins me in the shower. I'm now leaning towards the wall with my back against you, my hands spread apart high up the wall as the hot shower runs down my back over my arse. You take great pleasure in rubbing bubbles all over my back and arse in particular as Mr X films our passionate encounter - I can feel the softness of your breast's on my back as you reach round for my cock and making a ring with your index finger and thumb slowly stretch it nice and hard as you whisper "we have to get him nice and clean for our guests tonight darling" I turn around and we passionately kiss under the hot, soapy water as Fred continues to film.

...to be continued

Love Nigel