Written by jenanddan

29 Jan 2014

I undo your bra and take your tits in my hands. I lean down and suck your nipples one at a time into my mouth, flicking my tongue over them and teasing them with my lips and teeth. You feel my fingers sliding over your thong. Both my hands are teasing you. I lie down beside you and Sarah kneels between us. You reach out to stroke her pussy through her thin g-string. You feel Stephen’s fingers brushing up and down over your thong. I'm still holding your tits and we can see that Stephen is looking at them as Sarah strokes his cock slowly. I tease your nipples as he watches. You can see his cock getting harder and his juices appear on the tip as she gently wanks him.

You are still stroking Sarah’s pussy through her knickers. You can feel her moist as you tease her. You pull her g-string aside and slip your fingers underneath. She is warm and wet as you stroke her. Her hand is round my cock too and she wanks Stephen and me slowly at the same time. Sarah tells Stephen to stand at the foot of the bed. She moves you down the bed towards him. You can see his cock, hard and juicy, I'm still playing with your nipples as you move down the bed until your legs are off the end. Stephen’s cock is only inches from your pussy now. You still have your thong on and he holds his cock and rubs it over you slowly. You feel him hard and the tip of his cock rubs your clit through the thin lacy material. You thrust your hips up against him and feel the tingles as the pressure builds up against your clit.

Sarah is still wanking me slowly up and down as I tease your nipples. I lean over and take one in my mouth. My fingers squeezing the other as I suck and lick. Your nipple is hard in my mouth. You feel Stephen’s fingers easing under your thong, sliding over the lips of your pussy, spreading your juices up to your clit and down to your arse.

As I suck your nipple, your tits in my hands, squeezing and caressing, I feel Sarah’s hand tighten round my cock as she starts to stroke my balls with her other hand. I can't see her because I'm too busy with my head over your lovely tits. I suddenly feel her breath on my cock and she sucks me into her mouth, still wanking me and teasing my balls. You can see her head moving as she slides my cock in and out of her mouth. I hold your tits firmer as she sucks me faster.

Stephen is watching as Sarah sucks me in. You feel his fingers more urgent against your wet pussy lips. He eases two fingers inside you now, sliding deep and probing your wet pussy as you thrust up against him. He lifts your hips and pulls your thong off quickly. He eases your legs up and slides his fingers back inside you. You hold your knees right up, wide apart and he teases your clit as he slides his fingers all round your pussy. Now he slips his fingers out and slides them down to your arse. You feel them juicy and slippery, teasing and sliding over you. His cock is hard against your thigh now as he plays with your arse and your clit. You know he wants to fuck you and you want to feel him hard inside you.

Sarah is still sucking and wanking me slowly. My juices are building up and I'm sucking your nipples one after the other. You feel your pussy tightening and your body tingles as I tease your nipples and Stephen rubs your clit and strokes your arse. You feel him hard as his cock rubs against your thigh as he stands before you. Suddenly you feel his fingers parting the lips of your pussy and his hard cock enters you. He eases the tip inside you and as you gasp, he thrusts deep into you. You feel the whole length of his cock pulsing inside you, his balls pushing against your arse as he puts his hands under you and pulls you hard against him. I can tell from the movement and from your gasps that he's inside you now. I suck your nipple and squeeze your tits in my hands. Stephen starts thrusting deep in and out of your pussy as you move against him. You feel him deep and hard and you know he'll come soon. You squeeze his cock with your pussy and he fucks you harder and faster. I look down now and we both watch his cock sliding into you as Sarah sucks and wanks me.

You feel Stephen moving faster and throbbing inside you. We can see he's close to coming. As he tenses and gasps, you know he's about to shoot his cum. He pulls out at the last moment and Sarah turns to take his cock in her hand. He leans against you, the base of his cock against your clit and she wanks him hard and fast. You feel him tense against you and we watch as he spurts his slippery cum over your tummy. Sarah keeps wanking him until the last drops have come and he relaxes. She smoothes his spunk over you and turns back to me. I move really close beside you and she wanks me hard. The tip of my cock rubs against your tits as she rubs it. You tell me to shoot my cum all over your nipples and I come loads. Sarah wanks me fast as it spurts over you and she rubs the tip of my cock against you, smoothing my hot cum over your tits.

Stephen and I have both come loads and are exhausted for the moment but you and Sarah haven't come yet. She moves over you into 69 position. You feel her breath on your pussy as she lowers herself down to you. Her hands under your arse, she pulls you up and you feel her tongue flicking over your clit. Her pussy is close to your face and you reach up with your tongue to lick round the lips. She slides her tongue deep inside your pussy and you feel her fingers on your arse as she sucks and licks you. You take her lips in your mouth, sucking and teasing. Your tongue flicks up and down between her lips. Her juices run over your chin and you suck her clit into your mouth. You feel her sucking your clit at the same time and you know you'll come soon. It all builds up inside you and you feel her shuddering as you hold her down against your mouth. You feel her fingers slide inside you as she sucks and licks your clit faster. You feel your body tense and an orgasm rushes though you. As it explodes through your body you feel Sarah tense too. She shakes and you feel her juices rush over your mouth as she comes too. You keep licking and sucking eachother as it pulses through your bodies until you relax and she slides off you exhausted.

As you come down, I move up to hold you close and cuddle you. We kiss and I stroke your hair. You feel my cock against your thigh, hardening again and you know it won't be long before I'm ready to fuck you.......................