Written by thetwoofus69

13 Jun 2010

The Hotel Suite

Amy had been looking forward to this weekend for months, the hotel had been booked and unknown to me the original room we had booked had been upgraded to a suite. I walked into the room and admired the massive bed, naughty thoughts shot through my mind. We always had an amazing time in hotel rooms and this was to be no exception.

I turned and saw another door open off the bedroom and saw a huge lounge dining area, wow what a massive room, is that ours? Amy looked at me cheekily and admitted to upgrading the room; it had a massive balcony area overlooking the surrounding area.

I drew Amy in close and kissed her excitedly, I could feel her large firm breasts on my chest and my hands held her tight perfectly shaped arse. My cock stiffened at the thought of her body so close to mine and the look she gives me when she is horny and wanting sex.

We are going to have some fun in here she said, we have so much space and it would be a shame for it to go to waste. We both were thinking the same thing and were excited about the evening and night to come. Amy had packed an awesome amount of lingerie, a selection of very sexy and her favourite new dressing up underwear and outfits.

I ran Amy a bath, dropped a Sex Bomb into it and went into the lounge to finish my beer ordered earlier, we had packed the mini bar with Champagne, we both really get going on Champagne such an awesome drink, "horn juice" is what we call it.

I could hear Amy getting ready, I was so excited, she always surprises me when it comes to special nights out and tonight was going to be no exception. She looks so sexy when we go out and she receives so many admiring glances from men and women. That turns me on so much knowing that they are looking at my wife and she is all mine.

Amy walked in the room and I couldn't speak, she was wearing a very revealing top that clearly showed a gorgeous black bra, very obvious it was her underwear, she had a small black skirt on and I could see very sexy holdups below the skirt. She had these awesome high heeled shoes on "porn star" shoes for sure.

Come on you let's go she said as we headed for the door, I put my arm around her waist and we walked together down the hotel corridor. As we approached the bar it was clear that Amy was attracting a lot of attention, I pulled her close and we sat down right in the middle of the bar. The waiter came over and it was clear he couldn't take his eyes of Amy's tits. Amy smiled at me and we both ordered.

The bar was filling up and there were a number of couples and groups all enjoying a weekend in the country away from it all. As Amy crossed her legs I noticed a number of glances, once again my cock started to harden she looked so sexy, her breasts were barely kept in by her bra, she always looked so sexy and so classy.

Amy leant across and said to me, I think we should have a party in our room tonight, what do you think? Instantly my cock was pushing against my trousers, I knew what sort of party Amy was suggesting, we had been fantasising and talking about this for a long time and never had the opportunity to make it a reality, but here I was on the verge of this happening for real. I tried to speak but my throat was dry and my heart was pounding in my chest, I managed to say Yes, are you sure? Amy smiled at me and it was clear she was deadly serious.

Ok then, looking around the bar who should we invite? She said. I had been looking around and had spotted a two couples drinking together and said how about them? Ok she said, let's go for it"¦

Amy looked up and smiled at the group, one of the women returned her smile, she was a brunette, a young looking but well endowed lady, I could see Amy getting a little excited, she had downed her triple vodka red bull and had ordered another, she drank this one quickly too and walked over to the group, would you mind if we sat with you? she asked. The brunette nodded and Amy beckoned me over.

Introductions complete I noticed that all of them were staring at Amy's chest, I saw that a little bit of nipple was showing, her bra barely containing her awesome tits. So we had joined a group of friends who had come away for a couple of days, they were Mark and Jane, Mark was late 20's, a fitness instructor his wife Jane was blond, with massive tits and wearing tight jeans showing off shapely legs, Amy was staring I could tell but Jane didn't seem to mind. James and Samantha, James was a builder in his mid 30's, Samantha seemed quite shy but from what she was wearing it was difficult to see what assets she had, however Amy was clearly enjoying this and looking around the bar she had chosen the best group to sit with.

We chatted for a while about where we came from, why we were here, the drinks were flowing and we all got on really well, even Samantha seemed to come out of here shell and based on some of the things she said she was a horny little minx. She kept smiling at Amy and James was clearly excited by the bulge we could all see in his trousers. It wasn't long before the conversation turned to sex, it became clear that Mark and Jane had had experience with other couples, same room fun and light foreplay but nothing more, Samantha and James were like us total newbies. As the conversation got dirtier and sexier Amy said, how about you all come to our Suite and we continue the party there, we have packed the minibar with Champagne and we have an awesome game we can all play.

Well it didn't take much to realise that everyone was up for that, the bar was emptying and so we all went upstairs to party. In the lift I kissed Amy long and hard, she pulled me closer gently rubbing her pussy against my cock, I was throbbing with anticipation. Amy had always been bi-sexual and we had spoken about it a lot but now reality was here and the feeling was amazing. She whispered in my ear imagine Jane's nipples in my mouth"¦ I am going to lick Samantha's clit"¦ while you and the boys watch"¦

I was again speechless, it was like Amy had morphed into the horniest minx I had ever met, she was insatiable.

We got to our suite and popped the champagne, Jane and Mark were all over each other, Mark was kissing Jane's tits through her thin, tight top, her nipples were so hard they were bursting, Samantha and James just watched whilst she stoked his cock through his jeans.

Amy looked at me and I knew what she wanted, suck my tits Alex, let them see, I pulled her bra down and watched her beautiful nipples hard and sensitive for all to see. I took each one in my mouth and gently kissed them, my tongue slowly caressing them, each one at a time. I could see everyone in the room stop and watch, Jane walked over and her fingers slid across Amy's breast, Amy gasped at the soft, gentle feminine touch.

I moved away and let Jane move to the sofa where Amy was lying, Amy reached up and pulled Jane's head towards her own, their lips touching just gently, slowly but with the intensity of a kiss growing. Amy's hands immediately cupped Jane's tits over her top, Jane's nipples were hard and Amy's touch explored them both. Amy then pulled Jane's top over her head. Mark and I were awestruck and we were both stroking our hard cocks watching our wives kissing and massaging each others tits. James and Samantha were half naked and quite happy with each other (for the time being). I saw Samantha taking James' cock in her mouth, when she moved up and down his length her tongue licking him from top to bottom, he was too watching Jane and Amy. Samantha didn't seem to mind in fact she was encouraging him to watch and describe what he saw as she sucked him.

Jane pulled Amy's straps down and one by one her tits were exposed, I could see both James and Mark react, Amy does have the most amazing tits I have ever seen and played with. It was clear that they were being appreciated for their amazing pert and fullness. Jane took each nipple in her mouth, Amy leaned back pushing her tits towards Jane's eager mouth and tongue. I could see how hard her nipples were, they were enjoying the attention not just from Jane's mouth but the extended audience Amy had tonight. Amy looked at me she had her very horny face on and asked me if I liked what I saw? What are you doing she moaned, I am touching and stroking my hard cock whilst Jane sucks your nipples, it looks amazing baby I replied. Do you like what you see, yes I do, I love it"¦ don't stop watching or stroking she said.

Amy's hands released Jane's bra and her breasts were exposed, seeing both Jane and Amy topless together nearly made me cum, their tits rubbed against each others, nipple on nipple, both looking into each other eyes while the motion of Jane and Amy massaged their tits together. Jane moved her body up so her nipples were close to Amy's mouth, I had never seen her like this before, she started devouring Jane's tits, slowly and sensually at first but as Jane whispered to her her kissing, licking and sucking became more frenzied. Would you like to touch my pussy Jane said, Amy smiled and said I want to finger your tight, wet, pussy. Jane stood and pulled off her tight jeans, she was wearing a very sexy pair of black, lacy short knickers. Amy stood and Jane lay on the sofa. Amy pushed Jane's legs apart and moved her knickers to one side exposing an almost hairless, very wet pussy. She had a little landing strip which had been very nicely shaven and she clearly looked after herself very well. Amy looked, she turned and smiled at me and said do you want me to finger her cunt? I nodded, I could hardly speak, my hand was moving up and down my cock, Amy looked and saw Mark too stroking himself, what do you think Mark? she said shall I finger fuck Jane? I want to lick her clit and watch her pussy get sticky and hot for me. Don't stop wanking you too watch us and enjoy"¦ by this time Samantha and James had joined up as we watched Amy's finger stroke Jane's pussy gently teasing her lips apart as one finger slid easily into her.

Samantha was naked by now and was furiously fingering herself whilst watching, she had James' cock in one hand and was trying to kiss Marks at the same time. Mark obliged by moving closer to Samantha and I saw his cock taken deep into Samantha's mouth as she wanked James. Samantha's pussy was dripping, she was describing to everyone what she was doing, and how wet her cunt and hard her clit was. She was licking her wet finger, James and Mark looked at each other clearly very much enjoying the show and Samantha's attention. I couldn't take my eyes of Amy fingering Jane's pussy.

Jane was touching her tits, rubbing them, squeezing them and licking her finger then circling each nipple, her nipples were red and very hard. Fuck my cunt she moaned, fuck my cunt with your fingers Amy, I want more, more, fuck me. Amy responded by putting not one, not two, but three fingers deep inside Jane, she bucked and pushed her body upwards, Amy slipped another finger in and was moving them in and out. I am fucking your hot wet cunt Jane, do you like it? Do you want more? I love your cunt, but I want your clit in my mouth.

Jane by this time was panting with passion, like us all she was in the zone and as Amy's tongue touched her clit, she exploded, she grabbed Amy's head and pushed it closer into her pussy, Amy's tongue was probing and licking Jane, tasting her sticky love juice, it was hot, wet and very sticky. You taste amazing Amy said, I can't get enough, cum more, cum on my face. Jane responded her body rocking as she came, she screamed out, FUCK ME, FUCK ME hard. Jane looked up and saw James and Mark being pleasured by Samantha, one of you FUCK ME she cried out, NOW"¦ Mark nodded to James and he moved to the sofa, I couldn't help notice how Amy looked at his cock as he went past, his throbbing manhood must have been only a few cm's from her mouth and I half expected her to take him. She moved away to let James enter Jane, Amy watched as his cock thrust deep inside, she had done a good job and Jane's cunt was very very wet, but she needed cock. Amy kissed Jane, Jane moaned as she could taste herself on Amy's lips.

Amy was on all fours kissing Jane when Samantha took hold of Amy's thong and teased it from her body, Amy didn't object, she probably thought it was me, fuck my cunt she said, fuck me, I love doggy, fuck me doggy and I want Mark and Samantha to watch. Samantha looked round, then ran her fingers up and down Amy's arse. Amy moaned and broke off from kissing Jane and looked round, she saw Samantha behind her, Samantha I thought looked very much like a porn star we both like called Jenna, again big tits but more natural, Jane's tits were big and firm but Samantha's hung there, very shapely but also very natural. Mmmmmmm Amy said, I like that, Alex what do you think? Do you like my arse being played with? Samantha looks like Jenna don't you think? I am so enjoying this night darling. Are you? Again I found it hard to say anything, here I am watching my wife in a room naked with four total strangers, I have watched her finger fuck Jane, and now Samantha is behind her playing with her arse while she kisses Jane who is being fucked by James. Mark had now moved next to James and they were taking it in turns to fuck her, Jane was loving it, attention from the gorgeous Amy and two hard cocks fucking her even more, she didn't want it to stop.

Samantha seemed a little shyer than Jane but was clearly in the mood for some fun with Amy, I fancy you Amy she said, from the moment you walked in that bar I fancied you. I love your outfit and I was amazed by your tits. I couldn't stop looking at you and tonight has turned into the best night ever.

Amy turned round and slipped onto the floor on her back, by now Amy was naked, Samantha was naked, you are gorgeous Samantha Amy said, I was nearly called Samantha and I have always wanted to have sex with a Samantha for real. Alex come over here, kiss me, I want you to kiss me, kiss me hard"¦ and watch Samantha"¦

Samantha looked up, smiled and said what would you like Amy, I am your slave, I will do anything for you, tell me what you want"¦

I want you to play with my pussy and arse, and Alex I want you to kiss me and my tits and nipples need some attention. I am feeling so horny, my pussy is feeling so sticky. Samantha lick my clit"¦ I want you to lick it and don't stop until I tell you too. From where Amy was lying she could see Mark and James fucking Jane, Jane was gone, she was in another zone altogether, by now Mark was in her cunt and James was being sucked off, James' cock deep in her mouth. Whose cock do you like best baby I said"¦ apart from mine.. I like them both Amy said, I love to see their cocks, I want to see them fucking"¦ see them fucking where my fingers and tongue have been.

Samantha had done what she was told, she was licking Amy's pussy in long slow strokes up and down, just like the way I like to do it. I couldn't help but watch as I kissed Amy's nipples, as Samantha's face was getting wetter and wetter with Amy's juices. Suck my clit you bitch Amy cried out, suck my fucking clit now"¦ I was a little surprised by this but found it a massive turn on. Say it again I whispered"¦ Suck my clit you bitch, suck my fucking clit now"¦ I kissed Amy long and hard, our tongues gently probing each other, I could feel Amy's body responding to Samantha's sucking, I am going to cum she said, go on baby, cum all over her face"¦ cum now"¦ no wait Amy said, fuck me"¦ I want your cock in me"¦. Please FUCK ME hard"¦ while Alex is fucking me bitch, sit on my face I want to taste your cunt juice and make you cum while I cum from Alex's cock, do you like Alex's cock Samantha, would you like his cock inside your hot, wet pussy? Answer me bitch"¦ Samantha looked a little coy and James looked over, his cock was now in Jane's mouth and Mark was looking close to cumming"¦

James came across to us and straddled Amy. You could see his cock glistening with a mixture of Janes juice from her pussy and mouth. He looked at Amy and down at his cock, her mouth was in the right place to take him in. Amy looked a little uncomfortable and looked at me, Samantha suck James cock, I want to see you suck him long and hard I said. He positioned himself in front of Samantha. Amy smiled at me, winked and turned back to Samantha's pussy. It was now directly above Amy's mouth, I saw Amy's tongue push out and as it touched her pussy, it seemed to get soaked with juice from her pussy. It was an amazing sight, Amy was lapping it up, Samantha was now sucking off James and I was fucking my wife in front of these relative strangers. But it was such a turn on"¦ my cock was the hardest it had ever been and it was amazing to have some much sex, bodies and nakedness in the same room, with no inhibition or concern. We knew our rules and that's what made it work so well.

I'm licking your clit now you bitch, and tasting your cunt, push harder on my face I want to feel you cum"¦ I was watching Amy's tits they were just brushing James' legs a little totally unintentionally but it was enough, I was even more turned on, Amy's face was lost in Samanthas pussy and from the noises coming from both of them they were clearly enjoying themselves..

FUCK ME HARDER ALEX, NOW"¦ that's it harder, watch me lick her clit, can you see? Her cunt is so good, I love it"¦. Samanthas mouth was full of James he looked close, Mark looked close, Jane was close and Samantha was not bucking like she was on a horse, Amy had hit the spot"¦ FUCK ME< FUCK ME< FUCK MY TIGHT WET CUNT< FUCK ME FUCK MY CLIT, Yes Yes Yes Now FUCK ME YESSS FUCK ME< MY CUNT IS"¦.. Amy let out an almighty scream, her body rose and bucked, I thrust and as I did Mark came partly inside of Jane and partly all over her tummy, Samantha was licking her lips and screaming too, her orgasm wasn't stopping and James had released, she had swallowed most of it but some had dripped from her mouth onto her tits, as I looked down I too came"¦ Amy was crying out and panting, fuck my cunt, fuck me cunt"¦ time and time again"¦ I held back no longer, I came so strong and hard, I am filling you up baby, can you feel it"¦ I came so much, it wouldn't stop, my legs went numb, my feet went numb, Samantha moved away from Amy and collapsed in the floor with James rolling and kissing, Mark and Jane were on top of each other joined together but sticky hot cum, and Amy's face was hot and red, sticky and with the biggest smile I have ever seen"¦. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm she moaned that was nice"¦. I leant over and kissed her, she was on fire and tasted so good"¦ a taste I will never forget, we held each other close and waited for our breathing to calm down, the room smelt of sex a heady mix of nakedness, passion, desire and 6 bodies who had recently orgasmed all together in the same room.

I loved that Amy said, did you? It was amazing I replied, this was a totally new thing for me and to see my wife clearly enjoy another woman in such an intimate way was going to change our lives for ever.

Well we are looking forward to the next time, our sex life has been enhanced a hundred times over by this experience and we have such a wide and varied sex life both alone and with others we are both very very happy we found each other.

We haven't seen Mark and Jane or Samantha and James again yet, but we have exchanged some very sexy photos and steamy emails. We talk about this experience a lot and can't wait for the next instalment in our amazing sex lives together"¦.

To be continued.